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Welcome to my Rare Pistols guide for Fallout New Vegas. This guide basically tells you the locations of all the rare pistols in the game.

1. Lucky: Lucky can be found in the Bison Steve hotel in Primm. It's in the Hard locked floor safe in the gift shop alongside some ammo.

2. Mysterious Magnum: The Mysterious Magnum can be found on the Lonesome Drifter, who's next to the Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard north El Dorado Gas and Service.

3. A Light Shining in Darkness: This gun can be found on Joshua Graham in the Honest Hearts DLC. You can also find it in a footlocker in the southern passage of Zion Canyon after you finish Honest Hearts.

4. That Gun: That Gun can be found in the Dino Bite gift shop in Novac. It's in the storeroom on the right. You will need to have the key (can be obtained from Cliff Briscoe) or you could lockpick the Very Easy locked door.

5. Maria: Maria can be found on Benny. It's the weapon he uses during the boss fight against him. Simply kill Benny or pickpocket him to get it.

6. Weathered 10mm pistol: Found in the Classic Pack from Courier's Stash. Buy the DLC and you get it the next time you start up the game.

7. Lil' Devil: Can be bought from Mick in Mick and Ralph's when you buy Gun Runners' Arsenal. (If Mick dies before installing the addon, it will be sold from Vendortron.)

8. Police Pistol: (Yes, i know the police pistol isn't counted as a rare gun BUT it's pretty rare so i'm including it) The police pistol is found in several places in the Dead Money DLC (Puesta De Sol North, the Villa, Salida del Sol, the Sierra Madre, the Villa Police Station, and sometimes Dean's Secret Stashes).

That's all for this blog. Goodbye.

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