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Who would have thought that three fingers and one thumb is all you'll need to save the world.
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Nintendo 64
Sony PlayStation
Release Date: Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows
NA: November 16, 1998
EU: November 24, 1998

NA: November 30, 1999
EU: October 4, 1999
Developer: Interactive studios
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Glover is a 3D platform game developed by Interactive Studios (later went under the name of Blitz Games) and published by Hasbro Interactive in 1998 for the Nintendo 64 and PC, and in 1999 for the PlayStation under the Atari Interactive banner.


A wizard rules a kingdom through his castle. He makes potions with the help of 2 magical gloves. One day, he mixes the wrong potions, making the gloves fly off, one flying out the window and the other into the potion, this also turns the wizard into a statue. The glove that fell out the window is named Glover, and after finding out the green crystals started to fall, he turns them into bouncy balls and all of them land in the different worlds. The other glove in the potion, was Glover's brother, turned into an evil glove named Cross-Stitch, and he wants to stop Glover.

Why It Rocks

  1. Unique levels require the usage of the different forms of balls that Glover can use.
  2. The balls can turn into different forms thanks to Glover being magical. The ball forms are a regular Bouncy Ball, a Bowling Ball, a Ball Bearing and the castle's crystal.
  3. Well designed environments.
  4. Good sound effects.
  5. Glover is a unique character himself, being a plain old glove, who is somehow magical.
  6. Good music (the PC version has more remixed music, which sounds just as good).
  7. Another well made 3D platformer on the Nintendo 64.
  8. Glover's voice.

Bad Qualities

  1. Paper thin plot.
  2. Hard to control sometimes.
  3. Uninspired boss fights.
  4. Glover's annoying scream, when the Ball is destroyed.
  5. The PlayStation version was inferior to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


  • There was originally meant to be a sequel and was ~60% complete, but got cancelled for unknown reasons. The earlier prototype can be downloaded here, while the later one can be downloaded here.


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