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Hello, guys. I’ve come up with my own GTA fanon. It takes place in the HD Universe, and is based at Las Venturas and San Fiero. It takes place in 2018, five years after the events of GTA V.


  • Roman Bellic, a cab depot owner who came from Liberty City to take a vacation to Las Venturas. There he is set up and loses everything, so he must get it back via means of violence.
  • Jeffrey Williams, an ex-FIB agent who lives in Las Venturas. He and Roman meet after Roman loses all his money, and become friends after going bowling.
  • Chris Washington, a drug-addicted criminal who came to Las Venturas to find his father, who betrayed him and left him for dead. SPOILER: The father runs the mafia that owns the casino that set Roman up.

Prologue (The Bellic Cometh)

Roman Bellic, having changed between 2008 and 2018, goes on a vacation to Las Venturas, with his wife Mallorie, daughter Kate, and son Packie. He already entrusted an unseen (for obvious reasons) Niko to run the cab depot.

Mission 1

Roman goes to a casino and loses everything after a sadistic blackjack dealer cheats.

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