Earthworm Jim 2

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Earthworm Jim 2
Jim's back, and a groovy sequel it is!
Genre: Platform
Platforms: Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Saturn
Sony PlayStation
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Wii
Release Date: November 15, 1995
Developer: Shiny Entertainment (Genesis and SNES version)
Screaming Pink, Inc. (Saturn and PlayStation version)
Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Franchise: Earthworm Jim
Previous Game: Earthworm Jim
Next Game: Earthworm Jim 3D

Earthworm Jim 2 is a run and gun platform video game starring an earthworm named Jim in a robotic suit who battles evil. It is a sequel to the original Earthworm Jim, and the second and final game in the Earthworm Jim series developed by original creators Doug TenNapel, David Perry, and Shiny Entertainment. It was released in late 1995 and early 1996 depending on region and video game console, initially being released for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, before being ported to other consoles.

Why It Rocks

  1. The game has the same style of keeping the appeal of a consistent tone with the over-the-top insanity of the level design, crazy characters & silly game mechanics and great humor along with keeping the same direction of the visuals from the first game and giving it more styles of levels in a varied way like a isometric styled level where Jim is flying in a level, some new locations, and more wacky & cartoony levels as examples of variety.
  2. And speaking of adding variety, there was definitely more variety to the humor with making this game more lighthearted and funnier than the first game, some of parts to the presentation like the logo intro (the Genesis & SNES ones as examples), the ending and the level completion screen that have the cows say well done are presented in a cartoony & humorous way.
  3. While the cow isn't used as a running gag here, you get to hold onto one as a part of the level "Udderly Abducted", making a change of pace for new jokes overall than using the same gag.
  4. Just like the first game, it has a satisfyingly humorous completion screen and this time you get to repeat the same dialouge in different pitches as another way to interact with the completion screen.
  5. The game has more variety than ever before, such as with the levels; having different gameplay genres while mixing it with the run & gun gameplay from the first game.
  6. Speaking of the levels, the level design is very creative & lively enough to the point that they are fun to play (especially the SNES version giving life to the backgrounds).
  7. The missions are off-the-wall and hilarious.
  8. Jim has several new weapons to use, and a new buddy named Snott being used as a back swing and parachute.
  9. The Puppy Love levels are engaging to play, and are miles better than Andy Asteroids with having more characters to interact with like Peter Puppy in those Puppy Love levels as one example.
  10. Speaking of Peter Puppy, you don't have to deal with the same frustration with him at all since Peter helps you out in those aforementioned Puppy Love levels as a example that shows how cooperative he is compared to the first game being happily oblivious and quite the total opposite.
  11. And speaking of a level with the antagonist Psycrow, in the level "See Jim Run, See Jim Run" you get to race with Psycrow on foot for the ending.
  12. And it is an hilarious, amusing & ludicrous twist ending with a storytelling screen to present the ending to the game.
  13. Jim's animations are improved from the first game by containing an upgrade to the lively animation from the first game like Jim's face on the live counter and his idle animation for example with giving this game a lot of charm in it.
  14. Awesome & catchy soundtrack, especially in the Sega Saturn version.
  15. The box art is given a more varied, exciting, cartoony & polished art direction while keeping the familiar Earthworm Jim style.
  16. "Well Done!"

Bad Qualities

  1. The GBA version is truly an awful port.
  2. While a great sequel, some parts about this game like how much the added variety and several improvements that were in here like the title cards & some decent levels that give you more challenges as some examples, it all can make this game not as memorable or a enjoyable mixed-bag as the first one.
  3. While being able to interact the well done completion screen with varying speeds is as fun as the first game with Earthworm Jim saying Groovy, it may sound sort of irritating with the pitches going higher.


  1. After the cartoon was cancelled this game had elements from that show appear here when this game came out.




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I loved the ending of this game, everything was pretty alright!

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