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Sorry I took so long but I finally got Rant 8 in the spotlight.

Note: I'm using words YouTuber DashieGames uses. Such as Bullsh*t is BullBull, and D*ck is Diugh.

WARNING: This is my opinion! It's fine if you dislike this but plz respect my opinion!

You Know What's BullBull? Game Glitches!

I cannot believe this. These amounts of glitches in nearly all video games! It's so abysmal! We all just wanna play the game but these glitches just ruin it by making the game crash, break, or worse, unplayable. Here are some examples of video game glitches I've experienced before. One example is in Roblox. I was just playing some random Roblox Games on my very laggy computer and I noticed all of these glitches. Like in an Obby, when you land on a safe platform but you die! Another example is in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Wii Version Only) and it's a pretty horrible glitch. When I was going to start Chapter 21, I couldn't beat it and I ended up quitting the level and guess what? When I try to go back to the level and actually try to complete it, the person I needed to talk to in order to go back into it, I can't talk to them anymore! And if this glitch happens, You have to reset your game! So Game Glitches in all games are BullBull.

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