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Sega Mega Drive







"Genesis does what Nintendon't."
Developer: Sega
Release Date: NA: August 14, 1989
PAL: September 1990
JP: October 29, 1988
KOR: August 1990
BRA: September 1, 1990
Predecessor: Sega Master System
Successor: Sega Saturn
Competitors: NES
Generation: Fourth generation

The Sega Mega Drive (called the Sega Genesis in North America) is the third console made by Sega and is its best known game console. It was released in 1988 in Japan and 1989 for North America. It competed against the Nintendo Entertainment System and later the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the legendary console wars between Nintendo and Sega and was discontinued in 1997.

Why It Rocks

  1. Though the Super Nintendo was virtually superior to the Mega Drive in almost every way, the Mega Drive had a faster processor, the Motorola 68000 (which was also used in the Neo Geo), allowing for faster games. The term "blast processing" came from this.
  2. The sound chip was very capable. With accordingly named DAC, which are drums and cymbals, and PSG, which are chiptune synths.
  3. It had a larger number of sports games and shoot'em ups than the Super Nintendo.
  4. The Sonic The Hedgehog series started on the Mega Drive.
  5. Unlike the Super Nintendo which targated younger audiences, the Mega Drive directly targeted older audiences which helped gain more appeal and even boosted sponsorship of Sports Games.
  6. Sega didn't add any strict rules to their system unlike Nintendo so this system had lots of third-party support, even including a few companies that usually work with Nintendo, such as Capcom and Konami.
  7. More than 900 games were released for the system, with 125 of them sadly never leaving Japan (including Puyo Puyo).
  8. The boxes that housed the games were actually cases that snapped shut and held the game in place, similar to a VHS case. This style of container is now used today, though they are smaller. It also makes finding Mega Drive games in the original packaging much easier and cheaper than finding a boxed Super Nintendo game.
  9. The controller is comfortable to hold and has an amazing D-pad.
  10. You can plug an Atari 2600 controller and it'll work, but most games won't be usable since its missing Genesis controller buttons.
  11. It transforms into Megatron from Transformers!
  12. With the Power Base Converter, you can play most of the Sega Master System games on your Sega Mega Drive and requires no power supply or any other wires.
    • As such, the Sega Mega Drive is the only console in the fourth generation of video game consoles to have the ability to do backwards compatibility with its predecessor.
  13. Some third-party companies made their own versions of the system.
    • The JVC X'Eye, also known as the Wondermega in Japan, is a combo unit of the Mega Drive and Mega CD and can even play region free Mega Drive games and supports CD+G karaoke discs, and has a headphone jack and can take any composite cables to hook it up to your TV but the S-Video port is removed. Unfortunately, the Power Base Converter which allows you to play Sega Master System games on your Sega Mega Drive doesn't fit. However, the Sega 32X works and you can play 32X cartridge games and even Mega CD 32X games.
    • The Genesis 3 is a re-released version of the Sega Mega Drive published by Majesco Entertainment is a Sega Mega Drive that is smaller and lighter making it more portable and had some fixes from the original models.

Bad Qualities

  1. It has WAY too many add-ons, adapters, attachments, first-party and third-party models, and Plug-n'-Play clones.
  2. Sega has a horrible way to advertise the Console, compromised by constantly mocking the competitor (mostly Nintendo) by calling it terrible or "for losers only" while the Mega Drive's feature were highly exaggerated.
  3. Many Western-developed games had bad music because most Western developers used the GEMS sound driver. Not that it was much worse than SMPS, but it was easier to use.
  4. "Blast processing" isn't a real feature but a marketing gimmick to show off that the Mega Drive has a faster processor than the Super Nintendo.
  5. Besides the D-Pad and start button, the first model controller only has 3 trigger buttons, which isn't enough for some of the games in its library, especially fighting games. A second model controller with 6 buttons was later released though.
  6. The Genesis 3 mentioned above is smaller and lighter, making it a more portable system, but it doesn't work with the Sega 32X add-on without modding, doesn't have an expansion port so the Sega CD and the Power Base Converter are incompatible. Game Genie won't work on the Genesis 3 either since the memory control bug was fixed; some games won't work on the Genesis 3 because they utilized the bug.
  7. The Sega CDX which is a Genesis with the Sega CD permanently attached had many reports of its CD laser failing to read the disc.
  8. Although the JVC X'Eye does have advantages and benefits over the Sega Mega Drive with a Sega CD and the Sega CDX, the console's price was $500 when it costed only $320 to purchase a Sega Mega Drive and Sega CD separately.
  9. The shutdown Sega Channel service could play a selection of Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games and demos, and give players access to cheat codes, but the fee per month was $15. Some games were also Sega Channel exclusives.
    • If you turned off the system, the Sega Channel downloads would be erased.


Despite losing to the Super Nintendo in the console wars and being significantly less popular in Japan, the Sega Genesis is still considered one of the best gaming consoles ever created and still has its fans among retro gamers and game collectors. It is also the most successful Sega console.


The controller can connect to an Atari 2600 and it'll work, same with the Master System's one.




5 months ago
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I saw on Wikipedia came out in my country in the same year as the Super Nintendo, in 1994.


5 months ago
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This is one of my 2nd most favorite console of all time.

Mr. Dready

4 months ago
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Somehow i feel the Genesis does what Nintendon’t ad, makes it look like they’re talking shit about Nintendo.


2 months ago
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Well I see this crap article was written by a Super Nintedon't lover.

The SNES better graphics than the Mega Drive?! ROLLING ON FLOOR LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF! Could The crap SNES do games like Streets Of Rage 3, Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies Island? No it couldn't! All the crappy SNES could produce was polygonal garbage like Star Fox.

I would like to point out to the Nintendon't lover that wrote this utter crap that between 1993 - 1995 SEGA had over 65% of the US market.

I was in the US during that time (I live in The United Kingdom) and I met many Americans who hated The SNES. I remember The Days In Lodge commercials were they were doing a massive SEGA and Sonic promotion.

I knew of no one that owned a SNES. Britain was SEGA crazy.

Just admit it you US Nintendon't fanboy that wrote this crap that Nintendon't were curb stomped by SEGA during the early 1990's.


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Oh, brother!


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My first ever gaming console.


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I like the design for the Model 2 Genesis.

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