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Final Fantasy X



Listen to my story.
Genre: Role-Playing
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: JP: July 19, 2001
NA: December 17, 2001
AU: May 17, 2002
EU: May 24, 2002
Developer: SquareSoft
Publisher: SquareSoft
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Final Fantasy
Previous Game: Final Fantasy IX
Next Game: Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X is the tenth mainstream Final Fantasy game in the franchise. It was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2. It was developed by Square and published by Square for Japan and North America and Sony Computer Entertainment for Australia and Europe. In 2014, an HD port of the game was rereleased for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita, and a PlayStation 4 port was released in 2015.


Tidus, a young Blitzball player who lives in the futuristic city of Zanarkand who, while at a Blitzball tournament, encounters the giant sea monster Sin and is flung to Spira seemingly a thousand years into the future. He joins with and eventually falls in love with a young summoner named Yuna and joins her and her guardians on a pilgrimage to the temples of Yevon and acquiring Aeons, which will help her train to obtain the Final Aeon which can destroy Sin. But along their journey, the group learns about the corruption of Yevon, the truth of the Final Aeon, and Tidus' connection to Sin.

Why It Rocks

  1. First game in the Final Fantasy series to feature voice acting.
  2. Immense landscape.
  3. Well written story.
  4. Proper character development, shown most with Tidus, who at the beginning, just wanted to go back home but near the end becomes a selfless hero willing to sacrifice himself for Spira and Yuna.
  5. This game, along with it's direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, was also rereleased on a HD remaster for the current generation of consoles.
  6. Nearly every main character has an attack most useful on certain enemies:
    • Tidus can use his quick attacks to easily defeat nimble enemies.
    • Wakka can use his Blitzball to attack airborne enemies and infuse his Blitzball with status changing effects like Bindness.
    • Kimahri can steal the abilities of fiends with Lancet.
    • Lulu can use her Black Magic on enemies susceptible to certain elements.
    • Auron can pierce heavily armored enemies and defeat them with ease.
    • Riku can steal from enemies and stealing can dismantle machina.
    • Yuna can use white magic to heal her guardians and can summon Aeons to help against stronger enemies.
  7. Playing Blitzball can help get the party some useful items.
  8. The party members you can recruit for Blitzball each have different stats that can be upgraded by experience points, which are obtained by playing the character.
  9. Fighting created monsters in the Coliseum can grant the party special spheres to upgrade specific stats and get some powerful items.
  10. Many of the monsters in the Monster Coliseum are also super-bosses.
  11. As you progress in the game, you obtain the ability to customize weapons and armor.
  12. Hidden throughout the game are Al Bhed Primers. Collect all 26 to learn the Al Bhed language.
  13. The Cloister of Trials in each Temple of Yevon require puzzle solving.
  14. Hidden Aeons to obtain that are stronger than Bahamut. You can even obtain Seymour's Aeon, Anima.
  15. The HD remakes use the international version allowing North American gamers to fight the Dark Aeon Super-Bosses. Defeating them all will allow gamers to fight Penance, the most powerful Super-Boss in all of Final Fantasy.
  16. Awesome music (though not done completely by Nobuo Uematsu).
  17. The game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII.
  18. The HD remake of the game was entirely rebuilt rather than updated graphics.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unskippable cutscenes
  2. No option to switch to Japanese voices.
  3. The PS2 PAL Version has a lower framerate than the NA/JP versions and has black borders.
  4. The English voice acting is a hit-or-miss.
  5. Tidus can be annoying & unlikable sometimes.
  6. Final Fantasy X features some of the most infamous side-quests in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Many of these side-quests are unfortunately required to be beaten in order to obtain the components to upgrade the Celestial Weapons: the most powerful weapons in the game which are needed to beat Penance and the Dark Aeons. Some of them require gamers to dodge an outrageous 200 Lightning Bolts in the Thunder Plains without missing one, touching every Blue Butterfly in the Macalania before the timer run outs, capturing one monster from every area to unlock Area Conquests, etc.
  7. The HD Remaster of Final Fantasy X/X-2 has been heavily criticized for its jarring texture models (especially on NPCs), faces lacking expression in many cutscenes (especially Yuna's and Tidus's new faces), no gameplay improvements aside from the International versions' content, and the remastered soundtrack has been slammed for ruining some of Nobuo Uematsu's best work. Square Enix at least try to remedied this by fixing the texture issues and including an option to switch to the original soundtrack in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Versions.
    • The audio drama include in the remaster, Final Fantasy X -Will-, has universally been panned by fans of the series, saying that it makes the entire events of X and X-2 moot, Tidus and Yuna being completely out of character, and the whole story feeling like a poorly-written fan fiction. Because of these controversial changes, many fans pretend the audio drama never happened.


Final Fantasy X is the eight best selling game on the PlayStation 2 and one of the best selling RPGs of all time. The PlayStation 2 version has a rating of 4.38 on GameFAQs, the HD remake on the PlayStation Vita has a 4.40 rating on GameFAQs, the PlayStation 3 version has a rating of 4.57 rating on GameFAQs, and the PlayStation 4 version has a rating of 4.37 on GameFAQs.

Game Tips

  • When you have Clear Spheres, use them on the weaker stat spheres in the Sphere Grid and replace them with the superior 4+ Stat Spheres you get from the Monster Arenas (HP Spheres are 300+ and MP are 40+). Clear Spheres can only be purchased by the Monster Arena owner if the player unlocks the Original monster, Ultima Buster.
  • With the exception of Luck Spheres, the enemies that drop the stat spheres are found in the Species Group of the Monster Arena. The following enemies drop these spheres:
  1. Fenrir: Agility Spheres
  2. Pteryx: Evasion Spheres
  3. Hornet: Accuracy Spheres
  4. Vidatu: MP Spheres
  5. One-Eye: Magic Defense Spheres
  6. Jumbo Flan: Magic Spheres
  7. Tanket: Defense Sphere
  8. Juggernaut: Strength Sphere
  9. Ironclad: HP Sphere
  • Luck Spheres are obtained by fight the Original monster, Greater Sphere, and Fortune Spheres are obtained by defeating the Original monster, Earth Eater.


  • Alexander O Smith the localization director admitted to the infamous laughing scene to be intentionally ridiculous but funny. A sentiment shared by Tidus' voice actor James Arnold Taylor.


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