Should I add DiRT 3 to here?

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Note: This is my first blog on this wiki!

Another Note: This is a question, so please don't delete it.

I have a big question. Back until 2020, there was a page about a game called DiRT 3 on Crappy Games Wiki. Sadly it was later deleted because it (apparently) wasn't that bad enough. Now, I will ask if this game is good or not. If good, I will create a sandbox about DiRT 3. You can help me by uploading the box art and adding more pointers and videos. If not, feel free to restore the original page on CGW.



Mr. Dready

27 days ago
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I added it back on Fandom because back in the day me (along with a few other people) didn't like the game, but as of now i actually like it, and i agree it's actually good.


11 days ago
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Then, what about DiRT 4 and 5?

Mr. Dready

10 days ago
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Now i’m gonna do DiRT 2 recreation, that is in my opinion the best game in the series.

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