Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy XV

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A Final Fantasy for fans and newcomers.
Protagonist: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Genre: Open World
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Google Stadia
Release Date: PlayStation 4 & Xbox One:
November 29, 2016
Microsoft Windows:
March 6, 2018
Google Stadia:
November 19, 2019 (launch title)
Developer: Square Enix Business Division 2
Publisher: Square Enix
Franchise: Final Fantasy
Previous Game: Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XV, originally called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, is the fifteenth installment in the main Final Fantasy series and a former entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy sub-series.

Why It Rocks

  1. Incredibly beautiful and breath-taking graphics.
  2. Fantastic soundtrack (Hellfire for example),
  3. Fun combat.
  4. The game fixes and improves upon many of the mistakes made on the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.
  5. Many likeable characters.
  6. A vast open world which is by far the biggest and best looking seen on a Final Fantasy game.
  7. Tons of challenging, fun, epic and amazing boss battles.
  8. Engrossing and decent story.
  9. Satisfyingly great and emotional ending.
  10. Ardyn, the game's antagonist, is considered to be one of the best villains in the series.
  11. Solid voice acting, especially the voice actors for Noctis and Gladiolus.
  12. Tons of replay value.
  13. Many cheesy light-hearted moments that are done right.
  14. The first half of the game is open-world and enables players to take on a variety of side-quests, explore, and play mini-games.
  15. Lots of unlockables and secrets.
  16. A lot of post-game content can be unlocked once the game is finished.
  17. Despite being played in chapters, many areas can be revisited for recreation.
  18. The game´s huge world can explored with the party's car, the Regalia. Chocobos can also be used to navigate as well.
  19. A huge plethora of classic and new Final Fantasy monsters.
  20. The game supports the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's social media functions allowing players to share screenshots and video clips.
  21. Players can destroy parts of some foes' bodies, temporarily debilitating them.
  22. Enemies are engaged in combat once they are approached, similar to Final Fantasy XII.
  23. The game features a New Game plus similar to Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy Type-0.
  24. The game's DLCs are great.
  25. The game somehow got free content and some events such as the Assassin's Festival, a nice treat for Assassin's Creed fans (which is a promotion of Assassin's Creed Origins).

Bad Qualities

  1. The game is played via chapters, which made the game linear, and was also met with a mixed reaction from gamers and fans alike.
  2. The story is almost non-existent for the first half of the game.
  3. Major holes in the story with little to no explanation given such as Gladiolus leaving the party in Chapter 6 and coming back in Chapter 8 with scars from his recent battle against the Blademaster, Ignis's blindness from his attainment in Altissia after Chapter 9 making him blind, Prompto's background as a MT Soldier in Chapter 13 in spite of the game not providing even a single hint at his origins, and Ardyn's backstory on how he became immortal. The DLC Episodes that were released afterwards explain these holes but gamers have to pay money to see it.
    • While the DLC Episodes have been well-received, Gladiolus's episode is often considered by many to be the weakest out of all them, due to the titular character having barely any development to his character and the fact the episode focused more on Cor's backstory than Gladio's.
  4. Due to the game's creative director leaving the development team, Square Enix cancelled three-fourths of the Dawn of the Future DLC episodes which would've centered around Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis and likely tie up loose ends in the game's mishmash story. Reception to this has been overwhelmingly negative as many fans were looking forward to playing the episodes, especially Lunafreya's. Even worse, the cancellation completely came out of nowhere and even stunned developers as development was actually going smoothly and majority of the voice lines for the episodes had been recorded. The cancelled DLC storylines for the episodes were repurposed into a novel however.
  5. Choppy framerate on the original models of the PS4 and Xbox One, and even in the PS4 Pro in 4K and Lite mode. This is fixed on the Xbox One X (which has a solid framerate at all resolutions) and the PC version. Even better, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are able to maintain a solid 60fps in performance mode on both consoles.
    • Despite providing superior graphics, official mod support, and supporting framerate up to 120fps, the PC Version requires very demanding specs to run the game on a smooth framerate.
  6. Altissia and Niflheim have areas (i.e Cartanica, Ravettrice, Tenebrae, etc) that were obviously meant to be explorable by the player. Leaks about the game's troubling development confirmed they were meant to be explorable but due to the deadline Square Enix impose on the game for a 2016 release, the developers were force to cut them out.
  7. The infamous Chapter 13, one of the most controversial levels in the Final Fantasy series (thankfully in March 2017, the level was mostly addressed).
  8. Pointless dialogue choices except in the end of the Episode Ignis DLC.


  • Verum Rex is based off Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Tetsuya Nomura stated that there is a connection between Noctis and Sora.




Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
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other problems with the game is that gladio doesnt receive much development for a main character, and his dlc is extremely barebones and short, as its first of the 4 character specific dlcs. They all improve after that.

Episode ardyn is also short, but it reuses assets that are already in the game yet is almost double the price of every other character dlc. His gameplay and backstory is pretty good, although he killed both FF15 and Dissidia nt's development after he was released.

It's a great game to stream, which was a double handed compliment upon release. The load times were ass (and kind of still are0 unless you have it on an external hard drive) actually driving the car was sometimes better than fast traveling.

The Luminous engine is pretty looking, the character models and particles look good, but is atrociously optimized, and leads to long load times and random frame drops out of no where often, but usually in mid battle when the game loads to character swap.

Despite the issues of having too much multimedia, and Comrades being dead on release, it was still an enjoyable experience. If only it wasnt rushed...

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