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Type: Subsidiary
Founded: October 1986
Founder(s): Richard Darling
David Darling
Headquarters: Southam, England
Key people: Frank Sagnier (CEO)
Parent: Reliance Entertainment (2010–2018)
Electronic Arts (2021–present)
Divisions: Codemasters Birmingham
Codemasters Kuala Lumpur
Codemasters India
Subsidiaries: Slightly Mad Studios

The Codemasters Software Company Limited (trade name: Codemasters) is a British video game developer founded in 1986 by brothers Richard and David Darling. The company is based in Southam, England. In 2005, Codemasters was considered as the best independent publisher by the British game trade magazine "Develop". They are known for developing video game series of racing games such as DiRT (formerly Colin McRae Rally), F1 and Grid. Previously they were known from the Operation Flashpoint, Dizzy and Micro Machines game series. Codemasters was acquired by Electronic Arts in February 2021.

Why They And Their Games Are Genius At Play


  1. They made one of the most iconic series that is supposed to commemorate one of the greatest rally drivers in history.
  2. Unlike 2K or Electronic Arts, they have their dignity for their F1 series (which are published every year), trying to make a high-quality product. A worthy example is F1 2016 to the latest installment titled F1 2021.
  3. This is one of the few large companies that doesn't add microtransactions to their games. Instead, in the DiRT or F1 series, as in Doom Eternal, there are in-game currencies that you receive.
  4. Codemasters, despite making F1 games for every year, decides at least to change anything big, unlike EA.
  5. They helped release several games from smaller developers, such as Worms 4: Mayhem from Team17 or the Overlord series from Triumph Games and Climax Studios.
  6. They used to make fairly original series like Micro Machines, which is one of the first to be played as a toy vehicle with maps happening in parts of the house.

Their Games

  1. The graphics in their games look different, although in most cases it is decent, such as the F1 and DiRT series.
  2. Great soundtrack. Their soundtrack is usually fun to listen to and memorable. For example in DiRT Rally.
  3. Fairly precise controls.
  4. A perfect camera. This means the players will not struggle with the camera at all in their games to waste their time, thanks to how Codemasters make perfect cameras in their games.
  5. Good level design.
  6. In F1 games, there is a casual mode for beginners or ordinary people who do not usually have contact with games.
  7. Decent artificial intelligence.
  8. High amounts of replay value.

Bad Qualities

  1. They ignore old franchises that have been enjoyed by players like Dizzy, Operation Flashpoint, and MTV Music Generator. Nowadays they exclusively make racing games.
  2. They have published a bunch of bad games, including Pop Idol, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, Dirty Dancing: The Video Game, Overlord: The Fellowship of Evil, Colin McRae Rally (2013), Damnation, and more.
  3. After being bought by EA, Codemasters' quality has been diminishing in terms of games despite F1 2021 and GRID Legends are positively received (the latter game is lack of marketing and competition against Gran Turismo 7, a week before it's release which resulted in lackluster sales for GRID Legends). Starting with F1 22, their quality control went downhill due to glitches and lack of features, similar to EA Sports games.


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