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Dragon's Dogma

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"Take up arms, newly Arisen."
Protagonist: Savan (Prologue)
Custom Character (Main Story)
Genre: Role-Playing
Hack and Slash
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: May 22, 2012 (Original, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3)
April 23, 2013 (Dark Arisen, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3)
Microsoft Windows
January 15, 2016
Xbox One & PlayStation 4
October 3, 2017
Nintendo Switch
April 23, 2019
Game Engine: MT Framework
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Franchise: Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma is a 2012 action role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom, also known as "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" due the expansion pack rerelease and it's trusty later ports. The game features an open world fantasy setting, in addition to hack and slash gameplay elements.

Why It Rocks

  1. A large world with lots of things to explore, there's many dungeons and stages that can be accessed around in Gransys.
    • And there's tons of landmarks that you can find anywhere.
  2. You can customize your character with various models and styles in the Character Edit mode.
  3. Over 500+ different pieces of armors, weapons and outfits to equip it.
  4. Many different varieties of enemies around the world.
    • Pawns warn you that the southwest part of Gransys are the goblin territory, despite there's a high number of goblins and hobgoblins patrolling around the hills and forests, they are also lurking a fortress in Devilfire Grove because with the interaction of The Frontier Caverns in the cave tunnels.
    • Pawns also warn you that the Northface Forest, Windworn Valley and Barts Crags are lurked by snow harpies due to the cold weather in the mountians and high cliffs around the north.
  5. There are many different dragons to fight.
  6. The "Pawns" are sidekickers that follow you and help your journey, it is considered the biggest features in the game.
    • Unlike the protagonist, you can customize your main pawn.
    • The game features an Pawn knowledge system that affects your main pawn's combat and tactics.
      • Your main pawn gains knowledge by; damaging enemies with different tactics, discovering it's weaknesses and using the right elemental attributes.
    • The game has social networking features for your main pawn, that other online players could hire your pawn worldwide.
    • Sleeping on a inn, your main pawn will be automaticly updated, and other players will see your pawn walking around in the world, in the city or in the rift.
    • Your main pawn can be gifted and rated by other online players worldwide.
      • You can hire and gift other pawns too.
    • Not just one pawn on your party, but 3 pawns can be on your party.
  7. Gran Soren, the capital of Gransys. is a large city with over 200+ NPCs that can be interacted it and moves about according to their own schedules.
  8. You can grab any person, enemy or object, cling large enemies and use advanced attacks.
  9. Great and realistic graphics, wet places shines around you during in the dark with a lantern.
  10. Many items can be crafted with various other materials, resulting improved or rare versions of the combined items, which grant more HP, ST or doubling your stats for a limited time.
  11. The gameplay is fairly similar to The Elder Scrolls and Monster Hunter series.
  12. The game features 9 vocations with different sets, that you can choose your own style to give balance and support.
    • The Fighter uses a sword and a shield to able block the enemy's attacks.
    • The Strider uses daggers and a bow to able use quick attacks and shoot from distance away.
    • The Mage uses a staff to able cast healing magicks and various spells.
    • The Warrior uses a longsword to able use strong attacks.
    • The Ranger uses daggers and a longbow to able use long-ranged skills and shoot from great distance away.
    • The Sorcerer uses a archistaff to able cast powerful spells.
    • The Mystic Knight uses a sword or a mace, a magick shield and a staff to able use various attacks and spells.
    • The Assassin uses a sword, daggers, a bow and a shield to able use various attacks, like the Mystic Knight.
    • The Magick Archer uses daggers and a magick bow to able use quick attacks and shoot magick arrows.
  13. There are 35 total sidequests in the game that rewards rare items and unlock shops, dungeons and rooms.
  14. It has over 150+ notice board quests with many hours of content.
  15. The game was designed to be playable even by those who are not very skilled at action RPG games.
  16. The combat music has 3 versions depends the intensity and difficulty.
  17. Loads fast, even in the original.
  18. Large number of items including curatives, tools, materials and more.
  19. Great soundtrack.
    • It was composed by Inon Zur, the composer of Crysis, Fallout series, Dragon Age series. Tadayoshi Makino, Rei Kondoh and Masayoshi Ishi.
