Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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You're going down, you backstabbing prick!
Protagonist: Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti
Genre: Open world action-adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Fire OS
Release Date: October 27, 2002
Developer: Rockstar North
Rockstar Vienna (Xbox)
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Franchise: Grand Theft Auto
Previous Game: Grand Theft Auto III (by release date)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (chronologically)
Next Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (in both cases)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on October 27, 2002 for the PlayStation 2 console, May 12, 2003 for Microsoft Windows, and on October 31, 2003 for the Xbox. A GameCube version was planned but it was cancelled for unkown reason.


Tommy Vercetti, member of the Forelli crime family, was arrested in 1971 to avoid revealing anything about the gang. 15 years later (1986), he is freed from prison, only to discover no one respects him anymore. He then starts to build his own gang.

Why It Rocks

  1. Many missions (in total 22 storyline missions, 13 gang missions, 22 asset missions, 6 street races, 5 assassination missions, 3 stadium events, 4 helicopter missions, 4 off-road races and 3 RC races).
  2. The assets now have missions of their own.
  3. The protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, is a true badass. In addition, he is the first talking protagonist in the series.
  4. Great voice acting, which is provided by an all-star cast.
  5. A lot of bonus content to explore.
  6. Amazing and vivid graphics.
  7. Well-written dialogue such as: "THAT WAS MY MONEY TOMMY! MY MONEY!"
  8. Vice City captures the feeling of 1980s Miami along with its storyline highly inspired by Scarface.
  9. Improved driving controls.
  10. Overall improved gameplay mechanics on those introduced in Grand Theft Auto III.
  11. Awesome soundtrack, courtesy of the game´s radio stations:
    • Wildstyle Pirate Radio: Hip-hop station. Hosted by Mr. Magic.
    • Flash FM: Pop station. Hosted by DJ Toni. (Has some Michael Jackson songs on it)
    • K-Chat:Interview station. Hosted by Amy Sheckenhausen.
    • Fever 105: Disco station. Hosted by Oliver Biscuit (Has some Michael Jackson songs on it)
    • V-Rock: Heavy metal station. Hosted by Lazlow Jones.
    • Vice City Public Radio: Talk station. Hosted by Maurice Chavez and his supervisors Jonathan Freeloader and Michelle Montanius.
    • Radio Espantoso: Latin jazz station. Hosted by Pepe.
    • Emotion 98.3: Power ballads station (a.k.a. the station that has Africa by Toto). Hosted by Fernando Martinez.
    • Wave 103: New wave station. Hosted by Adam First.
  12. Explore a world even bigger than its predecessor.
  13. More than 60 hours of gameplay.
  14. Now you can control more vehicles, such as helicopters and airplanes.
  15. The game spawned a prequel called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
  16. Violence. Violence everywhere.
  17. You can put crazy mods whenever you want!
  18. You can rob stores.
  19. When 100% is achieved in the game, the following rewards are given:
    • 200 maximum Health.
    • 200 maximum Body Armor.
    • Replenishing ammunition for all weapons.
    • The ability to recruit three bodyguards at the Vercetti Estate for $2000 each.
    • The "Frankie" outfit inside the Vercetti Estate, which has a T-shirt that reads "I completed Vice City and all I got was a lousy t-shirt".
    • Double vehicle strength for any vehicle Tommy Vercetti drives.
  20. You can now crouch, which can make your aim more accurate and/or allow dodging bullets via cover.
  21. The side-missions from GTA III return along with a new Pizza Boy mission and the rewards are great.
    • Pizza Boy (Completing Level 10)
      • Maximum health increases by 25 points.
      • Joe's Pizza pays $2,500 in protection money
    • Vigilante (Completing Level 12)
      • Maximum Armor Increased by 50%.
    • Firefighter (Complete Level 12)
      • Become fireproof.
    • Taxi (100 fares)
      • All taxis gain boost jump ability.
    • Paramedic (Complete Level 12)
      • Get infinite sprint.
  22. Just like GTA III, there are 100 hidden packages.
    • 10 Packages: Body Armor
    • 20 Packages: Chainsaw
    • 30 Packages: Colt Python
    • 40 Packages: Flamethrower
    • 50 Packages: Combat Sniper
    • 60 Packages: Minigun
    • 70 Packages: Rocket Launcher
    • 80 Packages: Sea Sparrow spawns in the rear side of the Vercetti Estate.
    • 90 Packages: Rhino spawn on Fort Baxter Air Base.
    • 100 Packages: Hunter spawns on the Fort Baxter Air Base and on the helipad next to Lance Vance's house in Ocean Beach , $100,000 reward.
  23. If you die or get arrested during a mission and get respawned at a hospital or a police station, a taxi can come to your location and drive you back to the mission marker, saving your driving time.
  24. The mission Autocide has mocked the Driver series with a character named "Dick Tanner".
  25. In the VCN building, near the Maverick, is a nonsolid wall that when you jump into it, a literal Easter egg is in the room, saying Happy Easter.
  26. The Pole Position Club has excellent dancing animations.
  27. A new Rifle Range, a shooting range at Ammu-nation. Getting 30 points will award $500. Getting 45 points or more will unlock faster reload for all weapons.
  28. At certain hours, the Chariot Hotel's lights form in the shape of a phallus, and a little while later, the top of the building sprays water, making it "ejaculate".

