Mario Party 2

Mario Party 2
Yau! - Toad
Genre: Party
Platforms: Nintendo 64
Wii U
Release Date: Nintendo 64
JP: December 17, 1999
NA: January 24, 2000
AU: October 12, 2000
EU: November 6, 2000

Virtual Console (Wii)
JP: November 2, 2010
NA: December 20, 2010
EU/AU: December 24, 2010

Virtual Console (Wii U)
JP: March 30, 2016
EU: April 21, 2016
AU: April 22, 2016
NA: December 22, 2016
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Mario Party
Previous Game: Mario Party
Next Game: Mario Party 3

Mario Party 2 is a party game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. The game was released on December 17, 1999 in Japan, January 24, 2000 in North America, October 13, 2000 in Europe, and November 6, 2000 in Australia. It was released on the Wii as a downloadable game for the Virtual Console in 2010 and the Wii U in 2016.

Why It Rocks

  1. Good graphics by the standards of the end of the 1990s.
  2. The soundtrack is good and it has memorable songs like Keepin on the Path, Going Somewhere, Let the game begin, Horror Land and Couldn't Be Better.
  3. The game has 6 boards and in each changes the appearance of the characters to suit the theme of the board, This dramatically increases the game's replay value. Although there's fewer boards than its prequel, their much higher in quality.
    • Pirate Land. The party dresses as pirates and their goal is to walk Cap'n Bowser off the plank. This board takes elements from Yoshi's Tropical Island with the Thwomps. However, unlike Yoshi's Island, the Thwomps only serve as shortcuts and are not required to pass. So the players can avoid playing dozens upon dozens of coins to pass which is what typically happens in the former game. Other events include the Pirate Ship in the north-middle section of the board. The players have to cross two separate bridges, on these bridges are happening spaced, if a player lands on them, they and all other players that are on the bridge are shot by the cannon and taken back to the start of the map. Not to worry though! Sushi the shark can take players across the islands for free if they land on his happening space!
    • Western Land. The group becomes cowboys in the old west and their job is to apprehend the criminal known as Bowser the Brash! This board's main event is the train, named Steamer. Whenever a player lands on a happening space, a dice block appears over Steamer and it randomly decides between a Toad or Goomba head, if it lands on toad, Steamer moves forward to the nearest station, and if its Goomba, he goes Backwards to the nearest station. Any player in his path gets hit and is sent back to the start of the board. If the players go to the station where Steamer is at, they can pay him coins to move to another station, this is a useful way to travel quickly and knock out enemies! Another neat event is Wiggler's milk bar, if a player pays 20 coins, they can do a hootenanny! This forces all players to go to where the buyer is. This can impede your opponents progress by preventing them from getting a star, going to boo, or going to the shop!
    • Space Land. The gang becomes astronauts and their goal is to defend the station from Black Hole Bowser! This board features two events. First and most importantly is the Bowser Satellite, which fires a coin stealing beam in the middle lane of the board! If a player gets hit, the lose all of their coins! The satellite activates once the counter in the middle reaches zero, players can take advantage of the beam and drain their opponents coin stash in one go! The other event are Whomp and Thwomp speeders and the Snift Patrol. When a player lands on a happening space, the speeders will chase them down and force the player and others behind or in front of them to move back. If a player pays the Snifit Patrol coins, they can chase down the speeders and make the amount of spaces the players move farther. This can both benefit and hinder you depending on your goals.
    • Mystery Land. The team become explorers and their goal is to find the the treasure guarded by the Riddle Mater Bowser Sphinx! The players have traverse through 4 different islands, and there are 3 ways to do so. the main way is to land on happening space, which teleports a player to each island in a clockwise fashion. The second way is to use a skeleton key on the gates in the middle, this allows a player to go to whatever island they want. Finally, the player can pay coins to the Bomb-Omb ship to carry them to two different islands. The other event is Shy Guy's Curse House, this house allows the player to curse themselves or another player to only be able to roll 1-3 spaces next turn, rather like the poison mushroom in the later games. Due to the difficulty of traversing the board due to the luck and item dependent nature, which can lead to players getting trapped on islands, Mystery Land is widely considered the worst board in the game.
    • Horror Land. The Sextet become wizards and they must use their magic to put a stop to Wizard Bowser, who is causing havoc in the forest and is changing everyone into frogs! The players traverse through a haunted graveyard with ghosts, eyeballs, and brick people! The board has many events that make it the most strategic board in MP2 and perhaps one of top most strategic in Mario Party history. This board has a Day and Night cycle, a concept that would form the foundation of Mario Party 6. Day and Night not only changes the environment, creating a beautiful board, but it also changes the events. It takes two turns to switch from day or night. Alternatively, players can land on happening spaces to instantly change the cycle, not only that, but the players can use day and night dependent events to change it to day and vice versa. This board has the largest amount of boo spaces in the series, 4 normal boos, and Big Boo. 2 normal boos can be accessed in day and night each, while Big Boo is only available at night. Mr. I allows players to quickly traverse the board to where they want to go, it is the only event that is not affected by the cycle. Due to these features, Horror Land is regarded by many to be the best Mario Party 2 board, and one of the best in the series.
