Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

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Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec



"I think we're gonna make it, I think we're gonna save it. (Yeah) So don't you try and fake it. Anymore, anymore." (Feeder - Buck Rogers)
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: April 28, 2001
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Franchise: Gran Turismo
Previous Game: Gran Turismo 2
Next Game: Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is a 2001 racing game, the first in the Gran Turismo series released for the PlayStation 2. During its demonstration at E3 2000 and E3 2001 the game's working title was Gran Turismo 2000. The game was a critical and commercial success and went on to become one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Why It Rocks

  1. The graphics have vastly improved from it's prequels, thanks in part to the new hardware.
  2. The gameplay is superb. (undetailed)
  3. Porsche and Lamborghini had unofficial releases on the series while other cars manufacturers such as Pagani, Panoz and Gillet finally make their debut.
  4. GT Mode has tons of races to participate in, including Endurance Races, Rally Mode, one-make races, etc.
  5. Handling feels tight and responsive, depending on the car used; racing cars have tighter handling, heavier cars (like the Shelby Cobra) are more difficult to turn.
  6. Arcade Mode, Time Trial, and GT Mode all contribute to 100% completion, so there is plenty of content to play to finish the game.
  7. Faster and more powerful cars provide a good sense of speed of the high speed tracks.
  8. Awesome soundtrack, while the PAL release is more Electronic focused featuring "Supermoves" by Overseer, 3 songs from Feeder ("Buck Rogers", "7 Days in the Sun", and a remix of "Just a Day") and "Sober (Saint US Mix)" by Muse.
  9. The in-game economy is solid enough to allow the player to easily obtain every purchasable car in the game without grinding (if you like car collecting). Plus the small car roster makes car collecting fairly easy.
  10. The infamous 2147483647 km/h glitch is very hilarious!!!
  11. From this game and onwards you can save the game in middle for a championship event which you can use for restart a round race if the aforementioned race you lose or simply you're tired.
  12. Some cars are hidden from players until they are won from events, like the road versions of the Nissan R390 GT1, Toyota GT-One TS020, and the Ford GT40, and many others. This adds an element of surprise, since these cars aren't on show at the Car Dealerships.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to the limitations of the PS2 that time, the car list was vastly reduced to just 160+ cars compared to GT2's 650. Not only that, some cars such as the Lancia Stratos can only be accessed via Gameshark and not through the normal means of the game.
  2. Several Professional League events like Elise Trophy, Italian Avant Garde and the infamous Vitz/Yaris Race, are balls-to-the-Wall hard, and are often the final roadblocks stopping players from getting 100%. Also the S Licenses are extremely difficult to pass at least Bronze and the Time Trials are difficult to obtain gold.
  3. If your save data is corrupted, you must format both Memory Cards PS2 in order to save the game because you can't delete it and also it displays "File size ? kbytes". Worse still, if this occurs while you are playing WipEout Pulse and the save data of the said game is corrupted, the save data of this game along with your other previously saved games are corrupted too even it doesn't display "Damaged data". What it does have to do with a racing-sim game?!
    • The reason is because both WipEout and Gran Turismo are PlayStation exclusive games as well as Jak X: Combat Racing meaning that if said game or any PlayStation exclusive franchise such as Twisted Metal or God of War are corrupted, this game became corrupted too as well.
  4. While the ability to save mid-championship to great to have, you can't actually leave the championship itself to buy upgrades, new tyres, or visit GT Auto. The next game in the series remedies this.
  5. There are some inaccuracies regarding car performance; one egregious example is the Pagani Zonda C12S, which has a top speed of 208mph (334.7km/h) in real life. In this game however, it can only do 152mph. Like the previous point, this was corrected in its successor.

Tips how to prevent corruption of the game

  • Simply do not remove Memory Card, controller or reset/turn off the console while saving as well if you are playing any other Gran Turismo game or any PlayStation exclusive franchise.
  • Have a Memory Card backup with the game not corrupted if the one gets corrupted and then copy all of your saved games into other Memory Card before formatting.

Gameplay Tips

  • If you manage to complete all 10 Time Trials with a gold medal before starting GT mode, you can win the 1998 Panoz Esperante GTR-1 right off the bat.
  • Get all of your Licenses before starting race events; doing this will give you immediate access to all events (even if you don't have cars suitable for each event).
  • For the infamous Vitz/Yaris race in the Professional League, you can overcome the difficulty with a particular setup, courtesy of GTVault user Fumes. Check to out for yourselves here.
  • Some Amateur League events, every Professional League event, and the Endurance Races all have Tyre Damage active. Make sure you have credits leftover for Racing grade tyres; these not only have superior grip and endurance (depending on their hardness), but they bolster the car's handling as well. These are key to remaining competitive in the upper ranks.
  • If you have your International A grade license, it is possible to obtain a Formula 1 style car almost immediately; you can obtain a Mazda MX-5 1800 RS from getting all golds in the B grade license tests, and then entering the Apricot Hill Raceway Endurance Race (which is exclusively for Mazda MX-5 models) for a 25% chance of winning this F1 style car.


Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec went on to receive universal acclaim, holding a 94/100 on Metacritic, and is the PlayStation 2's second best selling game behind Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, selling 14.89 millions copies worldwide.




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Would you rather?

A new sporty car

Escudo Pikes Peak that can reach 2147483647 Km/h


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I'm currently playing this game and I'm never good at the License Tests because I'm more used to arcade-y racing games.

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