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A technical review from a seasoned gamer with a grey beard.

Red Dead Redemption 2: (story mode) Use multiple learned skills, techniques, and strategies to problem solve, manage complex character development, and advance through a complex nonlinear plot line against sophisticated AI defenses in a huge, very complex, 3D, breathtakingly photorealistic playing field.

And you get to ride your horse and shoot a lot of bad guys!

The narrative is interesting. Character development is seen in many companion NPCs. The level of engagement is amazing, even for an old, steely cold gamer (like me). I’ve never before cried during a video game. The control interface is excellent - State of the Art. Glitches and problems are mild and manageable. Support from RockStar is at an acceptable level. Internet helps are plentiful.

Price is good, especially if figured as dollars per hour of entertainment.

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