Grandia 2

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Grandia 2
We ... will depend on gods and miracles no longer. We will rely on none but ourselves. This I believe.
Protagonist: Ryudo
Genre: Role-Playing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release Date: August 3, 2000
Developer: Game Arts
Rocket Studios (PS2)
Skybox Labs (Anniversary Edition)
Publisher: Japan: Game Arts (Dreamcast)
Japan: Enix (PS2)
WW: Ubisoft (Ubisoft)
WW: GungHo Online (digital)
Franchise: Grandia
Previous Game: Grandia
Next Game: Grandia: Parallel Trippers

Grandia 2 is a video game released in 2000 originally for the Sega Dreamcast but later ported to the PlayStation 2 and PC.


Thousands of years ago, a battle between the God of Light, Granas, and the God of Darkness, Valmar, ended with Valmar being split into seven pieces. Today, the pieces stir and the evil god threatens to return. Ryudo, a misanthropic Geohound (a mercenary) is assigned to protect a songstress of Granas as part of a quest to prevent Valmar's return.

Why It Rocks

  1. Although it's a turn-based RPG, it also combines some limited movement for extra strategy and evasion.
  2. Very well written story.
  3. Although it is on a single disc, the game takes a while to complete.
  4. The Dreamcast version has a CD soundtrack added to it.
  5. Two special kinds of moves, special movies and magic moves.
  6. Little by little, Ryudo's misanthropy ends as the wounds in his heart heal, aka, good character development.
  7. Very satisfying ending taking place one year after the final battle.
  8. Two basic attacks, combo and critical. Combos allow two attacks in a row (even more with some accessories) and critical which can delay an enemies turn and even canceling their attacks, useful to prevent them from unleashing powerful moves.
  9. Books obtained that can unleashed special perks and raise stats.
  10. Moves and magic abilities can be upgraded by collecting special coins and magic coins, obtained through battle along with EXP and money.
  11. A good message of people believing in people, which leads to Valmar's true destruction and how we should not always follow every direction given.

Bad Quality

  1. Both the PC and PlayStation 2 ports are considered vastly inferior to the Dreamcast port due to technical shortcomings.


On GameFAQs, Grandia 2 has been ranked the 5th best RPG game on the Sega Dreamcast.

Game Tips

  1. Each character has one special move that has the cancel effect which interrupts an enemy attack. Invest your special coins on these abilities first.