  20. Memorable pawn quotes like "Wolves hunt in packs!".
  21. The combat system is top-notch.
    • Amazing skills like, Arc of Deliverance, High Bolide, High Gicel, High Fulmination, High Seism, High Maelstrom, Dragon's Maw, Brain Splitter, Hailstorm Volley, Comet Shot, Lycean Sight, Masterfull Kill, Great Cannon, Great Gamble, Hunter Bolt, Magickal Radiance and many more.
  22. The Dark Arisen version is a big upgrade compared to the Original Vanilla.
  23. You can transfer your Original Vanilla save to the Dark Arisen version (If the game detects an save file on your Xbox 360/PS3 HDD or Memory Unit), you will be awarded an Eternal Ferrystone, many DLC clothes and 300.000 RC.
  24. Amazing sound effects direction that is very pleasing to the ear. Such as the longbow, daggers, spells, Double Vault and splat sound.
    • The game also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
  25. You can capture a screenshot in Photos/Share mode, it will save on your HDD and you can upload these photos to Pawn Community.
    • The Photos/Share mode got improved in the Dark Arisen version, now able to move and zoom the camera.
    • There are many tricks to make high quality screenshots, thanks to the MT Framework engine.
  26. The final battle agaisnt Grigori is epic and amazing.
  27. The Affinity system makes any NPC like and respect you if you treat well, but if you attack, grab or harass any NPC, he/she will dislike you and possibly become hostile (for the bandits), reaching the maximum affinity on any NPC, he/she will become your beloved one until the ending of the game.
    • Also reaching high affinity on merchants will give you discounts in their shop.
  28. There are many awesome quests such as:
    • A Rude Awakening
    • A Fortress Besieged
    • Griffin's Bane
    • Honor and Treachery
    • Deny Salvation
    • Final Judgement
  29. Beautiful and heartwarming credits scene and your character and main pawn appears in the book.
  30. The caves and dungeons of Gransys are very memorable and unique.
  31. After you beat the game, you select Load Game which has a "New Game+" function, which starts a new game from the beginning, without losing your character, main pawn, your beloved one or NPCs with high affinity, weapons, armor, items (like curatives, tools and materials), pawn rating, Ur-Dragon leaderboards and more, only the story progression and Bitterblack Isle will be reseted. Which helps very much to increase the replay value.
  32. It features a built-in Speedrun Mode, which helps very much to speedrunners or veteran players to speedrun the game and even better, you can get random rewards after beating the game in any time period.
  33. You will get the Set of Duke's Clothing as a reward after beating the game in Hard Mode.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the pawns are interesting to hear the quotes, they are extremely talkative, which might get annoying after a while. Thankfully, there's a option to silence them via using the Knowledge Chair or turning off the Pawn Chatter in the options.
  2. The Warrior vocation can only have 3 skills, despite the Mystic Knight and Magick Archer vocations having only 3 skills for the staff and for the shield or bow, the Mage and Sorcerer vocations only has one staff and 6 skills, the Warrior vocation can only have one weapon, only 3 skills with no defense or dodging skills, which can be very difficult to fight long-range attackers and fast encounters.
  3. The entrance of Vestad Hills from Manamia Trail is notorious for having bandits that are familiated with Maul's gang patrolling just right at the summit of the area (the Pawns also inform you before going to the area for taking obsoluted caution when travelling around serious areas that can encounter intensive battles), also they are really overpowered, which can be almost impossible to early starters and unwarned/careless beginners (even low-level veterans) to fight them and survive, but you can easily pass through them by running fast and sliding off the cliff to escape through the hills.
    • There's a quest early in the game after cutting the hydra's head that you need go to the Witchwood and is patrolled by bandits making the quest extremely hard and is important if you want unlock the south part of the Witchwood. Thankfully this quest is optional.
  4. Some enemies are too powerful to fight like, Garms, Corrupted Pawns, Ogres, Maul's Bandits, The Dragonkin, Direwolves, Saurians, ETC.
  5. The original dragon's dogma was not digital, this is bad if the disc gets scratched or console has a disc player problem. Thankfully this was fixed in Dark Arisen versions.
    • The demo versions of the original version were also digital.
  6. The online servers of the Xbox 360 version were shutdown on March 31, 2018. Aftermath, you cant anymore hire online pawns, upload your pawn in pawn community, update your pawn by resting in any inn or camp bed or fighting with online Ur-Dragon.
  7. The combat music fade-out sound is disturbingly creepy.


