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Profile: Caddicarus
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: September 10, 2011
Twitter: @Caddicarus
Facebook: Caddicarus
Other Media: Twitch: Caddicarus
Instagram: caddicarus
Patreon: Caddicarus
Tumblr: Blogicarus
No. of videos: 612+
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 779K+

"Greetings and Salutations, my beautiful people, and welcome to the Caddicarus show, where I have to do the dirty deed of deciding whether or not a game deserves to be Slaughtered or Salvaged". - Caddy's opening line

Jim Caddick, better known online as Caddicarus, is a British YouTuber who typically specializes in retro game reviews. He has been an active user since 2011 and has amassed roughly 572,000 subscribers. He currently uploads 3-4 videos per week.

In his first-ever game review, he acknowledges that game reviews weren't exactly a new thing at the time, citing people like The Angry Video Game Nerd, Irate Gamer, and JonTron as examples of people who did that kind of video. However, Caddick wanted to differentiate himself from those users by specializing mainly in reviewing games on the PlayStation, which he calls his childhood console. His reviews of PS1 games is the main staple of his channel, and have become "The Caddicarus Show." In these reviews, he used to have a three-point rating system. These days, Caddick is commonly referred to as "The PS1 guy".

Though openly admitting that his favorite gaming platform is the PlayStation line, he's not a PlayStation fanboy in any way and has consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft. Over time, he started to review some games on later consoles including the PS2, PS3, PS4, and even on PC and Nintendo Switch. His "Caddy" segment is basically focused on more in-depth reviews of more recent titles on modern systems. He uses a traditional 10 point scale for these reviews. Although gaming is the primary focus of his content, he does talk about movies, TV shows, and even discusses some of Youtube's questionable policies (the latter is a very, very rare occurrence).

Compared to AVGN and JonTron, Caddy's reviews are much more informative and more focused on giving an in-depth review of the game in question. However, he still makes a lot of funny jokes, and the reviews are still rather humorous.

Caddicarus has gone on record that if he ever gets 1 million subscribers he'll make a Spyro the Dragon marathon.


Current Content

  • The Caddicarus Show - reviews of PS1 games, and occasionally old VHS movies or TV shows.
  • Caddy - in-depth reviews of current-gen titles on modern platforms.
  • Top 10's - does Top 10 videos on certain aspects of gaming (one example: Top 10 Merchants).
  • Cinemaggots/Kids Explain - his movie-related videos. He sits down with his girlfriend's two youngest daughters and has them describe movies and TV shows to him by asking them questions about the subject material.

Cancelled Segments

  • Current Quickies - reviews of modern games in which he talks at an insane speed.
  • Caddy's Retrospectives - a trilogy of reviews of the first 3 installments of a given franchise, and whether or not they hold up today.
  • Drive-Thru reviews - very brief reviews of games in less than 5 minutes.

Why He Rocks

  1. He has a great sense of humour. A lot his jokes are worth a good laugh, and they work tremendously with a good setup and excellent delivery.
  2. He is grateful towards his fans and viewers and doesn't take them for granted.
  3. He despises the "It's made for kids" excuse, particularly when talking about games and TV shows that clearly pander to kids. He understands that even children have standards, and thus is not an excuse to make a poor quality product.
    • He doesn't talk down to kids either, as seen in his "Kids Explain" videos.
    • Caddick is particularly harsh against cheap kids games because of his hatred of the "It's made for kids" excuse.
  4. His collaborations with Jordan Underneath, Scott The Woz, Brutalmoose, Scarfhulu, GillytheKid, and Somecallmejohnny are pure gold. He works very well with these guys, and the humor lends itself well. His Bubsy 3D review also featured guest appearances from Rerez, Tennings, Somecallmejohnny, and even his own sister.
    • Whenever Caddy does a collaboration, his guest often points out his quirky personality.
  5. His earlier reviews were very clearly inspired by JonTron, but over time he gradually developed his own fun-loving style.
  6. He is also an excellent drummer. He has a few drumming videos on his channel in which he does drum covers of various video game music, such as the Croc theme, and the stage music for Hog Wild.
  7. He is not afraid to give controversial opinions on certain games. An example is his Top 10 video of his most unpopular opinions.
  8. He's also not afraid to give disclaimers for some parts of his videos like opinions/etc.
  9. While he also portrays a whacky, silly, somewhat fun-loving & childish persona in the main videos, Jim is actually a very mature and responsible person. Occasionally he makes more serious videos where he raises awareness of real-life issues with most topics in a calm, civilized manner.
    • Jim has also made several videos calling out bad parenting habits.
    • Jim has made some videos from time to time about being aware of producing YouTube content leading to a desired effect with improvement for oneself or even an undesired effect as well in some instances.
    • Jim has also made videos about how one can improve and grow as a person no matter how bad some developments or habits one is around after discussing about an poorly made video game or show.
  10. His way of rationalizing before or after making a joke for the way he thought something was horrendous, mediocre, decent or great is very well developed.
  11. Despite his nostalgia towards Crash Team Racing, he was more than happy to call out publisher Activision for adding microtransactions to Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled around a month after the initial launch.

Bad Qualities

  1. Earlier videos had very bad audio quality and the videos themselves weren't as good or as hilarious as his newer videos [something Caddicarus was openly and consistently aware of sharing {humorously or not} with in his videos (e.g "CRINGING IN MY FIRST VIDEO - Caddicarus" and other videos that were similar to this)].
  2. While his style of humor is fantastic, energized and hilarious, he can sometimes be hit-or-miss.


  • His original name was James Caddick, but he recently changed it to Jim because he didn't like the old name.
  • His sister, Rosie, has her own channel that goes by the name "Professor Juice." Her style is clearly based on her brother's.
  • A while back, Caddy decided to drop the "Slaughtered or Salvaged" rating from his reviews since he felt he needed to evolve past it.




Anonymous user #1

10 months ago
Score 4 You

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
Score 6 You
This Channel deserves the Salvage


8 months ago
Score -1
Caddicarus is more Clever and Mature but less Childish than the Attic Gamer/Joueur du Grenier, SuperMarioLogan and the Nostalgia Critic

Master Chief

3 months ago
Score -5
I do not like this youtuber, he is way too harsh on games and says they suck for the dumbest of reasons and he swears a lot.


3 months ago
Score 4
Swearing does not make a YouTuber bad.

Master Chief

3 months ago
Score -3


3 months ago
Score 6
You are entitled to your opinion, but you said you didn't like him because he swears lot. Like I said, swearing does not make a YouTuber bad, unless they claim to be family friendly.


2 months ago
Score 3
Harsh criticism =/= bad. Also, what are those "dumbest of reasons" you speak of?

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