Debunking the PC Master Race Reddit Guide (Supersalsaboy)

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Everyone hates PC fanboys, right? Time to debunk the arrogance fueled reddit guide. This is written from an "Oh shut up!" point of view and not a "Console is better!" point of view.


Q: What's the big deal with PC gaming? What's wrong with console gaming? Is PC gaming actually superior? Are consoles really hurting the game industry? 

A: It's called an opinion. Also, you do realize that it was the NES, a CONSOLE that saved the video game industry after the market crash of 1983, right? If anything, PC is most likely hurting the industry more because of piracy.

Q: PC gaming as a whole is much cheaper than console gaming. Especially in the long run, it can be less than half of what a console will cost you. Hidden fees, price hikes, and royalties are abundant for gamers AND developers in the console industry.

A: That is a lie. PC gaming is more expensive because you have to pay more money for the computer to be more powerful. That could just be for the tower, you also have to pay for the monitor, the processor, the graphics card, and more. But if you buy a potato laptop and only buy during Steam sales then yeah, it can be cheaper.

Q: PCs easily work with TVs and monitors, and even multiple of each.

A: So? You could easily plug a console into a PC monitor if there are enough ports. What makes you so special?

Q: Gaming services and "social services" on the PC are completely free, even with online play (Steam, Uplay, BattleNet, Galaxy, Discord, etc)

A: As of the Dreamcast, consoles can access web browsers, including all of the sites you just mentioned. Boom.

Q: Not only can PC's be used for work, education, entertainment, gaming, and content creation... they're the best at all of these things.

A: Now you're going off topic. You really are desperate, aren't you?

Q: PCs are much more powerful than the PS4 or XBox One.

A: No sh*t Sherlock.

Q: More exclusives than all the current-gen consoles combined.

A: Shovelware doesn't count. Making over 60% of your "exclusives" garbage.

Q: Big Picture mode for couch gaming.

A: You clearly aren't using a keyboard. You must be using a controller...on the couch. It's almost as I'd you are *gasp* playing on a console with higher specs!?

Q: Why do you care what others buy and play games on?

A: I don't. Like I said before, opinions.

Q: Nowadays, the console business is no longer about satisfying gamers and developers; it's about building a monopoly so they can forcefully attract and monetarily drain developers to the point where they can't afford to develop a quality game on a competing platform (Sony has been known to starve developers to the point where they may opt to skip competing game platforms) (hence, bad ports). It's about bribing them if they can't attract them through marketshare (paid exclusivity). It's about doing whatever it takes to lock up as many franchises as possible to your own platform so the competition has none left, which leaves you with more market share (and consequently, power). They've focused so much on killing competing platforms that they have no money left to make the consumers a product that makes them happy. 

A: Many "developers" that make games for consoles like EA and Ubisoft also do PC. Also, pretty sure I've seen more bad ports for PC games than consoles in recent years. Also, keeping certain franchises exclusive to consoles is how first party support works. If you want people to buy your console, ensure a quality library of games.

Q: Console gamers are not the common enemy. Modern consoles are.

A: That's the exact equivalent of blaming the waiter for a poorly cooked dish.

Q: As time goes on, consoles don't get stronger and PCs don't get weaker.

A: Are you saying my PS4 can only run Atari 2600 cartridges? It's definitely more powerful than that Commodore 64 in the attic.

Q: You get more online functionality for free than a paid console user.

A: True, but what if Valve locked Steam's free multiplayer behind a paywall? Anyways, it's only $60, and it lasts a whole year. Are you really that cheap?

Q: PC games can be modded. Console games usually cannot.

A: For the most part right now, BUT, some developers like Bethesda have learned how to insert mods into console games. One day, the rest will follow.

Q: You don't have to build a PC to fully experience PC gaming.

A: You don't build your console either. All you have to do to experience console gaming is plug it in and it's already set up.

Q: The Virtual Reality revolution is being led by the PC.

A: No, it's being lead by a regular tech organization. And Sony already made the PSVR (I own one btw), the first headset compatible with consoles, so why would you continue to think that?

Q: The ESports revolution is being led by the PC.

A: Who cares? Some Esports games like Street Fighter V are played on consoles.

Q: A PC is much better at making your gaming experience sharable. Streaming, screen recording, video editing, in-game chats, voice chat, video chat, game invites, and everything else... it's all built in.

A: My PS4 can do all of those things (with the camera add on).

Q: A PC is more family friendly than a console.

A: Whoever wrote this must be a moral guardian. Unless you just buy your a Switch, which is a console.

Q: A PC is better than a console for media consumption.

A: Off topic. Again.

Q: A Personal Computer can be used as a tax write-off, whereas a gaming console cannot.

A: Off. Topic.

Q: The human eye can see far beyond a measly 30 or 60FPS.

A: Then why do you obsess over FPS all the time?

Q: After your PC loses its luster 3-4 years down the road, overclocking can bring it back.

A: So, just because a machine slows down that renders it obsolete?

Q: The games you buy on PC are yours forever.

A: Well yeah, you bought the game didn't you?

Q: PCs are capable of much more than gaming, such as content creation.

A: You've gone off topic so many times that I can't even take you seriously anymore.

Q: You can put your console budget toward your existing or upcoming desktop PC.

A: So you admit that you are a console gamer? Hypocrite.

Q: PCs can be legally opened for cleaning, upgrades, and repairs.

A: And a console can't?

Q: You can use any controller with your PC, not just one single model like with consoles.

A: True, but controllers are designed specifically for consoles, AGAIN making you a hypocrite.

Q: With a capture card, you can pull video output from another PC or console into a display or window on your main PC.

A: Didn't you just say that you could do that with a console?

Q: A PC can be used to donate spare computational power toward the betterment of mankind... or your wallet.

A: I'm not even going to bother to tell you that you are off t-!? Darn it!

Q: PC gaming is strong and growing, and it's not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

A: Neither are consoles.

Q: Most of the screenshots and gameplay you see on "next-gen" advertisements are actually from a PC.

A: Of course they are you idiot. The graphics are obviously better.

The PC Master Race sucks.



24 months ago
Score 4

All obsessive fanboys suck. And frankly anyone who obsesses about someone playing on a different platform on their own has some seriously fragile ego if they get triggered by something that minor.

WHO CARES what random strangers you'll never meet use to play games on? Sad people with nothing better to do than rant online all day long.


24 months ago
Score 0
What sucks is that the PC Master Race makes me not want to own a gaming PC.


24 months ago
Score 3
Awesome job and debunk work.


24 months ago
Score 2
Awesome blog. You'll destroy all fanboys with that.


24 months ago
Score 1
Regarding Sony allegedly starving developers: umm, do these guys not realise that those same developers are actually OWNED by Sony? So no shit they won't make games on competing platforms! Because Sony owns those studios, AND the PlayStation brand. As the blog says: "First Party Support".

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