Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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"Welcome to your new life!"
Protagonist: The Mayor (You)
Genre: Life-Simulation
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: New Leaf:
JP: November 8, 2012
KOR: February 7, 2013
NA: June 9, 2013
EU: June 14, 2013
AU: June 15, 2013
New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo:
JP: November 23, 2016
AU: November 24, 2016
EU: November 25, 2016
NA: December 8, 2016
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Animal Crossing
Previous Game: Animal Crossing: City Folk (2008)
Next Game: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (2015, by release date)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020, by mainline)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (known as Animal Forest: Jump Out in Japan, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo) is a life simulation game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS in November 2012 in Japan and June 2013 in North America, Europe, and Australia. This is the fourth game in the Animal Crossing series.

Why It Rocks

  1. You can control the town with projects (such as benches, fountains and buildings) and control ordinances as well (like having shops open early or late).
  2. More realistic than its predecessors: the characters and animals are taller and more human-like.
  3. Good music selection to keep anyone calm and happy.
  4. New fish and bugs are added.
  5. New shops have been added, such as Re-Tail, run by two alpacas called Reese and Cyrus who are a married couple, and Kicks, a shoe shop run by a skunk called Kicks (he appeared in the previous game as a shoe polisher).
  6. Many new villagers make their debut here, along with some who haven't appeared since Animal Forest E+ on the GameCube. Two new personalities: Smug and Sisterly (Uchi) join the six others for animal villagers, while hamsters and deers also make their debut.
    • New NPC's make their debut here too.
  7. The Island also returns since Animal Forest E+, and you can catch rare bugs and play mini-games there.
  8. A perfect game to just sit and relax too.
  9. Had a collaboration with Sanrio, resulting in there being villagers based on popular Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Little Twin Stars, etc.
  10. The community is very helpful if you are stuck with anything.
  11. You get to use Happy Home Designer amiibo cards to invite or to kick out any unwanted villager from the town.
  12. You can gain pictures of the special characters if you scan their amiibo card.
  13. Isabelle, the mayor's assistant, makes her debut here.
  14. A couple of well made creepypasta-esque towns like Aika Village and Hitokui.
  15. You could visit people's towns via Dream Addresses.
  16. It's the first Animal Crossing game to have an update containing new content.
  17. Adds new features in the series such as:
    • Being able to swim in the water with the wet suit and catch deep-sea creatures.
    • Playing mini-games on the island.
    • You are now able to sneak up to bugs when you have your net equipped.
    • You could customize your house's exterior.
    • Welcome Amiibo now lets you sit on rocks!
      • Getting beans is now easier without StreetPass, just talk to Harvey when he's feeding the birds by saying "Heya Harv" multiple times before giving you beans.
      • It's much easier to catch bees compared to the previous games as you can now shake trees while holding a one-handed tool or item. The bees also despawn if you save and continue.
      • Desert Island Escape from amiibo Festival was ported into this game
      • When playing in Club Tortimer, you can now block and mute trolls who are being rude so that you won't see them again the next time you visit Club Tortimer.
      • Storage space was increased compared to the previous game.
      • Stools now function as tables.
      • Cushions now function as chairs and can be place on top of other chairs.
  18. The Welcome amiibo update adds new furniture sets like Sanrio, Monster Hunter, and even 7-11!
  19. Even though it was released six and a half years ago, It still has a large fanbase to this day.
  20. You are now able to put your house in any location as long as it's a block away from any indestructible objects such as houses and cliffs.
  21. The flowers that have already been watered sparkle which makes it easy to know which ones haven't been watered yet.
  22. You can hold up to every emotion you've learned, compared to the previous game where you can only hold up to four at a time.
  23. Unlike the previous games, April Fools Day is more fun as Blanca (she also has a huge role in this event as well) will disguise herself as one of your villagers and if you guess who's the villager and who's the imposter, you can get the villagers picture easily without making good friendships with them.
  24. You can work for Brewster in The Roost by making coffee and serving them to villagers and even NPCs.
  25. Perfect fruit are introduced in this game.
  26. It's now easy to tell if an art item is real or fake.
  27. You can use a megaphone to locate villagers.
  28. You get the giant furniture if you link data from Happy Home Designer.
  29. Furniture can now be refurbished to be a different color by Cyrus in Re-Tail.
  30. Mr. Resetti, one of the most annoying characters in the series, softened and doesn't seem angry so much which can be conformable for children if the player chooses "I don't remember" or "My batteries died". Though Phyllis's mean-spirited attitude in the games didn't softened. However if the player chooses "I wanted to reset," he gives the player a overly-long speech in a manner similar to the previous Animal Crossing games.
  31. Blathers can now accept multiple donations at once along with assessing multiple fossils at once which saves a lot of time.
  32. Compared to the previous games, New Leaf easily keeps track of stuff that you haven't donated to the museum which saves a lot of time as you easily know what you've already donated beforehand.
  33. You can now talk to characters outside while still holding a tool which requires holding it with one hand which saves time.
  34. The catalog now lists the stuff under each category in alphabetical order. There's also a search function for it. It makes it easier to figure what's not in your catalog.

