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About This Wiki

As the sister wiki to the Crappy Games Wiki, this wiki focuses on amazing must-own games, consoles that game collectors need to have, and awesome moments in gaming history that had a positive impact on gaming as a whole.

  1. Due to heavy corruption in gaming journalism, avoid unreliable sources for determining whether or not a game is actually considered good. When using GameFAQs, the game needs to have a rating of at least three stars.
  2. Writing down the plot of the game is completely optional. If you want to write the plot of the game, DO NOT include spoilers. Short summaries are fine as long as they're not include spoilers.
  3. Reasons for your comment getting deleted can be poor grammar, malicious propaganda or harassment/insults towards other users.
  4. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.
  5. While Crappy Games has two headings used for a list of positive facts, this site uses Why It Rocks and Bad Qualities for any flaws that there may be. For games considered "Decent", then Why It Rocks still can be used instead of Good Qualities, as decent games are a step up from being average, unless it has a page on Crappy Games Wiki, but make sure to include the "Decent Games" category. For companies like Capcom, games like Knuckles' Chaotix, and consoles like Sega Dreamcast, although they received their own pages on Crappy Games Wiki, use the Good Qualities header if they aren't bad enough. Custom headings are not allowed due to being completely unnecessary and the potential of users inserting coarse language on the headings. Coloring names aren’t allowed, as pages must be kept simple. Plus, they show up wrong on certain devices.
  6. Never copy-paste from other sites like Wikipedia when writing articles as it is considered plagiarism.
  7. Keep in mind that web reviewers have nowadays become more reliable than Wikipedia.
  8. If vandalism or trolling occurs, report the users that cause trouble to an admin instead of attacking them.
  9. Removing information or vandalizing an article will net a permanent ban.
  10. Game articles are allowed to have game tips added to them to aid players. Trivia sections are completely optional.
  11. You are always free to argue about the block on your own message wall unless what you did is considered unforgivable.
  12. Never swear on pages unless it is used in a quote. Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  13. Also never use way too much all-caps on pages for no good reason, as it makes pages look unprofessional. Using italics, bold text, or underlining is okay however, as long as it isn't overused.
  14. We allow memes, but please put them in the trivia section if needed, as they do not make or break the quality of a game.
  15. Do not send foe requests to any users, as it will likely cause drama.
  16. Joke pages are not allowed here unless it is a blog (with few expectations).
  17. If you are adding awesome NSFW games, please add the NSFW template.
  18. Before creating any pages, please, see the "Forbidden Pages" section for what is not allowed.
  19. Do not add the fact that a game has a toxic fanbase and/or hatebase as a bad quality. Anyone who does this will be blocked without warning.
  20. Do not put any game, moment, company related categories to the blog pages, expect a warning or a block for adding them again.
  21. If you want to create a Sandbox page, do not tag your sandbox page with categories, as they will not only clutter the categories, they are only for actual articles.
  22. Users' sandboxes can be edited only by their respective owners unless the owner themself grants permission to contribute to the WIP pages contained in the sandbox. A notice has to be placed on top of the sandbox to state that other people can edit the WIP articles; in case of sandboxes containing multiple WIP articles, the owner has to place a notice for each article he wants other people to help with.
  23. Sandboxes can't be used to contain articles which aren't allowed on the wiki, or alternate, personal version of already existing articles because that is seen as an attempt to bypass the wiki's quality control and admin management; the purpose of sandboxes is only to work on pages in preparation of uploading them to the main namespace of the wiki.
  24. Web reviewers/YouTubers are not acceptable unless they have an extremely and widely known poor reputation.
  25. Do not abuse cleanup template to replace stub template. Only add on occasions when the page has an exaggerated number of pointers that are not very related to quality.
  26. Do not upload multiple cover arts which have the same artwork. We are still tolerant of uploading regional cover arts, depending on the artwork and title being different from the other one.
  27. Use MediaWiki links (for example [[mh:crappygames:Fallout 76]]) instead of templates (for example {{Crappy|Ride to Hell: Retribution}}) because they are causing baiting. Besides, the templates will be removed soon.

Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the following admins.

Video Games

  • Any dedicated DLC page - Clogs up the wiki and they're can covered in the game's pages.
  • Death Stranding - The reviews are too divisive to be worth adding into both wikis.
  • Deadly Premonition - Same reason as Death Stranding.
  • Remakes of games - If needed, put details in the page of the original game, unless if it really deserves its own page.

Special thanks to users Glitchedblood for making the original new proposed logo of the wiki and Trevor807 for the creation of the new logo for Awesome Games Wiki. Another thanks to DeciduousWater534 for formatting the logos.

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Featured Article
Awesome Games Wiki
"Rise and shine, Mister Freeman - rise and... shine." - The G-Man
Protagonist: Gordon Freeman
Genre: First-person shooter
Platforms: Steam (Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux)
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release Date: November 16, 2004
June 1, 2006 (Episode One)
October 10, 2007 (Episode Two)
Developer: Valve Corporation
Publisher: Valve Corporation (digital)

Sierra (retail)

Franchise: Half-Life
Previous Game: Half-Life: Alyx (chronologically)
Half-Life (both senses)
Next Game: Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2 (stylized as HλLF-LIFE2) is a first-person shooter video game and the sequel to Half-Life. Developed by Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment, it was released on November 16, 2004, following a protracted five-year $40 million development, during which a substantial part of the project was leaked and distributed on the Internet.

This game is separated into short-length chapters.


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