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Among Us
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This page was not an Impostor.
Genre: Party
Social Deduction
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Android, iOS
June 15, 2018
Microsoft Windows
August 17, 2018 (Steam)
December 17, 2020 (Xbox Launcher)

Nintendo Switch
December 15, 2020
Game Engine: Unity
Developer: Innersloth
Publisher: Innersloth
Made in: United States
Franchise: Among Us
Next Game: Among Us 2 (cancelled)

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth and released on June 15, 2018.

The game takes place on many different maps where players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors. The goal for the Crewmates is to identify the Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map, and the Impostors' goal is to kill the Crewmates without being identified.


Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting 4–10 players, all of which are on a specific map, and need to complete their tasks to win. Up to three of these players (depending on the setting chosen by the host) are randomly selected for each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates.

The Crewmates are given tasks comprising maintenance works on the vital system of the ship, while the Impostors would try to blend in with the Crewmates, sabotage the system and murder the Crewmates.

A voting process can be initiated by reporting a dead body or triggering an emergency meeting. In the voting process, discussion begins, then players can vote on who they think is one of the Impostors. Only alive players can participate in voting. After voting, one of the players may be ejected (who will be considered dead). If "Skip Vote" got the most votes or there is a tie for the most votes, then no one gets ejected.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great and cool concept that makes you wonder who to trust or not to trust in the game.
  2. Creepy atmosphere that is really unnerving, helping with the fact that there's no music (mostly sound effects only) during gameplay, akin to Space Hulk.
  3. Solid controls.
  4. The game has a free play mode to improve your skills as both being the Crewmate and being the Impostor.
  5. Innersloth constantly updates the game to fix bugs, have more maps, include pets and hats, more balanced mechanics, and more.
  6. Due to also being made by PuffballsUnited, there are a bunch of Henry Stickmin references.
  7. When reporting a dead body, you began discussing with Crewmates about where the dead body was and try to vote off the Impostor (If you have enough valid evidence, and enough people believe you).
    • It feels really good to catch the Impostor red-handed, and even better is when you win the game for everybody else.
  8. The game got ported to PC, opening up more possibilities for players to try out the game.
  9. The Henry Stickmin Collection, also developed by Innersloth, helped boost this game's popularity due to having some references of the game. The support is now even better considering there's a Toppat Airship map coming this year.
  10. The mobile versions are absolutely free and have ads to compensate (an in-app purchase can be made to remove ads), despite the microtransactions being present.
  11. If you're the host of the game, you can edit the Game Rules (see Bad Quality 8 though).
  12. Has some really fun mods out there like prop hunt and medic mods.
  13. Tons of Easter Eggs which you, the Player, can discover.

Bad Qualities

  1. Playing against 3 Impostors is near impossible to win as the Crewmates, due to the maps not being big enough and also having the player limit of 10. Fortunately, Innersloth is working to have bigger maps and expanding the maximum players from the limit of 10 to 12-15 players.
  2. Some disconnection issues with the servers due to the game exploding in popularity.
    • In fact, due to this, the game thinks you're intentionally disconnecting, and cannot play for 5+ minutes.
  3. Chat is not available at all times, meaning if you want to chat outside of meetings, you will need to sign up for a voice chatting app such as Discord or the Steam built-in voice chat. If you get killed by the imposter, you are muted for the entire match.
    • Fortunately, Innersloth is working on having a proximity chat later in an update.
  4. The mobile version had some bugs and glitches, especially on Android.
  5. Pets are kind of a waste of money, as they do nothing but follow you around, do a little animation when the Impostor kills you and that's it.
  6. The game's mechanics are oversimplified compared to other games in this genre such as Town of Salem.
  7. In relation to WIR #8 and #10, while the mobile versions are free, you have to pay for the game on both PC and Switch. The price may not be that bad (it's 4.99 on Steam, while it's $5 on Switch), though the greatest irony is that you're still paying for something that was made available for free on another platform.
  8. The players can be very annoying at times, this is because they are young children:
    • Sometimes, Players can get overpowered over Game Rules.
    • Some players get into arguments over who did what task or who is The/An Impostor; In some cases, one claims another player to be sus(picious), the other player makes a rebuttal stating the task(s) they were doing, but the first player doesn't listen and it repeats.
      • Sometimes, arguments like this can go too far.
    • On a similar note, incompetent Impostors saying "hey, how come my name and (other impostor's) name are in red?"
    • Also, there will sometimes be cheaters playing with their friends on Discord (or sometimes locally or maybe a similar voice chat website) who's friend tells them who it is after they get killed, so they call an emergency meeting to say who The Impostor is for an easy win.
    • Players who are new to the game will press the emergency button at random times which can annoy players who are trying to finish tasks.
  9. Several people buy Among Us hacks to win everytime as Impostor, seeing who is Impostor or not, etc.
    • These kinds of hackers really cripples gameplay and is just proof they either only want to win, or to annoy other players.
    • They also don't make the game fun.