Bad Qualities

  1. The game sparked heavy controversy by using many racial terms and slang against Cubans and Haitians.
  2. Some missions are extremely difficult and annoying, specifically the mission in which you rescue Lance Vance (“Death Row“), “The Driver”: a mission that is unfairly hard, pointless (as Hilary King doesn’t get out of the heist alive) and extremely frustrating and the infamous "Demolition Man" mission.
  3. The game features few and occasional glitches and technical issues, some of them infamous for being game-breaking; for instance, if you're playing the PS2 version, saving your game at the Cherry Popper ice cream factory can actually corrupt your save file.
  4. You cannot swim, which is especially ironic because of the fact that your character lives near the ocean. Unlike III, there is no explanation for this, and you can indeed swim in Vice City Stories, which reuses much of this game’s assets.


Upon release, the game received critical acclaim, with praise particularly directed at its music and gameplay. Vice City became the best-selling video game of 2002 and has sold over 20 million copies.

Considered one of the most significant titles of the sixth generation of video games, it won numerous year-end accolades including Game of the Year awards from several gaming publications.

Game Tips

  • Some tips for hard missions:
  1. Death Row: Try to go inside the junkyard with a vehicle, like a Rhino (appears at the Fort Baxter Base after collecting 90 hidden packages or in the mission Sir, Yes Sir)
    1. Practically anything that is a helicopter or can't be damaged by bullets will be able to cheese the mission.
      1. If the enemy comets are annoying, a heavier vehicle works better, should Crash-proof vehicles are not avaliable.
    2. Lance's HP stops dropping if he is rescued.
  2. Gun Runner: Use a Rhino, as it can destroy all enemy vehicles in a single hit.
    1. Note that the mission doesn't fail if the vehicles get too far, and the Waltons have a unique paint-job that isn't seen anywhere else, so they're worth collecting.
  3. The Driver: Doing a PIT Maneuver on Hilary's Sabre Turbo will help you very much. It should be noted that if you manage to flip the Sabre Turbo over, it won't catch fire and won't explode, and will respawn if you get too far away from it. While it's flipped over, it's the ideal time for you to get a faster car like an Infernus or you can pick up the PCJ-600 from the left of the hotel.
  4. The Job: Look at the road before running to the bank, as the cars only stop when you're the one in front of them and will have no difficult in roadkilling Phil or Cam. The ambulances won't stop even if you're the one in their front. When the SWAT arrives, just crouch where you're supposed to and kill the soldier who spawns near you. Phil will kill them all in a matter of seconds. When you're out of the bank, kill the two SWATs and destroy their Enforcers, as they can pull you out of the Taxi. You don't need to use the Taxi to escape. You can park any car in the back of the bank and use it.
  5. Drive-by shooting Rampages in PC: Use a motorbike like a Freeway or PCJ 600 as they can shoot forwards. Put a piece of tape (or maybe rubber band) on the mouse's shooting button (default is left click), because your ammo is infinite and you will only need to drive.
  6. The Shootist and Rifle Range: Focus on the targets that give 2 and 3 points, ignoring the closest one.
  7. Keep Your Friends Close: If you are bad at shooting, get the adrenaline pill on the roof. This slows down time, giving you about two minutes or so to shoot accurately at the mafia members coming into your mansion or use a good weapon like M60.


  • Tommy Vercetti is the only GTA protagonist (barring Claude, who never speaks) to never say "fuck".
  • Kent Paul wears the exact same shirt as Tommy, but red.
  • "Fuck" is only seen twice in the game, both on posters for "Chicks with Guns 1 and 2".
  • There's a huge glitch in Japanese version, which it skips the entire asset mission part of the game.





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BQ#2: I completed Death Row first try though.


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Death Row is hard for beginners btw.


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