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In this blog post, I will rank all of the Mario Kart games.


Number 9

Number 9: Mario Kart Tour.

This game is a major disappointment to fans. I will list some of the problems with the game. First off, every single character is locked through the loot box system, meaning you have to start as either Toad or Toadette. To make matters worse, some characters are locked behind overpriced paywalls. Second, you need internet in order to play this game. Third, most of the characters are clone characters. Fourth, you have to wait a while to get new cups. Fifth, you can only play the game in portrait mode. Sixth, some good items have become virtually useless, like the Mega Mushroom. Seventh, you can't drive off-road, which is something that you can do in every other Mario Kart game. I expect better for the next Mario Kart game.

Number 8

Number 8: Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

This game is pretty decent. The controls are rather slippery, and the track selection is mediocre. Also, there aren't any new characters or items.

Number 7

Number 7: Super Mario Kart.

This game has a better track selection than Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and computer players are challenging in a skillful way, as they can use certain items that you can't use. However, the controls are slippery.

Number 6

Number 6: Mario Kart Wii.

This game is good in its own right. It introduced bikes, tricks, 12 player racing, and halfpipes. The roster is top notch, and we have Funky Kong, a character who hasn't been seen in any other Mario Kart game. Unfortunately, drifting has been ruined, the controls are way too tight, and the game relies way too much on luck. What I mean is that certain items appear insanely often during races. Also, nobody likes the Thunder Cloud whatsoever. It is by far the worst item in the entire franchise, as it harms the user more than it helps. The other two new items, however, are awesome additions. The Mega Mushroom and POW Block may be less effective versions of the Star and Lightning respectively, but they're interesting items nonetheless. While it does ruin Battle Mode by making you play in teams and adding a countdown timer, it introduces Coin Runners, which was inspired by Shine Runners. This is literally the Super Smash Bros Brawl of Mario Kart.

Number 5

Number 5: Mario Kart 64.

This game is a solid entry. It has a track selection that's okay, and its controls are rather clunky. It introduced the Spiny Shell, which is important for balancing races. Also, the Fake Item Box is better in this game than it is in any other Mario Kart game. It can block items, something that it can't do in any other Mario Kart game it appears in. Also, it looks almost identical to a real Item Box, with its only difference being an upside down question mark.

Number 4

Number 4: Mario Kart 8.

This game has a lot to desire. It has gorgeous graphics, a great track selection, and a wider selection of vehicles. While it did introduce the pointless Super Horn, the other three new items are cool additions. I will admit that the roster is kind of lame compared to Mario Kart Wii. We have characters like Pink Gold Peach, who is a lazy character idea.

Number 3

Number 3: Mario Kart 7.

This game introduced gliders and underwater driving, both of which are cool additions. It also has the best track selection out of any Mario Kart game in my opinion. The roster has questionable choices such as Lakitu, who is already the referee. Why do we need him as a playable character?

Number 2

Number 2: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

This game introduced two racers per kart, special items, and unlockable characters and karts. It also has a good track selection and catchy music. I will admit that this game ruined the Fake Item Box by giving it a completely different color from real Item Boxes. It also expanded Battle Mode by introducing Bob-omb Blast and Shine Thief.

Number 1

Number 1: Mario Kart DS.

This game is very fast paced compared to every other Mario Kart game. Drifting is top notch in this game, as you can literally perform snaking just like in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. I could call this the Super Smash Bros Melee of Mario Kart. We have bangers like Waluigi Pinball, Bowser's Castle, and Airship Fortress. It also has Mission Mode, which returned in Mario Kart Tour. It also introduced the best item in the series, the Bullet Bill. This item is literally a Chain Chomp and Star fused together into one item.

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