Bloons Tower Defense 6

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Bloons Tower Defense 6
Bloons Tower Defense 6.png
It doesn't get hotter than this!
Protagonist: Monkeys
Genre: Tower defense
Platforms: *iOS
Release Date: June 13, 2018
Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Franchise: Bloons
Previous Game: Bloons Tower Defense 5
Bloons TD Battles
Bloons Monkey City
Next Game: Bloons Adventure Time Tower Defense
Bloons TD Battles sequel

Bloons Tower Defense 6 (stylized as Bloons TD 6) is a tower defense game developed and published by Ninja Kiwi. It was released on iOS and Android on June 13, 2018 and later to Steam on December 18, 2018.

Why It Rocks

  1. The major shift from 2D graphics to 3D models is a high leap in animation design for the Bloons TD series. This started with towers and map graphics at first, but also affected MOAB-Class Bloons on version 8.0.
  2. Additional submodes added to the game, meaning that there are now extra rules to play with! It also gives a reason to do the Apopalypse and Deflation modes.
  3. More Bloon types, including the Purple Bloon that is immune to magic and fire attacks, Fortified modifiers, and the new Big Airship of Doom blimp. The Dark Dirigible Titan from Bloons Monkey City and the Golden Bloon from Bloons Tower Defense 5 also make returning appearances here.
  4. New towers including Alchemist and Druid. Some of the older towers that previously didn't initially appear, such as the Mortar Monkey, Engineer Monkey, and Dartling Gunner, has returned in updates for the game.
  5. Notably, the heroes. Each hero is interesting in that they level up on their own to gain additional attacks, abilities, and support.
    • Quincy, the Archer uses his crossbow to ricochet his darts onto multiple bloons and can eventually be leveled up to be able to shoot more rapidly and rain darts onto bloons.
    • Gwendolin, the Pyromaniac uses a flamethrower to burn bloons and she can be able to throw a cocktail to roast bloons quickly and use Firestorm to incinerate the screen from bloons.
    • Striker Jones, the Artillery Commander fires bombs from his cannon and can gain the ability to shoot a stunning grenade and also boosts Bomb and Mortar towers.
    • Obyn Greenfoot, the Forest Guardian shoots wolf spirits to chase down bloons and boosts magic towers around him. He is capable of creating thorny bushes and wall of trees.
    • Captain Churchill, the Tank utilizes bomb shells to attack the bloons and eventually can be able to rain anti-MOAB-class missiles.
    • Benjamin, the Code Monkey can be used as an alternate for Banana Farms as he can be able to increase end of round cash and has ways to gain additional income each round.
    • Ezili, the Voodoo Monkey uses magic to strip bloon layers and can also be upgraded to stop regrow, place a totem to boost towers at the cost of lives, and she can also hex MOABs to instantly pop them quickly.
    • Pat Fusty, the Giant Monkey slams bloons to deal damage to multiple bloon layers and can be utilized to boost the popping power of towers around him tremendously and can squeeze MOAB-class bloons to instantly pop them.
    • Adora, the High Priestess fires divine homing blots at bloons much like Obyn Greenfoot, and can improve her range to be larger than that of a Super Monkey and use a Ball of Light to zap bloons very quickly.
    • Admiral Brickell, the Naval Commander utilizes a machine gun and homing mines to defeat array of bloons, and acts as large support for Monkey Sub towers.
    • Etienne, the Drone Operator flies drones to home in on the bloons and can call a UCAV to pop even more bloons.
    • Sauda, the Swordmaster slashes bloons in a melee attacking method and can jump through the track to damage the bloons as she passes through them.
  6. There are hero skins for most of the heroes, which contains additional voice lines. If these lines prove annoying, they can be disabled in the pause menu.
  7. Additional upgrade paths and tiers for all towers. The second path also still retain its old abilities, but now has a tier 5 version to make the abilities more powerful.
  8. New Monkey Knowledge tree (replacing the Monkey Lab) that enables multiple advantages throughout the game, making maps more easier to complete.
  9. If you beat a map, you can continue and attempt to complete additional rounds in freeplay mode. To include a better reason to go into freeplay mode, you get an insta-monkey every 100 rounds.
  10. Insta-monkeys replace the old free base towers, and these insta-monkeys can now have upgrades included with them so you don't have to pay for the upgrades.
  11. You can play co-op with up to four players.
  12. Improved sandbox mode that now allows sending specfic rounds of the game and setting your lives and money.
  13. Advanced challenges provides an additional challenge each day with CHIMPS rules and in some cases increased bloon speed/health, camo/regrow modifiers, and upgrade restrictions.
  14. Challenge Editor allows the creation of your own challenges and you can even submit your own challenges to Ninja Kiwi. Eventually, a Challenge Browser was added so you can take on various user challenges submitted.
  15. Race game mode that comes once a week enables players to speedrun maps for rewards based on how fast they complete the map with the settings provided. Unlike other online multiplayer modes, the race events are moderated to ensure hackers and cheaters don't steal rewards from actual skilled players.
  16. Trophy store brings cosmetics to bloons and towers.
  17. Odyssey mode from BTD5 returns, with additional rules.
  18. Occasional events to allows players to play maps for items that can be used to obtain insta-monkeys, even tier 5 instas.
  19. For humor, the game acknowledges many of the memes from the Bloons fandom, including the Biker Bones skin and a Camo Regrow Red at the end of round 5 of Alternate Bloons Rounds. Additionally, many user concepts has been bought in during updates, such as reddit contest winners such as the Geared and Bazaar map and various featured avatars in the Trophy Store. Alongside, many community members have worked on their own custom races and Odysseys as well!
  20. Continues to do microtransactions correctly, as it gives the player all the content without additional payment. The game is also easily beatable without the Double Cash mode in-app purchase (and even if bought, Double Cash cannot be used on races, co-op, or CHIMPS to make the game fair for all players).

Bad Qualities

  1. Co-op is riddled with bugs, mostly relating to disconnections and server load problems. The Co-op challenges when first added were met with negative reception as a result.
  2. Daily challenges are a lot easier than in BTD5 due to not having CHIMPS rules. Advanced challenges are where the main challenge is in for Daily Challenges. Though you can change maximum upgrade paths now.
    • Likewise, you currently cannot change bloon rank unlike in BTD5.
  3. Unlike BTD5, towers and upgrades are constantly being modified to buff and nerf them, which changes the meta around. While this can provide an additional challenge for the community, it can make challenges more harder or even impossible. For one example, many maps became a lot harder to beat on CHIMPS after an Alchemist nerf on version 6.0.
  4. While they can be disabled, some of the hero voice lines are particularly annoying, especially Quincy's and Scientist Gwendolin's.




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