WarioWare Gold

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Warioware Gold
220px-WarioWare Gold Cover.jpg
Protagonist: Wario
Genre: Action
Minigame Collection
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: EU: July 27, 2018
AU: July 28, 2018
JP/HK: August 2, 2018
NA: August 3, 2018
Developer: Nintendo EPD
Intelligent Systems
TOSE Software Co.
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: WarioWare
Previous Game: Warioware D.I.Y (2009, Main Series)
Game and Wario (2013, Spin-Off)
Next Game: N/A

WarioWare Gold is a 2018 action-minigame collection developed by Intelligent Systems for the Nintendo 3DS by Nintendo. The 8th installment in the series and the 1st main entry since WarioWare D.I.Y., the game follows Wario as he holds a contest in an attempt to become rich. It is notable for beating the record set by WarioWare: Twisted! of having the most Microgames in the series, having 316 compared to Twisted's 223 Microgames.

Why It Rocks

  1. 316 fun Microgames (16 of them are the boss stages) taken from the previous games in the series with some new ones added.
  2. Loads of replay value: the game has 316 Microgames along with several challenge modes, replaying story mode stages for high scores, and numerous collectables.
  3. Explosion of charm from the cutscenes, to the varying art styles for Microgames, to the wackiness of the Microgames themselves.
  4. 5-Volt gets her own level in story mode for the 1st time.
  5. It is the first WarioWare game to get professional voice acting with Charles Martinet as Wario, featuring Erika Lindbeck, Cristina Vee, Robbie Daymond, among others.
  6. Later in the game, you can unlock a feature that allows you to dub the voices over, to make the cutscenes even funnier.
  7. Several minigames returns from the previous games, like Meowtroid and Pyoro along with some new ones.
  8. The Gamer minigame from Game and Wario returns as Sneaky Gamer.
  9. The four categories of microgame, Mash, Twist, Touch and blow, allow for lots of variety in Microgames.
  10. You can unlock several soundtrack from the previous WarioWare Installments, including japanese versions.
  11. Alarm Clocks that can only be shut off by beating Microgames, ensuring that you are awake.
  12. Wario Interrupts. A fun mode where you must complete microgames while Wario Deluxe messes with the UI.
  13. Wario Kard is a bonus Rock-Paper-Scissors mode where you can use and level up the character cards.
  14. The graphics are bright and beautiful.

Bad Qualities

  1. Filler collectables such as the phone numbers and a separate alarm clock FOR EVERY CHARACTER.
  2. Only four genres of Microgames, Sports, That's Life, Fantasy, and Nintendo Classics.
  3. The abundance of returning Microgames can come as a rehash to some.
  4. Speaking of which less than ONE-FOURTH of the Microgames are new.
  5. You can get duplicate character cards.


  • This is the first Warioware Game to have voice acting and was localized in many languages.
  • You could actually spell the "D" Word when using the phones.
  • On that note you can give your opponent the Middle Finger in Finger Flex.