Burnout Revenge

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Burnout Revenge
That means wiping your rivals off the ROAD.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Xbox 360
Release Date: Alpha 7 Debug Prototype:
July 14, 2005
PlayStation 2, Xbox:
NA: September 13, 2005
EU: September 23, 2005
AU: September 26, 2005
Xbox 360:
NA: March 7, 2006
EU: March 17, 2006
Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Franchise: Burnout
Previous Game: Burnout 3: Takedown
Next Game: Burnout Paradise

Burnout Revenge is the fourth video game in the Burnout series of racing games. It was developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Xbox 360, alongside the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS title Burnout Legends.

Why It Rocks

  1. Impressive looking and over-the-top crashes.
  2. Tight and responsive controls.
  3. Fun and exhilarating game play.
  4. Lots of cars to race in.
  5. Varied locations from around the world such as Los Angeles, California, Detroit, Montana National Park, Florida, Rome, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan, are represented in the game as tracks, and they also have shortcuts and ramps to gain airtime.
  6. New ways to take down your opponents for more variety, including Vertical Takedowns, Explosive Payback, and Traffic Check Takedowns!
  7. A great amount of modes to chose from, including a new "Eliminator" mode where racers in last place when a timer runs out explode and are eliminated from the race.
  8. Solid progression system that doesn't force you to grind to unlock new events. Also, the game encourages you to really go for gold for the best ratings, while discouraging you from repeating events. Quoting:
    • "Don't expect an easy ride by repeating the same easy events!"
  9. You can now easily shunt same-way traffic out of the way by merely running into traffic cars (called "Checking Traffic" in game), with a new game called "Traffic Attack" that has this mechanic in mind. You can use this technique to score Takedowns, too!
  10. You can detonate your car after your car has crashed to try to take out cars (called "Crashbreaker" in game). This can now be used in race mode.
    • In race events, the Crashbreaker's radius is affected by the amount of boost you have. It can refill your boost gauge if your catch an opponent in the explosion, but you lose all of it if you miss, creating an element of Risk vs Reward.
  11. The feel of a real Burnout game, now available in HD as this is the first Burnout game to release on a seventh generation console, the Xbox 360.
  12. Crash mode is revamped. The explosions multiply the crash score in which the perfect crash score is over $3,000,000 or much more depending the crash junction to achieve gold medals.
  13. Killer soundtrack featuring songs from bands like The Bravery, LCD Soundsystem, Junkie XL, Funeral for a Friend, Maximo Park, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and BT.
  14. Awesome new grungy art-style.
  15. Good use of product placement.
  16. The Revenge Racer is a great car.
  17. Every single Crash Junction is one huge area, all parts of the events are loaded all at once. For example, if you were on a crash junction called "Off the Beaten Truck", you would see the restaurant with the giant doughnut from "Doughnut Disturb".

Bad Qualities

  1. Several burning laps are difficult to obtain gold medal including the last one of Motor City in Rank 10.
  2. In Crash mode, some vehicles have very high Crashbreaker level, and they require furious button mashing to maximize the explosion, which can cause your fingers to ache afterwards. However there's a glitch to prevent this. (see Tips section).
  3. Blowing up 25 vehicles in "Smash My Ride" is very difficult to achieve.


  • To fulfill your boost bar during Crash events in a very high Crashbreaker level for example the Mobile Dinner, you must activate the Impact Time when the boost meter is close to the 100% (80% or more) and when the Crashbreaker meter goes to 100% when still holding the Impact Time button, tap R2 (B for Xbox and Xbox 360) and in few seconds you cause the biggest crash in the arena. 


  • Burnout Revenge was dedicated to the memory of Rabin Ezra, who passed away on June 27, 2005.
  • There's a July Prototype debug build with multiple unused crash junctions. Over 100 were planned, but some (only 10) made it over to the Xbox 360 remaster.


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