Bad Qualities

  1. They removed things that were in City Folk like the City, Serena the Fountain Goddess, Celeste's Observatory, constellations and many more.
  2. They patched glitches that were fun to do after the Welcome Amiibo update like the Net glitch, Tweeter, glitch, and some other ones, but there are other glitches they left in.
  3. The rocks can bother you very much as they are in such annoying positions and aren't removable.
  4. People can literally vandalize or grief your town like cutting down trees, running over flowers, and many more.
  5. Some villagers can be really stubborn and refuse to leave your town and can take a while to kick them out if you don't have Amiibo which is the fastest way to kick a villager out.
  6. Getting Blue roses and Purple Pansies without hacking or getting from someone's town take forever to get when breeding for one.
  7. Some of the people on the Club Tortimer Island are complete jerks because of their mostly hackers, trolls, and pedophiles thanks to poor moderation. The hackers that can be found on Club Tortimer could possibly trap you by putting indestructible objects such as rafflesias if you're not careful, forcing you to turn off your 3DS or disconnect from the internet. And due to a lack of a swear filter in-game, people can cuss at you or say offensive slurs.
    • For some unknown reason, you can't exchange friend codes with other players.
    • Since the hackers have the ability to change their TCP pictures, they could make their pictures highly inappropriate, especially when there are children playing this game
  8. For some unknown reason, Holden and Filly can't be moved into your town as the only way they could be moved into your town is via hacking even though they are villagers, despite them both being villagers and not NPCs.
  9. We don't really get to learn much about Harvey, the dog NPC that was introduced in the Welcome Amiibo update.
  10. You still can't trade fish or bugs with other players.
  11. Tortimer (the mayor of the town in the previous games) doesn't show up that much nor has a huge role in this game anymore.
  12. There are fan requested features that are still absent in this game such as:
    • Making real paths instead of just using QR codes to use as paths. Thankfully in New Horizons, you could make your own paths without QR codes.
    • You still aren't able to decide where you should put villager houses at. Thankfully, this was added in New Horizons.
  13. The town in this game appears to be much smaller than the towns in the previous games.
  14. Unlocking the QR Pattern machine in Able Sisters is very tedious due to the fact that you have to constantly talk to Sable for ten days.
  15. Nothing much to do in your town after completing everything you can do.
  16. The island can get boring at times since there isn't really offer much to do there besides doing tours and catching rare fish and bugs.
  17. It (and Pocket Camp) reuses assets and models from City Folk, such as most bugs and fish models from the aforementioned game being reused here.




Agent Joestar

14 months ago
Score 0
Only 19 days until New Horizons is released

Agent Joestar

14 months ago
Score 0
There are almost 24 hours until New Horizons is released
I'm amazed because this was the first Animal Crossing Game to introduce my favorite Nintendo character of all time, Isabelle, who is one of the best characters of all time!


2 months ago
Score 0
This is my favourite Animal Crossing. To me, this is the definition of comfort. Never before have I felt so comfy playing a video game.

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