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1200px-Atlus logo (2014).svg.png
"Hee ho!" ー Jack Frost
Founded: April 7, 1986 (as Atlus Co., Ltd.)
September 5, 2013 (as Sega Dream Corporation)
Headquarters: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Key people: Akira Nomoto (President)
Parent: Sega
Subsidiaries: Atlus USA
Career Soft

Atlus is a Japanese video game developer and publisher founded in Setagaya, Tokyo, in 1986. In 1991, they opened a North American branch, Atlus USA, and a European one in 2017. They are responsible for creating the Megami Tensei (including its spin-offs, most notably the Persona series), Etrian Odyssey, Trauma Center, Deus, Makken and Luminous Arc franchises.

Good Qualities

  1. Their flagship series, Megami Tensei, which began in 1987, revolutionized console RPGs and went on to influence several franchises, such as Pokèmon.
  2. Their Shin Megami Tensei series represented a huge breakthrough in the history of JRPGs, being among the first series to feature dark stories, heavy use of religious imagery, an active role of the protagonist in the story, and grey morality. This helped refreshing the genre, which suffered from heavily formulaic and recycled stories and settings at the time.
  3. They were among the first companies to provide accurate English localizations for their games.
  4. Almost all of their games are very challenging, though they're easy to get into.
  5. Their games push consoles to their limits thanks to their advanced graphics and complex gameplay mechanics (such as with the first two Shin Megami Tensei games).
  6. Many of their games have unique or innovative mechanics, which does a good job to differentiate their gameplay.
  7. Their games have great, memorable and unique soundtracks.
  8. They created many hardcore games, like Shin Megami Tensei or Luminous Arc.
  9. Their characters have very distinct, unique and recognizable designs, courtesy of legendary artists Shigenori Soejima and Kazuma Kaneko.
  10. They even supported failed consoles like the Virtual Boy.

Bad Qualities

Like many other companies, they've started falling into a downward spiral. Check here for more info.



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