  1. Here are some tips when playing as a Crewmate.
    • Avoid doing your tasks alone, especially if you are doing the tasks that are able to block the entire screen. Instead, do your tasks with 2 to 3 other people nearby, which can be very useful in preventing The Impostor from killing you.
      • Some rooms such as Electrical and Security are very dangerous to be in since you're most likely to be killed by An Impostor if you're in those rooms.
    • To avoid being voted off, tell the other crewmates to come with you to see you do visual tasks such as the Medbay scan and the Garbage Chute tasks. Doing this with other people around can prove that you're innocent as Impostors aren't able to do these tasks.
    • If you're sitting on vitals in Polus, and someone dies and that person's body is reported immediately after, and the person who reported it doesn't say who killed, then they're 100% The Impostor.
    • If you stand right on a camera in Polus, you can cover it up so the Impostor can't see the blinking red light. However, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself to win the game.
    • This is actually useful for both Impostors and Crewmates, but you can skip the loading animation and can move around when the game announces everyone's role is.
    • Another useful thing is the Among Us Notepad, which you can use effectively as both Imposters and Crewmates (although some people think that's cheating, so don't tell the lobby, or you might get banned).
    • An 1,000 IQ trick in a 1 Impostor lobby is follow a person, then if a dead body is reported, and you were with that person, you can vouch for them, because there is only 1 Impostor and you were following him/her and you never saw them kill.
    • Pay attention to who does what tasks and how many types of tasks there are (common, long, and short tasks).
  2. Here are some tips when playing as The Impostor.
    • It's recommended to make use of the vents since when you kill a crewmate, you can use the vents to get further away.
    • The sabotages such as the lights and reactor meltdown can be useful for separating and killing off crewmates.
      • The lights sabotage can reduce the vision for crewmates while The Impostor is unaffected by this, making it possible for Impostors to kill someone while there are other crewmates nearby (do this at your own risk though).
      • The Communications sabotage disables the security cameras as well as the vitals screen, admin table, and doorlogs.
    • Don't kill crewmates in locations or rooms where there are cameras, if you see a red light on the camera, then it means that someone is watching you.
    • If you use the admin table, and if someone is alone in a particular room, you can go there and get an easy kill.
    • If you know if someone is safe, kill them as soon as possible, otherwise if everyone who is safe is standing, they're going to know it's you later in the game.
    • In The Skeld, there is a dummy model of a divert power task in the reactor, so don't fake that task or you'll be sent to space if someone sees you fake that task.
    • If you see a crewmate doing the electrical download task, you can quickly vent to security, cut the camera operator's face off, then quickly vent back to electrical as if you were still doing the download task.
  3. DO NOT go into a server run by somebody whose name is a character from the anime My Hero Academia unless you also have a name that is a character from it. If the host doesn't immediately ban you then you are VERY likely to be harassed or somebody is going to ask for you to be banned.


  • During its first 2 years of release, the game has received very little attention. This would change in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic which forced people around to world to stay at home, the game suddenly became popular to the point of being the 5th most played game in the world with over 500 million players. This would have spawned the custom kill animations meme and numerous more.
  • Developer Innersloth was originally planning a sequel for this game. However, due to the exploding popularity of the game, they decided to cancel the sequel to focus on fixing the problems with the first game.
  • On October 20, 2020; U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us on Twitch with various YouTubers to encourage viewers to vote for the upcoming election.
    • The stream drew in over 400,000 viewers.
  • If you scan the QR Code on one of the tasks on Polus, it'll say "Yo holmes, smell you later".
    • This is a reference to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • There is a huge hacker named Eris Loris who mainly targets North American servers and was active in 0ct. 2020 but was fixed in Nov.
    • He asks you to join his Discord server and subscribe to the Eris Loris youtube channel, otherwise he will say he'll hack/kill your device.
    • He is back now and is named Sire Sirol, which is Eris Loris backwards, but this time he asks you to get hacks or get hacked.
  • There is a glitch in Among Us where you can be both a Crewmate and Impostor (a.k.a Crewposter).


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