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Gran Turismo 7

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Gran Turismo 7
GT7 Poster.jpg
Find your line.
Protagonist(s): PSN named racer
Genre(s): Racing
Rating(s): ESRB: E
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
PlayStation 5
Release: March 4, 2022
Developer(s): Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s): Sony Interactive Entertainment
Country: Japan
Series: Gran Turismo
Predecessor: Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo 7 (commonly abbreviated as GT7) is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the eighth major release, the fourteenth game overall in the Gran Turismo video game series, the second game to be released on the PlayStation 4 and the first on PlayStation 5. The game was released on the 4th of March 2022, on both consoles.

Good Qualities

  1. Like every entry of the Gran Turismo series, a manufacturer makes an official début in this game. In this case, Jeep, BAC, Genesis, and Radical made an official debut in this game.
  2. Some fan-favorite tracks like High Speed Ring, Trial Mountain, and Deep Forest are back with cool redesigns.
  3. The livery editor is improved over GT Sport. Now you can put liveries in the windows. Also, the player can download liveries made directly by people without needing to use a computer in hand like in the Forza franchise which can be useful to recreate liveries based on racing modifications and race cars from past Gran Turismo series such as the JGTC GT300 Toyota Weds Sport Celica GT (ST205) '99, the JGTC Nissan Xanavi/Daishin Silvia (S15) '99, the Audi TT LM Edition, the Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) LM Race Car as well liveries based on TV shows and movies like Fast and Furious or the Mr. Bean's Mini Cooper also as well recreating cars from the Need For Speed series such as the Eddie's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 from Need for Speed: Underground, Rachel Teller's Nissan 350Z (Z33) from Need for Speed: Underground 2 the iconic BMW M3 GTR E46 from Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005), Ray Krieger's BMW M3 E92 and Aki Kimura's Mazda RX-7 FD3S from Need for Speed: ProStreet or even KuruHS' Volkswagen Golf GTI with the BMW M3 GTR livery from Need for Speed Most Wanted: Pepega Edition.
  4. For the first time in the series, it has a storyline in form of GT Café where the player must complete a collection of certain cars, win in championships, completing both the first License and Mission Challenge, claiming a victory in a One-Lap Attack of Dragon Trail - Gardens, tuning certain cars like tuning a Mini Cooper S '65 to the point that it reaches 360 PP, applying a custom spoiler, having widebody American car and upgrading a Porsche to 600-650 PP as well as miscellaneous tasks like taking a photo in Scapes mode and washing a car in GT Auto.
    • The GT Café itself, the place looks very cool and relaxing resembling a real-life cafeteria.
    • Update 1.15 starts to add additional GT Café books in where the player must win a series of events. The first ones added in the update are Lightweight K-Cup, Vision Gran Turismo Trophy and Gr.1 Prototype Series. Those additional GT Café menu books can be unlocked after completing the final main menu book number 39 by placing the top three in World GT Series and reaching such Car Collector level (in this case both Lightweight K-Cup and Vision Gran Turismo Trophy can be unlocked in Car Collector level 20 and the Gr.1 Prototype Series can be unlocked in Car Collector level 30). Future updates would add even more menu books.
    • Update 1.17 starts to feature "Extra Menus" which is a separate feature of Menu Books in where the player must complete a collection of cars by etiher winning or purchasing cars. Like the menu books, this feature is only available after completing the final Menu Book 39, watched the ending and reaching certain Car Collector Level.
