Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill: Origins



And so it begins...on the go...
Genre: Survival Horror
Platforms: PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Release Date: PlayStation Portable
NA: 6 November 2007
EU: 16 November 2007
AU: 30 November 2007
JP: 6 December 2007

PlayStation 2
NA: 4 March 2008
EU: 16 May 2008
AU: 23 May 2008

Developer: Climax Action
Publisher: Konami
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Silent Hill
Previous Game: Silent Hill 4: The Room
Next Game: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Origins, known as Silent Hill: Zero (Japanese: サイレントヒル ゼロ Hepburn: Sairentohiru Zero?) in Japan, is a survival horror video game for the PlayStation Portable developed by Climax Studios.

A port for the PlayStation 2 was released worldwide in early 2008. The fifth installment in the Silent Hill series, Origins is a prequel to the first game (1999).

Good Qualities

  1. It is played in a very similar way to Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.
  2. Travel through the real world and the "Otherworld" via mirrors, which looks terrifying.
  3. Solve puzzles and access new areas by traveling back and forth through both worlds.
  4. Detailed graphics.
  5. Many objects that can you find in the game can be used as weapons.
  6. Amazing soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka.
  7. Many unlockable suits can be unlocked by performing certain tasks.
  8. Also, many unlockable weapons and gadgets.
  9. The game features the series traditional UFO ending which can only be seen on a New Game+.
  10. An all new cast of terrifying monsters and bosses.

Bad Qualities

  1. Travis's face looks awkward, he looks like a character drawn by Bruce Timm.
  2. The game is way too easy since there is no difficulties to choose.
  3. Attacking an enemy constantly will put them in a stunlock if you keep mashing the attack button.
  4. Because the game allows you to carry a massive amount of weapons and stunlocking enemies by multiple hits, the game may become boring.
  5. The game is not very scary at all.
  6. Quick Time Events. Quick Time Events does not fit well with the Silent Hill franchise since the previous four games never had them. What it does is it annoys the player instead of being scary.
  7. Some of the monsters were copied from Silent Hill 2 such as the Bubble Head Nurses and the Lying Figures.


Most reviews for Silent Hill: Origins were positive; its original release on the PSP received a Metacritic aggregate score of 78 out of 100.

GameDaily wrote that Origins "impressively brings all the elements we love about the Silent Hill franchise to a portable format that works wonderfully."