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My final rating for this wiki is a "Fry Shouting Shut up and Take My Money" Meme Out of 10. These games are fantastic and a must own for any gamer of fan of a game genre.

Jared Knabenbauer, better known as the YouTuber Projared, is an internet reviewer, former Screwattack member, and comedian who reviews games with a sense of humor. He has three main shows:

  • His main show, ProJared, has him review various games (modern, retro, and in between) and uses a sense of humor to review them. In this show, breaks the rating scale by naming an object that reflects how he feels about the game such as when he gave Chrono Trigger a Clock Without Hands Out of 10, calling the game timeless. During the credits though, you can often times see a real score. Despite using a very humorous tone with this show, ProJared does still give valid points to why a game is good or bad.
  • His One Minute Reviews where he tries to review a game, usually modern, in one minute or less. These reviews were somewhat more professional but with the gimmick of only a minute to take away some seriousness.
  • Full Reviews are when he just straight up reviewed a game in a more professional manner, going into more depth over the game. These are his most professional reviews giving both good and bad traits of a video game.