      • There was a useful glitch in where the player could get unlimited 4-6 roulette tickets by just clicking the Toyota 86 collection (which rewards the player a 4 star roulette ticket) and the Rotary Engine collection (which rewards the player a 6 star roulette ticket with only engine swaps). The player could even farm credits without even doing the races mentioned below in GQ #7 if the 4 star roulette ticket lands on a stack of ingots. [1] However this glitch is patched as for update 1.18.
    • Also due to the game being focused on storyline, this is the first time in the series in introducing characters that are used as a guide of the player and some of them give information about the vehicles.
      • Sarah: She's the main guide character of the game.
      • Martin: He gives the information about cars in the Brand Central dealership.
      • Andi: He gives the information about cars in the Used Car dealership.
      • McKeel Hagerty: He gives the information about cars in the Legend Car dealership.
      • Rupert: He gives the information about car parts.
      • Daniel Solis: He is the host of National B License.
      • Coque López: He is the host of National A License.
      • Igor Fraga: He is the host of International B License.
      • Mikail Hizal: He is the host of International A License.
      • Takuma Miyazono: He is the host of Super License.
      • Luca: The host of GT Café which he guides the player to do in the Menu Books. Also whenever the player completes the car collections, he gives a story and information about the cars of the collection.
      • Olivier: The guide and photographer of Scapes.
    • Unlike Gran Turismo 5 6 and Sport in where the player faces with invented opponent names, Polyphony take the decision to let the players face with real-life FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championship competitors as opponents such as Adam Suswillo, Lucas Ordóñez, Simon Bishop, Fabian Portilla, etc:. including the License hosts.
  5. The ending is emotionally amazing with the characters including Sarah and the FIA GTC drivers congratulate the player.
  6. Mission Challenges has a variety like The Pass, Slipstream (in where the player must reach a certain speed to get trophies), Drag Racing (which finally made their official debut after being cut in Gran Turismo 2), Mileage Trial in where the player must drive a car with 1% of your fuel and getting far as possible in miles/km to get the gold trophy and the 1-Lap Magic Missions (which are back after 18-year hiatus in Gran Turismo 4).
  7. Even though the game has microtransactions (and even worse than Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport or even its main competitor Forza Motorsport 7), it does not make the game pay-to-win at all unlike most of mobile racing games like Real Racing 3, CSR Racing 2, Asphalt 8: Airborne (after Vivendi's hostile takeover of Gameloft in 2016.), Mario Kart Tour, Asphalt Nitro or Need for Speed: No Limits because future updates allows the player to win easy money before they patch.
  1. Regarding what says in GQ #7 the player can receive 50% extra cash by a Clean Bonus by completing a race without hitting anything or exiting out of the track.
  2. This game features the Car Collector level in which can be leveled up by purchasing cars according to their value. Cheaper cars can slowly increase car collector points while expensive ones can level up faster.
  3. Visual customization is back after being absent in the previous game. Also, the player can apply hood pins, license plates, tow hooks and lights.
  4. Also features engine swaps in where certain vehicles can have its engine swapped. Famous examples are the M64/03-911 (Porsche 911 964 Carrera RS engine) in a Volkswagen 1200 '66, the R26B-787B (Mazda 787B '91 engine) in a Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (FD3S) '02 and the LS7 BRZ (Subaru BRZ Drift engine) in a Nissan Silvia Q's (S13) '88 the latter of which can make the car have a whopping 1195 HP and the car can even reach 300 MPH (490 KM/H) making the fastest road car in the series.
