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Car Town
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We miss this game so much.
Genre: Simulation Racing
Platforms: Internet flash
Release Date: 27 July 2010

26 July 2012 (EX Version)

Developer: CIE Games
Publisher: CIE Games
Franchise: Car Town
Next Game: Car Town EX (Asian version)

Car Town Streets (Next game)

Car Town was a social network game developed by Cie Games (now Glu Mobile). It allowed users collect and modify virtual vehicles. The objective of the game was to win races and build a collection of vehicles. Car Town had many licenses for different brands, including the Indy Racing League, which allowed users to collect selected Indy cars, Universal Studios, which gave the game a license to include the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future series,[1] and fully customized cars from The Fast and the Furious seriesPirelli World Challenge and the National Hot Rod Association gave the game licenses to include their racing cars such as Funny CarsTop Gear also gave a license to include their shows and videos, as well as a few exclusive vehicles.

Aside from the aforementioned brands, the game also featured cars from famous motorsports around the world including 24 Hours of Le MansWorld Rally ChampionshipFormula DDakar RallyFIA GT Series as well as one-make races such as Ferrari Challenge.

Cie Games announced on July 29, 2014 that it would close the game on August 29, 2014.

As of August 29, 2014, Car Town was discontinued.

Why It Rocked

  1. There was a plenty amount of vehicles that vary from category such as vans, 4-door Sedans, sport cars, 70's muscle cars, LMP race cars, touring race cars, rally cars and even tanks, police vehicles, motorbikes, a hovercraft, a snowmobile, service trucks like a firetruck, a delivery truck, a bulldozer, a dump truck and a trash truck. This also featured cars from movies such as Ghostbusters, Fast and Furious, Back to the Future and the documentary TV show Top Gear.
  2. You could customize the garage of your dreams in a manner similar to The Sims franchise.
  3. In this game featured the Game Show in which there was games that you could win blue points, gold coins, cars, tokens and the Golden Car Town Logo. Winning 3 Golden Car Town Logos, awards you the daily car. The games from Game Show are:
    • Drop Gear: A game that you could must drop a gear and when the gear falls down, you win a prize.
    • Road Signs: A game that you could must beat or equal the horsepower car from the upper cards in a manner similar to the Memory card game.
    • Prize Wheel: It functioned like the real Spinwheel that you win prizes.
  4. In this game used the Cummulative Score for drag racing which is never seen in another drag racing just like Race Town. To do this you could click on the green dot to obtain points depending the section in the needle. Doing on the green section, grants a bonus shifts raising your points. Doing on the red section, deducts points. The points you grant depends of your car horsepower.
  5.  The Zone Jobs was a major importance of the game and also the possibility of hiring neighborhood workers. You could make your workers doing jobs of fuzzy dices, car wash, oil change etc. Shorter jobs grants low money and EXP while doing longer jobs like Hydraulics, Jet Engine or Bodykit install, grants big money and EXP.
    • There was a infamous trick of easy money that if you do 8 Premium Antenna Ball jobs, you win 48.000 (6.000 per job complete).
  6. Restoring cars from Junkyard, Ferrari Classiche Restorations or Fast and Furious cars by obtaining parts of the car via buying with Blue Points or asking of your friends to gift parts of the car.
  7. There was the possibility of watching videos via Watch and Earn and obtaining cars by watching certain amount of videos.
  8. If your jobs expired, the Delorean Time Machine helped you to recover all of your expired jobs.
  9. It featured adventures that you could find gold coins, currency of aventure and keys to open treasure hunts and win prizes. Also featured answers that you could must be able to choose the correct answer. Also featured races per 100 stages you win a car. Here's a list of adventures,
    • Desert Safari Adventure
    • Arctic Aventure
    • Top Gear Adventure
    • Brazilian Adventure
    • San Francisco Adventure
    • Japan Adventure
    • Indy Adventure
    • Route 66 Adventure
    • Fast and Furious Adventures (Dom, Hobbs and Shaw)
    • Racing Rivals Adventure
    • Halloween Adventure.

Why It Rocked (EX version)

  1. There was more cars that in the original version such as the Honda Prelude BB6, Toyota Estima, Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda N-ONE, etc:
    • It also featured silly vehicles such as the shopping cart, a rickshaw, a teddy bear, a tiger, a polar bear and even a witch!!.
  2. There was tournaments to win mystery boxes, blue points and gold coins.
  3. Featured the boost speed. If you do 4 bonus shifts, you receive a bonus multipler in your cummulative score.
  4. Featured other type of upgrades such as exhaust, superchargers or turbo kits and add in the slot. Exchanging the parts in that part adds horsepower to that part. You could add three slots by exchanging the same car model by a second slot or use a Golden Truck (you must be lucky in cars that are difficult and stressful to obtain especially in adventures because if you were fail, you're in the world of pain).

Bad Qualities

  1. It had microtransactions, with Blue Points being the premium currency.
  2. At 29th August 2014 the game is unavailable to play on Facebook. Also on February 28th 2014, Car Town EX is unavailable to play on Facebook.
  3. There was hackers on both first tournament of both versions thus causing you to get banned if you force to hack if you want to win a tournament.
  4. It was planned to release Car Town Racing from mobile versions, but the game is cancelled making Car Town fans unhappy.
  5. Some cars costs Blue Points only (abbreviated BP) which some of them are really expensive especially the Ferrari F2012 (the fastest car in the game with 2867 HP) which costed 1000 Blue Points. Oddly the Ferrari F50 costed 50 more Blue Points having a total of 1050 Blue Points, but despite this, it had 690 HP.
  6. As mentioned in the said bad quality, obtaining a higher amount of blue points enough to buy everytime in the game, it required extreme stressful and luck due that you could be extremely lucky to win in the contests which awarded you with 100 Blue Points. This occured in the original version.
    • Also, you could level up to get 1 blue point per level, however, this only was available to accounts made on or before December 31, 2010.
  7. Some cars were really difficult to obtain as well some of them were reskin of existing cars with unaltered performance that could be applied in their original counterparts. Examples were.
    • Any car that costed BP only such as the Mazda 787B or the Ferrari 150th Italia.
    • Some cars that are region exclusive are impossible to obtain outside of that country such as the Scion XB NOS Race Ed which is the reskin version of the same car but with NOS templates in it. It can be obtained by redeeming a promo code in one of the NOS bottles. The NOS bottles are only exclusive to United States. This also applies to the Roman's Ford Mustang 1970.
    • The Scion FR-S Motor Trend Race Prototype 2011 is just a reskin of the same car but with Motor Trend templates in it. It can be obtained by winning in the Motor Trend contest.
    • Promo codes cars were impossible to obtain if you were playing way too late before the codes expired. Those examples were the Mazda RX-7 FD Car and Driver Edition or the the Mazda Kaan Golden Edition as well as the adventure cars if you didn't play before it ended.




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Car Town and Car Town EX will return to Facebook.

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