Crash Bash

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Crash Bash
Crash Bandicoot Carnival.
Protagonist: Various
Genre: Party
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: NA: November 6, 2000
EU: December 1, 2000
Developer: Eurocom Entertainment Software
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Franchise: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bash is a Playstation exclusive party game developed by Eurocom and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was the first game to not be developed by Naughty Dog, the fifth game in the series, as well as the final Crash game to be released on the PlayStation, after that, the rights to Crash would go to Universal Interactive Studios and Crash would be a multiplatform series


After years of Rivaly between Aku Aku and Uka Uka, both realized that they're equal in powers, so there's no match between them, so the only way to settle this once and for all, they decided that each brings his players and let them play some minigames where the best team wins and will decided who keeps the Crystals

Why It Rocks

  1. Unlike other party games, this one isn't luck based, it's akin more to a last man standing kind of game.
  2. 28 mini games split into 7 different categories, literally each minigame with its own sets of rules and gameplay, 12 of these minigames are unlocked at adventure mode
  3. 8 characters to play with (9 in the Japanese version), 4 are from Aku Aku's side, other 4 are from Uka Uka's Side, defeating the final boss in Adventure mode shows a different ending than the other side.
  4. Hilarious moment in single player, even more fun in multiplayer.
  5. You can play multiplayer with your friends (up to 4 players), either Comp. or Co-op (Adventure mode only) you can also make the AI as your coop if no one is playing with you (Battle Mode only).
  6. Adventure mode hub is similar to older games in the series, unlike many other party games, where it's not a board game.
  7. Adventure mode can be played coop with a friend, and if one chooses a character from Aku Aku and a character from Uka Uka (Crash and Cortex for example), you get an extra level/boss after defeating the final boss, where both of you fight each other to settle it and see the real ending.
  8. Defeating a level in Adventure mode unlocks 4 different challenges for the levels, Gem challenges, which require to beat levels in shorter time, Crystal challenges which change the level theme and give harder but awesome challenges (varies from level to level), Gold Relic challenges which changes the players into stronger ones and require you to beat them twice, and Platinum Relics which is same as gold relics but you beat the level 3 times.
  9. Similar to Crash Team Racing, many of the minigames are based on old levels, like the space levels from Crash Bandicoot Warped.
  10. There's a code for the game to unlock a demo of Spyro Year Of The Dragon, and vice versa, in-fact, in Spyro Year Of The Dragon has a demo of Crash Bash that can unlock the entire game on it (fortunately this was found many years after the game was sold).
  11. Awesome soundtrack with both new songs and remixes from previous games.

Bad Qualities

  1. Challenges in Adventure mode can be extremely frustrating, especially the Relic Challenges, as all your opponents will team up against you, playing Adventure mode in co-op eases the pain a lot.
  2. With the exception of Medieval Mayhem, each mini-game type only has one mini-game with four minor variations, making the game very repetitive, especially since the first two Warp Rooms have the same type of mini-games.
  3. Graphics are downgraded compared to other games in the series.
  4. Can't change to single player or multiplayer in Adventure mode once you made your decision
  5. Unlike other games in the series, there's no reward for beating the game 100%, once you defeat the level Dante's Dash, you unlocked everything the game has to offer.
  6. Some of the arenas in Crystal mode are great, but sadly you can only play them in Adventure mode
  7. The Adventure Mode can get very repetitive at times, as you have to win the same minigame multiple times to unlock things.




6 months ago
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tiny tigers model in this game is a work of art


3 months ago
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Cortex's hair though is on POINT! It's so on point it is a point!

His hair is so sharpened up he could open a bag of crisps with it!


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Why is Crash Bash here, and Crash Nitro Kart in the Crappy Games Wiki?

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