  5. Excellent soundtrack.
  6. For the first time in the series the player can set the difficulty to Easy, Normal, or Hard which can be suitable for both beginner and experienced players.
  7. A lot of callbacks from the PS1-PS2 GT series are present such as:
    • The entire PlayStation Showcase trailer is a mixture of the intros from the PS1-PS2 Gran Turismo series.
    • The aforementioned 1-Lap Magic Missions from Gran Turismo 4.
    • One of the opponents in events restricted to American cars drives a Chevrolet Corvette C4 with the same livery and modifications that resembles one of the racing modifications from the PS1 GT games as well the Dodge Viper GTS '02 which resembles the racing modifications from said games.
    • The license IB-10 is a remake of the license B-8 from Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.
    • The first The Pass mission challenge in Rolling Stone is a clear reference to the infamous Driving Mission No. 34 in Gran Turismo 4.
    • The first two National B licenses the player must drive a Mazda Demio and a Mitsubishi GTO referencing the first two National B licenses in Gran Turismo 1 and Gran Turismo 4.
    • The Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette (R30) added in the update 1.19 makes its comeback after 22 year hiatus in Gran Turismo 2.
  8. It even features the Music Rally which works similar to the Sierra Time Attack Rally event from Gran Turismo 6 only the fact that the player listens to the selected music.
    • Sadly, there is no trophy related to Music Rally, and you do not earn credits for completing Music Rally.
  9. While VR mode did not return here at first, it's most likely coming in an update (specially with the PSVR 2).
  10. The Custom Races are improved. Now the player can pick their garage's owned cars to use as opponents with the aero parts, liveries, performance parts and setups installed. The only exception are the tires which uses the pre-installed tires of such car. (e.g. the Honda Integra Type-R DC2 '99 with Racing Soft tires will turn into Comfort Soft tires). Also the player can edit the driver names and countries. (e.g. the player can put the Aki Kimura's RX-7 FD3S as a opponent and give the driver his proper name to feel that he also appear in this game.)
    • Sadly, the payouts in Custom Races are ludicrous at best.
  11. As for update 1.15 you can now export photos to Media Gallery, any social media or via USB. The photos appear with a 4K resolution in PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles and Full HD resolution in PlayStation 4 versions.
  12. Update 1.15 allows the player to get cars from player's PSN registered birthday by coming to GT Café annd clicking in Sarah.
  13. This game has some new gameplay mechanics like Fuel Map and Weather Radar.
    • The Fuel Map allows the player to control the fuel consumption in detrimental of max speed. A lower value increases the max speed of car with a cost of high fuel consumption while a higher value reduces the fuel consumption with a cost of max speed. This can be useful in endurance races.
    • The Weather Radar predicts when it will rain or when it stops raining. This can be useful whenever when you go to th pits, you should switch to intermediate/wet tires to handle better in wet courses and switching to Racing Hard/Medium/Soft tires to improve the handling in dry courses.
  14. Cool easter eggs like a driver named E.Brown born in USA driving a DeLorean S2 '04 in American Sunday Cup 600 which is a clear reference to Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future series, the iconic monkey and the Loch Ness Monster in Trial Mountain Circuit, the UFO and Hideo Kojima in Mount Panorama Racing Circuit and the late Antonov Ann-25 Mriya in Special Stage Route X (see Trivia section).

