HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER 3!!! (Also, please get localized as today is its 15th anniversary)

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I am a teenage retro gaming addict who loves RPGs and collecting limited editions of games. My favorite game is Undertale. I am also an aspiring game designer.

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Today, April 20th, 2021, is the 15th anniversary of the release of Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance. Unfortunately, a port and translation for Switch hasn't been announced. In my opinion, Mother 3 really deserves to be officially translated and ported to Switch. Unfortunately, Nintendo won't translate it because some of the game's content may be offensive to some people. However, I still feel they should port it because the Mother series gets very little attention from Nintendo. They only released the first and second games to American audiences. Other than that, they never have done anything with the series since the third game's release. In addition, releasing Mother 3 on Switch would allow more people to play the classic game. The game itself is a really unique title in Nintendo's library, as it's darker, is much more serious, and has a complex plot that deals with real world problems. Finally, since Lucas (the protagonist) is in Smash, releasing the game will let more people know who the character is (When Brawl released, American gamers were really confused about what game he's from, similar to Marth in Melee.).

So please Nintendo, release Mother 3 for Switch so more people will experience one of your best games.

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