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Angry Birds 2

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Angry Birds 2
Screenshot 20210719-152150 Chrome.jpg
The Birds are back! And they are Bigger, Birdier, Badder, & Angrier than before!
Genre(s): Puzzle
Platform(s): IOS
Release: July 30, 2015
Engine: Unity
Developer(s): Rovio Entertainment
Publisher(s): Rovio Entertainment
Series: Angry Birds
Predecessor: Angry Birds (Chronological)
Angry Birds Fight! (Release order)
Successor: Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds 2 is a slingshot puzzle game. It is the sequel to the original Angry Birds.

Why It's Bigger, Birdier, Badder, & Angrier Indeed

  1. The idea of having a sequel to the original Angry Birds is a well executed idea.
  2. Like the original game, it has amazing graphics for 2015 standards.
  3. The game introduced a team called Clans, where you can battle other players in battles which is a great addition to the game.
  4. The Arena is also amazing, where you can battle real time players and win great rewards. Which is a great feature to the game.
  5. It debuted a new amazing bird called Silver, which is a good addition to the flock. And it even makes some of the pigs playable like Leonard!
  6. The Angry Birds Movie 2 event was a great event, as it introduced a new playable character in the form of King Leonard. And Chef Pig, Foreman Pig & King Pig were replaced by Zeta, the antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie 2.
  7. The game is never ending, which is very rare since most of the AB games (except Transformers) were always games with endings, but this one lets you play forever.
  8. King Pig, Foreman Pig and Chef Pig are really great antagonists of the game, as they serve as bosses with the same exact charm as their classic counterparts.
  9. Mighty Eagle's bootcamp is also a great addition of the game: if you beat them, you get great rewards and unlock the King Pig Panic.
  10. The power-ups are very useful, like the Mighty Eagle power-up, where it does the same exact ability as it does in the original Angry Birds, & the hot pepper can make a pig go on fire for a few seconds and explode him afterwards.
  11. In 2018-2019, Hal, Stella, & Bubbles, three birds that didn't appear since 2015-2017 made a comeback.
  12. Great soundtrack, like the Piggie Dilly Circus, & the Boss Battle theme, which are considered to be the best songs in the game.
  13. Red now has an ability unlike the original game, where he can do a battle cry to slightly shake the pigs tower which is a very cool idea.

Angry Qualities

  1. The game has micro-transactions, as you have to pay money to buy the gem letter in order to complete the daily quests, which isn't really a good idea.
  2. The game started to have false ads unfortunately, as there was one ad where Red went to use the bathroom but Bomb was in there. Similar to Playrix's Games.
  3. In a Smash Bros.-esque manner, some voice clips for the birds (aside from Silver for obvious reasons, Hal and Bubbles) and pigs are recycled from Angry Birds Toons (e.g. Red, Chuck, Matilda, the Blues and Chef Pig) and Angry Birds Go! (e.g. Stella).
  4. Some crude humor appears in this game, for example When you touch screen the pigs, they fart or burp.
  5. The new arena was criticized for being too hard, Rovio rebalanced it due to negative feedback.
  6. The Hatchlings, which have been added since the May 2018 update, need to be fed apples, which sounds simple enough, but the stressful part is if you fail to feed them within 48 hours or more, they leave (and die off-screen), causing your multiplier to be reset. Also, you cannot turn them off, and they require more apples as they level up. This can be a problem if you take a long time to win apples in each level and you don't have enough to feed them.
  7. Unlike the original games where you had unlimited lives, this game has a life system. The usage of a Candy Crush Saga-style Freemium Timer in the form of the "life" system. If you played the game enough times to drain your lives, the game locks you out and makes you either wait a long time for it to refill, or pay up to buy more lives, which upset many players. Making matters worse was the amount of lives accidentally changing from 5 to 3 during the Pigsyland updates.
    • Even worse: according to a Periscope Q&A session, creative director Patrick Liu outright said that the lives system is used to stop the player from getting too addicted to the game, and that said system was also popular in the Free-to-Play industry (in part thanks to the massive boom the aforementioned Candy Crush Saga made in the mobile market).


The game has received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, fans, & reviewers. While praise was given for the game's enhanced graphics and gameplay, criticism was given to the implemented energy system that detracts playability compared to previous games. It has a 6.7/10 on IGN. And it also has a 4.6/5 stars on the Google Play Store. Making it a successful sequel to the original Angry Birds.


  1. There was a Angry Birds Seasons level based on this game, to celebrate Angry Birds 2's worldwide release. It is in one of the Pig Days levels.


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