Great Big War Game

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Great Big War Game
[[image:File:Great Big War Game.jpg|330px|center|]]
A fully fledged Advance Wars styled game on your phone or computer.
Genre: Turn-based strategy game
Platforms: *iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 18 July 2012
Developer: Rubicon Development
Publisher: Rubicon Development
Franchise: War Game (Rubicon Development)
Previous Game: Great Little War Game
Next Game: Great Little War Game 2

Great Big War Game (commonly abbreviated to GBWG) is a modern military 3D turn-based strategy video game developed by Rubicon Development. It has been released on iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. The game is a sequel to Great Little War Game. The game features multiple environment types, and 50 levels in campaign mode and for the first time in the series cross platform online multiplayer.

Why It Rocks

  1. Online multiplayer is added. Matches are not in real time, instead allowing players to take a turn at any time after the opponent has taken a turn. There is also a ranked gameplay mode and leaderboards.
  2. Cross platform play on online multiplayer matches.
  3. Over 50 campaign missions to beat.
  4. Battle points can be earned to increase the strength of your units in the campaign missions.
  5. A boatload of maps to play on in multiplayer modes.
  6. Deep, yet simple gameplay. For example, elevation determines how far a unit can shoot, and going on roads increases the distance a unit can go in one turn.
  7. New unit types were added to the game.
  8. Infantry units make one liner quotes during gameplay.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to the game being a 32-bit application, the game will not run on iOS 11 and later.
  2. A controversial gameplay mechanic called Fog of War was introduced, where units and buildings out of sight of buildings and units were hidden. This was removed in further sequels to the game.
  3. Most of the maps in the game are locked unless you purchase the map packs.

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