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|Picture = Friday-Night-Funkin.png
|Quote = Gettin' freaky on a Friday night, yeah!
|Protagonist = Boyfriend
|Genre = Rhythm
|Platforms = Web browser<br>Linux<br>macOS<br>Microsoft Windows
|Release Date = November 1, 2020
|Game Engine = OpenFL
|Developer = ninjamuffin99<br>PhantomArcade<br>evilsk8r<br>KawaiSprite
|Publisher = ninjamuffin99
|Country = Canada<br>United States
'''''Friday Night Funkin'''''' is a 2020 rhythm game co-created by ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, evilsk8r, and KawaiSprite. It was released on a web browser on itch.io, [[mh:freshwebsites:Newgrounds]], and it is available to download on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.
== Plot ==
The protagonist, Boyfriend, is trying to woo Girlfriend, but her dad doesn't allow it. Boyfriend must beat her dad and others in a singing competition to get the approval he needs.
== Gameplay ==
The gameplay pattern is similar to [[Konami]]'s ''Dance Dance Revolution'' games or Chris Danford's ''Stepmania''. The gameplay consists of, as befits a rhythm game, press one of the four arrows offered by the game at the right moment.
== Why It Rocks ==
# The game has the greatest incentive to play the game, due to the audio aspect to which the developers put in any effort, which is the main aspect of rhythm games.
#* The biggest point in ''Friday Night Funkin''' is the soundtrack, which is amazing, with the best examples being ''Dadbattle'', ''Fresh'', ''South'', all of the Week 3 and Week 4 tracks, ''Thorns'', and ''Ugh'' (upcoming).
#* In the case of sound effects, they make the game better. What is special about the game is that, instead of the usual vocals you'll hear in many other games of the genre, the sound of characters has been replaced, to some extent to resemble ''Vocaloid'', due to some modulated voices, but also make noises, like robots. The game is also accompanied by sounds that are probably meant to remind the player of praise, but also appear, counting down the time to the start of its gameplay for any song.
# The animation and art-style are very good, lovely, and unique. Due to its art-style, it makes it incredibly pleasant on the eyes for a Flash game, despite being made with OpenFL via Haxe. The game is kept in the artistic style of typical Newgrounds animations, using the design of some characters in the Chibi style (including Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Pico), which makes some characters look cute at times, especially when they are open-mouthed. Even though it is an OpenFL game resembling a Flash game, it runs at a constant 60FPS which makes the game better.
#* Pico from ''Pico's School'' makes a return after 4 years, and has a really good redesign.
# The gameplay is fun, addictive, and fast-paced and simple but responsive controls, especially if you play it on Normal and Hard, and above all, the gameplay is very similar to ''Dance Dance Revolution'' (as mentioned before) and ''Stepmania'', and the arrows can be displayed, and it doesn't make it generic.
# The characters are likable, with the most notable being Boyfriend, due to his dedication to winning his girlfriend by rivalry with singing.
# Skid and Pump from [[mh:amazingyoutubers:Sr Pelo]]'s ''Spooky Month'' make a guest appearance as well. They star in Week 2, where you'll face them in a spooky place to keep the vibe of Halloween, their favorite holiday (which they even celebrate in June).
# Week 6 is really interesting as it is unique to the rest. Not only this Week has a unique art-style and aesthetic, being that it takes place inside an old video game, but also includes visual novel elements, which makes this Week receiving a storyline. Additionally, Senpai turns into a demon at the last song.
#* Also, on the screen when you choose a week, on the television you can see a console that is the [[PlayStation]] connected, which looks faithful its design and is a reference.
#* Surprisingly, there's even some lore in the game revealed in "Thorns" where Senpai says that Girlfriend's dad trapped him in the game.
# It has tons of mods, with many being incredibly well-done, for example ''Vs. Whitty'', ''The Angry Video Game Nerd over Boyfriend'', ''2B'', ''Princess Peach as Girlfriend'', ''HoloNight Funkin'', ''Rayman'', ''Hollow Knight'', mods based on the Boyfriend's and Girlfriend's gender swap, with Boyfriend's parents, ''Hatsune Miku'', and more. There are many mods that perfectly match the art-style of the game, which is really impressive on the part of the artists, as it is not an easy task to imitate a personal art-style. Additionally, it's easy to mod and put them to the game.
== Comments ==
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