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Gran Turismo Sport

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Welcome to the World of Gran Turismo Sport!
Protagonist: PSN named racer
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Release Date: 17 October 2017
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Made in: Japan
Franchise: Gran Turismo
Previous Game: Gran Turismo 6
Next Game: Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo Sport is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. It was announced at the 2015 Paris Games Week and is the thirteenth game overall in the Gran Turismo video game series, as well as the first game in the series to be released for PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide in October 2017.

Why It Rocks

  1. Porsche and DeTomaso made a official début in this game.
  2. More Vision GT cars added like the Daihatsu Copen RJ Vision GT,  Peugeot L750 HYbrid Vision GT, or Iso Rivotta Zagato Vision GT. Speaking of them, they have very detailed interiors.
  3. Adds campaign mode in the update 1.06 which provides the sensation of the previous entries.
  4. More Formula 1 cars added in this game.
  5. Adds more touring cars known as Gr. cars. Group C and Super GT500 series cars were also reintroduced in later updates.
  6. Brings back some elements from older GT Series such as the multiple prize cars and the speed of 1000 km/h shows again when you reach.
  7. Nice soundtrack. There are older Gran Turismo music when you turn on transmission mode.
  8. The racing itself is greatly improved with superb handling, more aggressive AI, and proper weight behind each car.
  9. New to the series is a Livery Editor, which allows the player to customise how their cars look, it is also the first Gran Turismo that introduced custom decals that can be made by users.
  10. Multiplayer is heavily improved than its predecessors, with more focus on competitive play.
  11. Even though it lacks content when compared to previous games in the series, it still has plenty to do.
  12. Introducing VR mode, where you play the game in virtual reality (requires PlayStation VR).
  13. It has received lots of updates to improve the game and add new content, all for free.
  14. Stunning visuals; this is the first GT game in which EVERY car is fully detailed with full interiors. This includes cars from previous entries like the Nissan R92CP, Honda BEAT, Toyota Supra RZ (JZA80), Toyota MR2 GT-S (SW20), Jaguar E-Type, and the Corvette C3 Stingray; also, no clone cars for a change!
  15. Scapes mode is also heavily improved from 6.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game is meant to be a reboot of the series, which led to the lack of content at launch.
  2. The game requires a persistent internet connection to play; only Arcade mode can be played offline, and progress can't be saved until a connection is re-established.
  3. The penalty feature in the game is rather broken, as in some cases, it will end up punishing the victim instead of the player responsible for ramming.
  4. VR mode is the best feature in the game, yet it's sadly limited.
  5. An update was released that added microtransactions, even though Polyphony Digital promised that the game won't have any. Luckily, this only applies to Brand Central, where cars can be bought.
    • Compared to other games like Destiny 2 however, they aren't that intrusive, aren't very expensive, and the cars (the ones up to 2,000,000 credits) can be easily obtained with in game credits. These purchases can also be turned off in the Options menu. But despite being less egregious as other games, the retroactive implementation of microtransactions is still shady just on sheer principle.
  6. All of the original tracks from previous Gran Turismo games such as High Speed Ring, Trial Mountain, Grand Valley, Stage Route 5, Deep Forest Raceway, Autumn Ring, Mid-Field Raceway are absent despite being the main tracks of the series.


While the game received positive reviews, it is so far the least acclaimed game in the series (with a Metacritic score of 75/100, and a 6.0 user rating), most of the complaints were for the lack of content when compared to previous games in the series, and the online requirement.

Initially the game had sold 3.3 million copies as of May 2018, which at the time made it the least successful game in the series. Thankfully, after a handful of free updates and improvements from Polyphony, the game's sales eventually increased by 8 million copies as of 2019.


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