Bad Qualities

  1. Like the previous game, it requires constant online internet connection in order to access the career mode and save the game which can be problematic if the internet shuts down and then the console shuts off without saving (mainly to power outage, game freezing or console overheating).
    • Also, as soon as the first trailer is released, they claimed that internet connection wasn't necessary which is obviously false advertising.
    • Polyphony Digital would later defend this decision saying that it's to stop cheaters from cheating, which is a bad excuse.
    • Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, which limits you in terms of modes if you're playing offline, this game requires you to have internet for everything, even if you're playing alone.
    • Due to how unstable the servers are, players were unable to play the game for over 30 hours.
  2. The stability of online servers is a disaster. For example, players who get disconnected from the server just before the start of a race in sport mode, or even cars that remain on the starting grid due to players desynchronizations in lobbies.
  3. Also in the sport mode, players manage to find exploits in GT7, to have an abusive advantage. Here they are:
  4. Only a few classic and original tracks are introduced as mentioned in GQ #2 and there's not too much fan favorite ones like Seattle Circuit, Grand Valley, Special Stage Route 5, Tokyo Route 246 or Côte d'Azur. However, it could be added via future updates.
  5. On the Update 1.06 introduced a bug that this caused license tests, mission challenges or circuit experiences that involved rally tracks not allowing dirt tires or in wet races not allowing wet tires, making them very difficult to control thus making achieving gold impossible. It was fixed in the update 1.07.
    • Additionally, some of the Mission Challenges are insanely hard and are highly luck-based especially in Drift Mission Challenges which are the worst offenders, The Pass mission challenge in a rainy Spa-Francorchamps in a 1980s F1 style car the Gran Turismo F1500T-A in which many streamers like TheKie25, BK4, etc:. restarted it a lot.
  6. Microtransactions are still present like in Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport. But only for credits (virtual money).
    • The microtransactions here are worse than Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport combined (even worse than it's competitor, Forza Motorsport 7), but slightly better than EA Sports: Ultimate Team and most free-to-play racing games, with some cars that will require you to grind for lots of cars or pay $40 for them.
    • Someone named Samus (not the It costs more than $4600 to have them all! (Over 460,362,715 Cr. in-game.)
    • If the player wants all the cars without paying, he will have to do more than 620 races on the Sardagna track of World Touring Car 800 from which he earns 727,500 Cr. per race. It would take him more than 11 days, 24 hours a day to get more than 460,362,715 Cr. so buy all cars of GT7.
    • Update 1.07 also caused the game to not only became in extended maintenance meaning that the player cannot progress the storyline or save the game since this game focuses on persistent online connection said in BQ #1, but the prize credits are nerfed meaning that the player can only win 850,000cr per hour instead of 1,750,000cr in the game release in the Dirt Champions event in Fisherman's Ranch.
      • Thankfully due to the negative reception, the payout was increased in update 1.11 alongside the additions of new events which helps players to farm a lot of money. However, the payouts in Custom Races are still awfully poor and mediocre.
    • Update 1.07 also removed a glitch that helped players earn more credits.
    • Kazunori Yamauchi later said that “The price of cars is a relevant element that reflects both their value and their rarity and so real-life prizes” (Similar to FIFA), which is a bad excuse to insist players from buying microtransactions.
    • To make matters worse, the prices of Legendary Cars have increased since the 1.15 update and also 1.20 patch update for absolutely no reason. Like for example the Ferrari F40 which cost 1.35M credits now costs 2.6M credits, or the Mercedes 300SL W194 which cost 11M before now costs 13M credits. Is this the Real Driving Simulator or the Real Auto Market Simulator?
      • Also some cars that appeared in previous games, they're now even more expensive than before. For example, the McLaren F1 '94 costed 1,000,000 credits in previous games, but in this game it costs 19,400,000 (19,4 times expensive), or the Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nur (BNR34), which previously costed 61,000 credits, now costs 450,000 credits (the price of a V12-powered Lamborghini).
      • Also, Gran Turismo is supposed to be a fictional racing game that allows players to buy and drive cars that they find hard to or can't get in real-life so to actually make players experience the complete opposite of that defeats the whole purpose of the game.
    • Three Legendary Cars is the most infamous trophy to earn, require players to grind 26,150,000 Cr. (in total or in calculation of $265; means 2,000,000 Cr. ($20 each) * 13 is 26.000,000 Cr + 250,000 Cr. ($5) equals slightly reached over the requirement)[6] just to get Ford Mark IV Race Car '67, Jaguar XJ13 '66 and Ferrari 330 P4 '67 in the limited stock Legend dealership (within stock rotation).
  7. Several cars can lose control extremely easily (mainly with driving assists off), even on the best cars that have superior handling, and this is also the case with some 4WD cars like the Nissan GT-R (R35) '17 where it slides around so much that the tires don't even stick to the road and instead slide around and ping around walls other than driving straight. Even when steering and easing the accelerator, they still have a nasty habit of losing control and will often fight against the player. Counter-steering exists, but when it comes to license tests or circuit experiences, you will often lose time and not be able to attain golds. (To be confirmed if it is still possible from version 1.13)
    • What's also worse is that certain cars, especially racing cars, handle like tanks on wheels, especially from the notorious Nürburgring Nordschleife with the BMW M6 GT3 (F13), and at times they will not want to turn at all because of the forced use of Racing Hard tires for some Circuit Experiences in which they provide no grip than with Racing Soft or Racing Medium tires.
  8. The number of visual modifications, along with other, modification options, are absurdly limited.
    • Even modifications for the interior of the cars are virtually nonexistent, along with other, miscellaneous modifications.
    • Worse, the wide body kits look incredibly generic and cannot be removed once fitted, which will then force you to buy the same car without the wide body kit fitted. This can be a problematic because some events, widebody kits are prohibited.
  9. At launch, the chase camera looked and felt awkward and disorienting, especially when a car jumps. It was fixed in the update 1.11.
  10. The game felt rushed because according to Baptiste Beauvois, the game was supposed to be released in 2023 but Sony forced Polyphony Digital to release it in March 2022. Which explains the major issues with Multiplayer, additional content missing at launch that was added later and the bugs present since the release of the game due to the use of "Release Now, Fix Later" model.


