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Annoying Orange Gaming
Annoying Orange Gaming.png
Hey yo, it’s the AO gang here with our gaming channel on Awesome Games Wiki! Wahoo!
Profile: Annoying Orange Gaming
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: March 28, 2014 (formerly Midget (Little) Apple Gaming Channel)
Facebook: Annoying Orange Gaming
No. of videos: 2.8K+
Schedule: Once a day(currently)
Twice a day during weekends(formerly)
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 2.88M+

The Annoying Orange Gaming channel is a YouTube channel where Orange and his friends play video games. Such as ROBLOX, which is most recognised on the channel thanks to Orange, and other games. It used to be Midget Apple's own gaming channel.

Why They Rock

  1. They are a unique YouTube gaming channel, as the ones playing the video games are the characters from The Annoying Orange, one of the best YouTube shows ever, and it feels and looks so real, especially real-life players who play against them.
  2. The characters that play on the gaming channel are all still likable, like on the YouTube show.
    • Orange is still a very annoying, but hilarious and likable character.
    • The Gaming Grape is a very likable character, as this channel is basically where he fits, and he had a good introduction on the YouTube show.
  3. Great voice acting.
  4. Creative running gags during gameplay, like Little Apple corrects people who call him "Midget Apple" or illiterate (although, he did admit that he is illiterate in an Ask Orange).
  5. The AO gang’s Let's Play videos are very entertaining regardless of how great or awful the game is.
  6. The gang plays multiplayer sometimes, which is amazing.
  7. Amazing puns during gameplay, hence, Orange calling a Pumpkin as "Plumpkin," and Tomato as Toe-May-Toe.
  8. The "Knife" gag never gets old.
  9. Before their gaming channel started, each character’s YouTube channel (Annoying Orange, Pear, Grandpa Lemon, Grapefruit, and formerly Little Apple Gaming), had played their own Let’s Play videos of games and they were amazing, and is what inspired the gaming channel in the first place. There was also Liam the Leprechaun and his friends’ channels that does gaming videos, inspired by this channel, which is awesome.
  10. They even starred some guest stars like Daneboe!
  11. They never tend to stray away from their target audience.

Bad Qualities

  1. Pear being forced to play games, while still entertaining as Pear still plays them, which shows dedication to fans, can be seen as mean-spirited. Then again, we can’t blame the audience for wanting to see Pear’s hilarious Let’s Play videos.
  2. Much like the main channel, there's an overusage of toilet humor and fart jokes.


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