Dead Space 2

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Dead Space 2
Protagonist: Isaac Clarke
Gabe Weller (Severed DLC)
Genre: Survival Horror
Third-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release Date: NA: January 25, 2011
AU: January 27, 2011
EU: January 28, 2011
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Made in: United States
Franchise: Dead Space
Previous Game: Dead Space
Next Game: Dead Space 3

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror third-person shooter game developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, released in January 25, 2011.


After the events of the first game Isaac Clark was found in a coma and taken to the Sprawl, a space colony set on Titan, Saturn's largest moon. 3 years later, he wakes up in a mental clinic being interrogated about what happened in Aegis VII, when suddenly Necromorphs appear and wreck havoc on the colony. Isaac quickly finds himself haunted by a gory hallucination of Nicole.

Isaac soon is contacted by a woman called Daina LeGuin, who tells him that there's a Marker on the Sprawl causing the new Necromorph outbreak, which was built using Isaac's mind. Isaac's contact with the previous Marker left a Marker Blueprints on his mind; after he was rescued from Aegis VII Earthgov used those blueprints build the new Marker. The blueprints are also causing the Nicole hallucination and will kill him soon enough.

Daina convinces Isaac that she can help him escape the Sprawl and find a way to get rid of the Marker blueprints. While finding a way to leave the hospital, Isaac runs into Nolan Stross, another patient who was involved in the Marker project. Stross tries to convince Isaac to follow him but they are separated. Isaac decides to go find Daina, along the way he's hunted by Earthgov and encounters Stross several times. Eventually Isaac find Daina at the top of the Unitology Church only to be betrayed and captured, as Daina is a Unitologist.

During the 3 year gap Isaac was unconscious tension grew between Earthgov and Unitology over the rediscovery of the Red Marker. Unitologists have come to believe that Necromorphs are the immortality the Marker promised, and in their misguided zealotry they started the Necromoprh outbreak at the Sprawl. They also plan to capture Isaac and use his blueprints to build their own Markers and spread the Necromorphs to all of mankind's colonies across space.

Luckily for Isaac the Earthgov gunship appears and kills Daina and her Unitologist crew while Isaac manages to avoid capture. Stross returns and explains that because they built the Marker they can destroy it, and that the Marker is hidden at the Government Sector of the Sprawl. Isaac and Stross agree to meet at the train station to reach Earthgov, however Isaac notices Stross is also having hallucinations and is more vulnerable to them than himself. Isaac then finds another survivor, Ellie Langford, who agrees to join their quest.

Hans Tidemann, the head of the Marker project, finds Isaac's crew and starts impeding their progress, forcing them to find another route to the Government sector. Through their journey Isaac's Nicole hallucinations turn more aggressive and Stross' sanity starts slipping away. Eventually Stross succumbs to his insanity and punctures Ellie's eye, forcing Isaac to kill Stross in self-defense. The Nicole Hallucinatino attempts to kill Isaac, but when he admits his guilt to Nicole's death, the hallucination becomes non-hostile and starts helping Isaac instead.

Isaac and Ellies manage to reach the Government Sector. Ellie finds a gunship and plans to use it to escape the Sprawl, but Isaac forces Ellie to leave without him. Now alone, Isaac pushes his way into the Marker with the help of the Nicole hallucination. Eventually Isaac reaches the Marker and kills Tideman, but before he can destroy it the Nicole hallucination drags Isaac into his own mind.

The hallucination reveals that the Marker must absorb it's creators to be complete, which includes Isaac. However Isaac resists Nicole and destroys her and the Marker blueprint, which also causes the Marker to break down. Upon returning to reality Isaac finds the Marker collapsing and the Sprawl about to explode. Isaac accepts that he's about to die but is rescued by Ellie just before the Sprawl explodes.

With the Marker blueprint gone, Isaac's sanity is fully recovered, much to his relief. In the epilogue, two unknown characters comment about the destruction of the Sprawl's Marker, which reveals that the Marker there was merely one of the many Markers Earthgov owns.

Why It Rocks

  1. Isaac is no longer a silent character. He's now fully voiced, his face is shown more often, and he has a much more interesting personality.
  2. New Necromorphs are introduced, which are just as disturbing as the originals. Older Necromorphs are also smarter and more aggressive in combat.
  3. You can now use Kinesis to pick up sharpened objects and use them to impale enemies into walls.
  4. The game being set in a space colony gives it much more varied visuals and ambiance while still keeping the feel of claustrophobia and constant insecurity.
  5. New "weapons", which continue the theme of Isaac using ordinary tools as improvised weapons.
  6. Older weapons have new ways of being used such as special upgrades which make them a lot more useful.
  7. At one point of the game you revisit the Ishimura from the first game.
  8. A hacking minigame is introduced which fits with Isaac being an engineer.
  9. "Vandal" from Dead Space Mobile makes a small cameo appearance: Isaac can find and hear several of her audio logs. He can also find her corpse floating nearby at the start of Chapter 11.
  10. Excellent plot since Isaac has to deal with hallucinations of Nicole while dealing with Earth Gov.
  11. Intense boss fights such as the Tormentor in which Isaac under the church of Unitology fights a huge Necromorph through quick-time events, fighting several Tripods in an elevator vacuum and even fighting their nest in the CEC Factory and even the final boss since Isaac fights Nicole in his mind while destroying the Marker's Heart.
  12. Outstanding graphics especially for an early 2010's game.
  13. The Hardcore difficulty is a fun challenge especially with the 3 saves and it helps keep people at the edge of their seat when it comes to saving progress.
  14. Ellie Langford is a very likable character as she is interestingly enough not affected by the marker but also she can easily kill Necromorphs with ease much like Isaac and she even rescues Isaac at the end in which they both escape together while Titan Station explodes.
  15. Interesting DLC packs that have various suits and even upgrades to weapons.
  16. Zero G is much better than the first game since Isaac no longer has to jump and can simply fly around and maneuver in Zero-G areas.
  17. The Halo Jump sequences are one of the coolest things to see in a video game as Isaac flies through the debris of destruction and ruins.
  18. The most iconic suit called the Advanced Suit has a unique design and it's even used for the game's cover.
  19. Hans Tiedmann is an interesting villain as he is the director of Titan Station's Earth Gov and comes up with many ways to defeat and oppress Isaac but ends up failing in the end.
  20. The Ubermorph is an interesting necromorph with a unique design and it is a lot like the Hunter from the first game as both are regenerative Necromorphs while the Hunter is killed directly as an objective with the Shuttle's engine the Ubermorph can be knocked into a fan using weapons like the Force Gun or Contact Beam.
  21. Tons of replay value especially with the Handcannon which is a foam finger gun unlocked by completing Hardcore in which the Handcannon has infinite ammunition and it one-shots every enemy in the game including the final boss and it easily dismembers the Ubermorph with ease. Overall it is the best weapon in the game.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. No secret message unlike the rest of the series.
  2. Despite Hardcore being a fun challenge it can be difficult since there are no checkpoints and considering there are 15 Chapters 3 saves are only possible so the best saves are in Chapter 6 before the fight with the Leapers and Pregnants, Chapter 10 in the Engineering Deck of the USG Ishumaura before you take the elevator to get to the Centrifuge, and Chapter 13 in the room before the Eye Poke Machine just in case Isaac dies from the machine you don't have to go all the way back.
  3. The boss fights can get too easy once you know the game more and also they're not as unique as its predecessor and its sequel.


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