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You done fucked it up!

The Angry Joe Show starring Joe Vargas and his friend Joe Lopez aka Other Joe is an internet video game and movie review show where Angry Joe gives a brutally honest review of movies and video games.

He's well known for his anger, hence why he is called Angry Joe. It's because of his passion for video games and movies that he has a goal to stop corporate greed from ruining it for everyone and as a parody he created Corporate Commander, based off Cobra Commander.

He reviews current generation video games such as Ride to Hell: RetributionCGW (1/10) and GodzillaCGW (2/10) the video game.

He started his channel on October 3, 2008 and is currently at 2.9 million subscribers.

He even has his own gaming clan, the AJSA army, also known as "The Angry Army".

He is also well known for his angry rants filled with mostly uncensored cursing and extreme anger and yelling, which mixes comedy and brutal honesty. And he is also well known for his sketches that emphasize the major positive or negative point of each game in a comedic manner.

Joe is known to be a massive comic book fan, especially the DC Comics characters Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

In addition to video game reviews, he also does gameplay videos, television, movie reviews, interviews and also trailer reactions to video games, television and movies. He is also involved in board game development.


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