The game received strong positive reviews, with praise going towards the improvements and content over Gran Turismo Sport, while the Microtransactions received criticism.

While gamers positively reviewed the game, after update 1.07 however the game received overwhelmingly negative reviews by gamers due to forcing the game to be always online and having very unstable servers which let the game to be unplayable for 30 hours and the nerfing of the credit's rewards.

The game was review bombed as a result and it currently holds a 2/10 user rating score as of March 21, 2022, Sony's lowest user rating and the lowest score in PlayStation exclusive history on the site to date.


  • If you're struggling in winning the races, set the difficulty to Easy especially if you want to farm money.
  • If you want to farm credits early before completing the storyline you must complete Circuit Expieriences in shorter tracks like and/or in faster cars like Blue Moon Bay Speedway (Short Course), Northern Isle Speedway, Brands Hatch etc:. This helps you to buy powerful cars and modify powerful parts early including the SRT Tomahawk S Vision Gran Turismo which can be pretty useful and a cheaper alternative to the Toyota GR010 HYBRID '21 to participate in the World GT Series final championship.
  • If you want to farm in World Touring Car 800 in Sardgena, but you don't have the Toyota GR010 HYBRID '21 and you don't have enough money to purchase, use cheaper alternatives like the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Gr.1, the Dodge SRT Tomahawk S Vision Gran Turismo or the Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Junior.
  • For the World Touring Car 600 in Tokyo use cars like Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special, the Alpine A220 Race Car '68, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) '09. Lamborghini Veneno '13, Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV '15 etc: as well follow the setup guide videos featuring those mentioned cars.


  • This game is not available to be sold in Russia followed by the entire Sony Interactive Entertainment due to the controversy related to the war in Russia-Ukraine.[7]
    • Related to the Russia-Ukraine controversy, the Antonov An-225 Mriya (the world's largest plane in the history) appears this game as an easter egg in Special Stage Route X which was the plane that was destroyed by Russian occupants in the war against Ukraine.
The Antonov An-225 Mriya Easter Egg in Special Stage Route X in the game.
  • This is the first Gran Turismo game to be released on two consoles.
  • The HUD remains unchanged, the same exact identical HUD as in the previous game.
  • The game was review bombed on Metacritic after the credits nerfing update and it became Sony's lowest rated game by Metacritic's user score.
  • The gameplay trailer is completely different compared to the game release.
    • In the gameplay trailer it shows the world map in a black background resembling the Gran Turismo 4's world map while in the game release it shows a detailed world map.
    • Sarah in the gameplay trailer looks completely different that she is in the game release. She in the gameplay trailer had a white shirt, blonde hair and a hat with GT logo while in the game release she wears a black shirt, a black hair and doesn't wear a hat.
  • Like Gran Turismo Sport the player can use the Dodge Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo (the fastest car in the series) in events mainly in the new events added in the 1.11 update before they patch the exploit. However, fine-tuning the vehicle mentioned in GQ #7c alleviated this before they patched via the update 1.15.
  • GT Café menu books about collecting kei cars and Toyota 86 models are meant to be appear in this game, but they're scrapped. However Toyota 86 collection is added as for update 1.17 as Extra Menus.
  • The third license test of National B License in the State of Play trailer was a 1966 Honda S800, but in the final game was changed to a Daihatsu Copen.




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