Fable II

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Fable II
Will you be a hero or a villain, for the second time?
Genre: Action
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: 21 October, 2008
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Fable
Previous Game: Fable
Next Game: Fable 3

Fable II is the sequel to the original Fable. It was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2008 worldwide. It was developed by Lionshead Studios and published by Microsoft.


500 years after the original game, Albion has gone through an Age of Enlightenment. After Rose is murdered by Lord Lucien, the Hero of Bowerstone seeks revenge by learning of Lucien's plot to recreate the Spire, a tower capable of gathering all the Will in the world and be granted a single wish. Although some believe Lucien wants to use the wish to resurrect his dead family, it becomes clear that Lucien intends to become a god and remake the world. The Hero of Bowerstone must gather three Heroes, representing the three Hero traits, Strength, Skill, and Will to find a way to stop Lucien from fulfilling his dark desires.

Why It Rocks

  1. The Hero of Bowerstone can be either male or female.
  2. Unlike the first game, money is obtained from jobs rather than quests. Money can also be stolen.
  3. The morality system returns from the first game and is improved upon. While Heroism and Evil are affected by your deeds, there is now also Purity and Corruption. Purity and Corruption are determined by the food you eat and how much money you charge from businesses and real estate. Unlike Heroism and Evil, Purity and Corruption does not affect how NPCs react to you.
  4. The Hero of Bowerstone's dog is a great ally and assists the player in battle and can locate treasure and dig spots.
  5. Numerous sidequests.
  6. The breadcrumb trails tells you where to go so you don't get lost, and helps you with exploration.
  7. The Hero of Bowerstone is able to buy houses to rent out and buy businesses. Players will receive gold every five minutes of game time. Pausing the game will not affect the flow of income.
  8. While it is impossible to die in the game, everytime the Hero of Bowerstone falls in battle a scar is left that affect his or her appearance, so staying alive is still a good idea.
  9. In addition to battling enemies, there are potions that give experience points for each trait and even general experience.
  10. As in the last game, leveling up affects the Hero's appearance, making him or her more muscular for each increase in strength, taller for skill, and Will lines for Will.

Bad Qualities

  1. A somewhat disappointing ending.
  2. Lucien is a unlikeable villain. Even, his boss fight is TERRIBLE. (Many fans have considered it to be one of the WORST final bosses in gaming history.)
  3. Bad inventory system. At least it’s better than the Fable 3’s Sanctuary.
  4. Empty Crates.
  5. Dumb NPC interactions.


Fable II was the game of the Year for 2008 allowing a Game of the Year Edition to be released featuring the DLC.

Fable II has a 4.08 rating on GameFAQs.




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