      • In the day time, The Whomps are active. They act like they did in DK's Jungle Adventure in the previous game, guarding paths unless a player hands them coins to move. They switch paths if a player goes the opposite way. The Boo's active are the one near the Dance floor, and the one behind the bottom gate. At the top-left of the map is a mansion, if a player pays Kamek 10 coins, he will change day to night.
      • In the night time, the Whomps are cursed and they can't move at all, forcing players to take a singular route. The Boo's active are the ones on the left side on a singular path, Big Boo is also active on the top right. There's a dance floor event that the player can pay 20 coins for that changes night to day.
    • Bowser Land. Bowser takes over the party, and the the team of six go to his board to settle things once and for all! Unlike the rest of the boards, the party do not dress up in costumes since we can't have the group dress up as Bowser! This board's bank is unique by the fact that it acts completely the opposite the normal bank does! Instead of taking away coins when you pass it, Baby Bowser gives you coins as a loan, and if you land on the space, you pay the full amount of the loan, but if you have no coins but have a star, they will take your star away! The events from the happening spaces depend on the location, Near the blooper, you get put on a merry-go-round and need to land on another happening space to leave. Landing on a happening space near a green warp pipe will force the player to jump in it and take the player to another section of the board. If their lucky, they may be taken to Boo. Lastly, Landing on a happening space near the red pipes will teleport the player to another spot as well. The main event, is the Bowser Parade that occurs every 5 turns. Every space, the player loses two coins, so it is devastating if the player is right by the event. Luckily, players can change the path of the parade by paying the planning offices 5 coins, thus allowing them to be safe. You can also use the bowser suit to so you can change the path for free, but it is honestly a waste of money.
  4. There are are more than 65 minigames in Mario Party 2. Compared to its predecessor, Its minigames are of much higher quality. It also ports over many of Mario Party 1's minigames, but are improved.
  5. It is the first Mario Party to include items, Allowing much greater amount of strategic play. The items are:
    • Mushroom: You can roll the dice twice. Costs 10 coins to buy.
    • Skeleton Key: You can open a door on the board and pass. Costs 10 coins to buy.
    • Plunder Chest: You can randomly remove a randomly chosen opponent from an ítem. Costs 15 coins to buy.
    • Dueling Glove: You can face an opponent in a hand-to-hand betting coins, whoever wins takes all the coins. Costs 15 coins to buy.
    • Warp Block: You can change the position between you and a random opponent on the board. Costs 15 coins to buy.
    • Golden Mushroom: You can roll the dice three times. Costs 20 coins to buy.
    • Bowser Suit: You can dress up as Bowser and any opponent you come across gives you twenty coins. You can only get this from item minigames.
    • Boo Bell: You can use this to call Boo to steal coins or a star from an opponent. You can only get this from item minigames.
    • Magic Lamp: You can use this to call the Mushroom Genie to take you straight to the Star. Cost 30 coins to buy.
    • There's also an item called the Bowser Bomb, only obtainable in the item minigames, and at the end of everyone’s turn, Baby Bowser will turn into Adult Bowser, he’ll roll 3 dice blocks and move around the board, and any player he comes across will lose all of their coins to him. You can only get this from item minigames.

Bad Qualities

  1. The fact that many of the minigames are ports of the first game can be a turn off. About 1/3rd of the minigames are recycled from Mario Party.
  2. You can only carry one item in this game, which either decreases or increases an items value. Skeleton Keys are essentially worthless if you don't intend on going through a gate immediately, and the Plunder Chest is overpowered as it can prevent any other player from getting strong items like Magic Lamps, Boo Bells, Gold Mushrooms, or even other Plunder Chests without their items getting stolen. The other players essentially have to team up to counter the player with the plunder chest.
  3. You don't play the minigames with the themed costume models, you revert to the basic models.


Mario Party 2 on Metacritic received positive reception from critics, and positive reception from gamers. It doesn't have an official score from critics yet, but it does have the scores of 2 critics, getting an 82/100 from Official Nintendo Magazine UK, and a 70/100 from SpazioGames, and the game got a 8.7/10 from players.


  • This is the first Mario game to be officially translated to Spanish and Italian.
  • This game originated the "Luigi winning without doing anything" meme.




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