God of War (2005)

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God of War (2005)




"Know his name, know his shame will last forever..."
Platforms: PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation Vita
Release Date: March 22, 2005
Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Previous Game: God of War: Chains of Olympus (Chronological)
Next Game: God of War 2 (Release)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Chronological)

Not to be confused with the 2018 game of the same name.

God of War is a hack n' slash game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2005.


The game is loosely based on Greek mythology, set in ancient Greece, and it is about a Spartan warrior named Kratos, who serves the Olympian Gods and has to kill the God Of War Ares, who tricked him into killing his wife and daughter.

Why It Rocks

  1. Introduces Kratos; one of the most badass and tragic characters in gaming.
  2. Awesome and addicting hack and slash combat.
  3. Amazing graphics for its time.
  4. Interesting story where a former Spartan warrior, Kratos, is seeking revenge on the god of war, Ares, after he tricked Kratos into killing his own family.
  5. Epic and huge bosses to defeat.
  6. Great soundtrack.
  7. You get to battle many Greek mythological creatures such as Medusas, Harpies, and fearsome Minotaurs.
  8. Equip and use magic abilities.
  9. The game makes great use of QTEs mainly when fighting bosses and certain enemies.
  10. The takedowns are brutal.
  11. Great voice acting especially from Terrence C. Carson as Kratos.
  12. You can unlock bonus costumes for Kratos, behind-the-scenes videos, and concept art of the characters and environments.
  13. When the game is completed, a challenge mode called the Challenge of the Gods is unlocked; which requires players to complete a series of specific and difficult tasks.
  14. The hardest God difficulty which is unlocked by beating the game. It's recommended for skilled players.
  15. The second phase of the final boss has Kratos travel to a nightmare sequence where Kratos has to fight doppelgangers of himself while trying to protect his family. If that wasn't sad enough, when his family loses some health the player can press the "O" button (which had been used to commit gory takedowns on stunned enemies) and Kratos will hug his family, giving his health to them.

Bad Qualities

  1. The final boss suddenly introduces a new weapon with a new set of abilities, going against the idea of a final boss being a test of the skills you have honed throughout the game.
  2. This game has very few boss battles compared to later entries.
  3. The puzzles and platforming in some places can be really annoying especially in the Underworld level.
  4. The infamous Underworld level which is filled with frustrating sections most of the time.
  5. No New Game+; you can't save your upgraded weapons for a future New Game.
  6. Challenge of the Gods can be really hard, especially since you have to beat them all in one playthrough.


God of War was critically acclaimed and has been highly regarded for its graphics, sound, presentation, and story, in addition to its gameplay.

God of War sold more than 4.6 million copies worldwide, making it the eleventh best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time. Regarded as one of the best action-adventure games for the platform, it won several "Game of the Year" awards.



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