The game has been well received in Japan, where gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game an overall score of 34 out of 40, based on four reviewer scores of 8, 9, 8, and 9.

Famitsu gave it a "Hall of Fame: Gold" award, praising "the game’s variety in combat, the effectiveness of working together with Pawns, the exceptionally fun sidequests, and the uniqueness of each vocation."

In the Western world, Dragon's Dogma received generally positive reviews. Aggregating review website Metacritic gave the PlayStation 3 version 78/100, and the Xbox 360 version 75/100.

Pawn Community

The Pawn Community is a social media site for both Dragon's Dogma & Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen only for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions (Xbox 360 servers were shutdown in March 31, 2018. only the PS3 version still available), that you can upload screenshots of the game and your pawn, and also features an custom room creator named Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe and there's 5 rooms that you can edit, also completing quests in My Adobe will gain Treasure Points to unlock the rooms and gain various items to decorate your Adobe.

Screenshot Share Page

If you want to upload screenshots (As Capcom ID doesn't let you load the page in-game), click any of these links down below:

English Version
Japanese Version
French Version
Deutsch Version
Italian Version
Spanish Version

Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe

Also, this is how many TPs (Treasure Points) need to unlock the rooms.

Room 1: Available from start.

Room 2: 5000 TPs

Room 3: 10000 TPs

Room 4: 20000 TPs

Room 5: 40000 TPs

Note: Adobe discontinued the Adobe Flash Player. So it's now unplayable forever.



  • There's a glitch that you can clip through the walls by putting an wooden barrel and jump inside the barrel. This glitch also works in all versions of Dragon's Dogma, even the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
  • In 2013, a conference to Hideaki Itsuno, the director of Dragon's Dogma, presented a talk behind the scenes of the development of Dragon's Dogma in 2008, that was based in a part on an original undeveloped proposal made in 2000 which incorporated the pawn system idea, from 2008 the game was developed under the working title: BBS RPG.
    • Also inside the game files, there's a file named bbs_rpg.arc, showcasing the game's codename and for the long development through the years.
    • Originally, Gransys was intended to be an island rather than a peninsula, many locations were scrapped like the Moon and the Endless Tower (which is a earlier version of everfall).
  • Dragon's Dogma also gained an anime adaptation on Netflix.
  • Before the release of Capcom ID, the Pawn Community website used Capcom Account system.
  • (Found by AlvaroNovaes-BR) In the demo version of the original Dragon's Dogma, it's still possible to use the Barrel glitch to clip through the invisible barriers of the game, but to do this, you have to kill your pawns in a long cliff by throwing high as possible until they die (Beware! do not let the mage heal the pawns and sometimes a Griffin will appear and it will ruin the process, unless you reset the quest), after that, go to the lake, find two barrels that can be grabbed, then put the 1st barrel close to the invisible barrier, then grab the 2nd barrel, then grab again the 1st barrel and put down again and grab the 2nd barrel quickly before the 1st barrel becomes solid, then go inside the 1st barrel (Must in the center of the barrel and enclosed to the invisible barrier), jump a few times until you hear a wood noise, then the player will clip to the forward, then you have freedom to explore the limits of the game (be careful to not enter again into the invisible barriers), to say afterall, in the outside limits, it's truly very broken, compared to the retail release and the Dark Arisen versions, if you enter Deos Hills, going east, going west or going south, the game will freeze, because it doesn't have map data to load in, if you touch the Gran Soren's entrance door, the game will freeze too and if you enter The Catacombs' metal gate or the wood panel, the game loads the stage and it will crash, as you expect to be a demo, Estan Plains will be the only area that can explorable in the demo version of the game, the demo version weighs 1.7GB and retail/original vanilla weighs 7.9GB.




2 months ago
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I played the original demo and adventure demo since early 2014, then i bought the original vanilla/full game in 09/26/2014, then i bought the Dark Arisen version in 2016 and it's one of my favorite games of all time.


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Capcom's Skyrim

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