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Dynamite Headdy

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Dynamite Headdy
"Yes!" - Headdy
Protagonist(s): Headdy
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Game Gear
Sega 32X (cancelled)
Release: August 5, 1994
Developer(s): Treasure
Publisher(s): Sega
Tectoy (Brazil)

Dynamite Headdy is a platform video game developed by Treasure and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis in 1994. It is Treasure's third game.

Why It Cannot Believe It

  1. Simple but incredible gameplay, since you control Headdy and you can change each head with a box that shows you, even the game has many secrets that you can find, especially Bino.
  2. Like Bionic Commando, Headdy can grab onto platforms and kill enemies with his head, which flies away from his body and flies back like a boomerang, in fact, he has a boomerang on the back of his head.
  3. Very fluid and responsive controls.
  4. Very nice, stunning and colorful graphics and backgrounds.
  5. Headdy's design is unique and imaginative, since despite being a puppet, he is very similar to Rayman that he takes as inspiration.
  6. After finishing the first boss, there are 3 tutorials where you can easily learn to play the game, which is kinda cool.
  7. The difficulty of the game is not so unfair, so it's a perfect game to play for casual players.
  8. The bosses and mini bosses are quite impressive, especially the King Dark Demon.
  9. Great soundtrack that is catchy or weird in a decent way.
  10. The game has a good replay value for a Sega published game.
  11. There are 2 different versions:
    • The Japanese version, Trouble Bruin its name was changed to Maruyama, the enemies have different colors, Before fighting with the bosses there are dialogues and the titles of the levels are different and In the "Terminate her too" level you fight with a mini boss since is a female robot.
    • The American version, in the bosses there are no dialogues, when you finish a boss they applaud you and the level mentioning before, the robot is no longer female, it is just a robot.
  12. There is a secret boss level where you can fight the millionaire boss!

Bad Qualities

  1. At the "Toys N The Hood" level, the mini bosses are unimaginably easy.
  2. After finishing "Mad Mechs 2", in the level "HeatherNapped" there is absolutely nothing and not a boss, only Bino.
  3. Speaking of which there is nothing, in the boss level "Stair Wars", Trouble Bruin can be very frustrating because you have to fight going up in the tower.
  4. In the "Headdy Wonderland" Level, although the American design is not bad, the design of the Japan version is macabre, unlovely, and uncanny, and it can be disturbing for some young players, though executable since after all, it IS a Japanese game.


  • Dynamite Headdy was also planned to be released on the 32X, but cancelled due to the add-on's low popularity.



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