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Angry Birds

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Angry Birds
Angry Birds logo 2015.png
Behold, the franchise that made mobile games really popular.
Genre(s): Puzzle
Creator(s): Jaakko Iisalo
Developer(s): Rovio Entertainment
Publisher(s): Rovio Entertainment
Made in: Finland
First game: Angry Birds
First release: December 11, 2009
Latest game: Angry Birds Journey
Latest release: January 20, 2022

Angry Birds is a Finnish video game franchise invented by Jaakko lisalo. The franchise has lasted roughly for over 10 years. Since December 11, 2009. The game was popular and praised by mobile game critics, and it is what made the mobile game industry popular.

Why It's Anything BUT Angry

  1. The characters are very likable in the games and TV shows, most notably The Birds and even Bad Piggies.
  2. The graphics are really great. In fact, most of the slingshot games have amazing graphics that are for Angry Birds standards.
  3. Every Angry Birds game is awesome in their own way, to the point of even having pages on this wiki.
    • The Classic game was the game that started this franchise, as it became one of the popular mobile games, to the point of spawning other games, and even lots of TV shows.
    • Seasons is a very memorable game in the franchise, with amazing soundtrack, great chapters, and the Pig Days levels.
    • Rio had a crossover with the film of the same name, and the idea about Angry Birds and Rio having a crossover is a well executed idea.
    • Space is about the birds going to space. Not to mention, if you don't count Rio, it was the game that spawned boss fights, which is a cool addition to the franchise.
    • Star Wars and Star Wars II are really great and manages to capture the charm of the Star Wars movies, and the idea about Angry Birds having a crossover with Star Wars is awesome.
    • Go! is an awesome racing game where you can play as some characters in the franchise, to the point of having a multiplayer, and a tournament mode. Not to mention, the playable pigs concept returns from Star Wars II.
    • Epic is a really nice role playing game where the Angry Birds rescue their eggs from WizPig(who is Chef Pig in Angry Birds Toons). It also had a PvP Arena mode and awesome events, unfortunately, they were removed however.
    • Stella is a great spinoff game to the franchise about Stella and her friends retrieving a map from Gale. And Stella's friends are also playable in their own way.
  4. Angry Birds Toons is a great TV show as it manages to capture the charm of the games, and introduced am artstyle so cool that even later games such as Go!, Epic, and Fight managed to mimic its style, and the voice actors of that show reprised their roles.
  5. The soundtrack in the franchise is amazing, like the main theme in the Classic game, Races High from Angry Birds Go!, & the Summer Pignic theme from Angry Birds Seasons.
  6. The merchandise is really cool, like the Angry Birds Classic plushes by Commonwealth Toys.
  7. Since 2021, the franchise has started to redeem itself and yet, come back to its former glory, as there was an advertisement for Bad Piggies 2 on TikTok in which Bad Piggies hasn't gotten a sequel yet, and Rovio made a plan to bring back someone of the older Angry Birds games (Classic, Seasons, Space, Go!, and Stella) and rerelease them on newer engines of mobile devices. This could possibly mean Angry Birds is getting a Renaissance Era.
  8. Because of Stella's popularity, she received her own spinoff game along with all of Stella's friends because of how popular she is, and this proves Rovio actually listened to their fans about making spinoff games.
  9. Bad Piggies is also a awesome spinoff game to the series focused on Ross and Mechanic Pig getting maps for the King Pig. And like the other Angry Birds games, the graphics are well designed for 2012 standards, and Rovio seems to actually listen to their fans about making Angry Birds spinoffs.
  10. The gameplay in the games are really enjoyable and fun that it will make you addicted & you would play the games for hours & hours.
  11. Rovio also remastered Angry Birds Classic by making a game called Angry Birds Reloaded, and not to mention the game is about the classic game and the Angry Birds Movie 2. Which the idea about remastering Angry Birds Classic and making it focuson the Angry Birds Movie 2 is a really good idea.
  12. Angry Birds Transformers is a decent game about shoot em up gameplay, and the game is never-ending, which is very cool, like Angry Birds 2. And it had a crossover with Transformers, an amazing toyline made by Hasbro, which spawned several TV show adaptations (excluding Japanese-exclusives, the Unicron Trilogy, Robots in Disguise 2015 and BotBots), tie-in video games, tie-in comic books (excluding the infamous The Beast Within comic and the Kiss Players manga) and it's live action movie.
  13. Transformers has successfully survived from being removed from the App Store and Google Play, and despite its expired license, it was still updated today, and looks the same as it was released in 2014, despite being heavily milked.
  14. The website is very good too with information on the characters, games and more. Check it out for yourself here!

Angry Qualities

  1. Sometimes, some of the levels in the games are unfair, making some of the games almost as unfair sometimes.
  2. The series took a nosedive in quality during 2017-2020, as all of the older games were removed, it started to have false ads, and the modern games were really inferior. To the point of having a page on Crappy Games Wiki.
  3. Some games have microtransactions, like Angry Birds 2, where you have to pay money to buy the gem letter in order to complete the challenges, and the pre-2.0 era of Go!, where you need $50 to buy the car you want. Luckily, this could be avoided by buying the Telepods.
  4. As said in WiiA#13, Angry Birds Transformers is being heavily milked by the developers since it 2.0 update.



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