Initial D Arcade Stage

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Initial D Arcade Stage is a racing arcade game, developed and published by Sega and released in 2002. There are many sequels for the game, all of which received home ports. The game is based on the manga/anime of the same name.

Initial D Arcade Stage
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Arcade
Release Date: 2002
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega Rosso
Franchise: Initial D
Next Game: Initial D Arcade Stage 2

Why It Rocks

  1. Lots of real Japanese car brands, including those that are featured in the anime/manga.
  2. First arcade game in America to utilize save cards to save cars and progress throughout the game.
  3. Eurobeat soundtrack that is so awesome.
  4. Real life Japanese mountains as the circuits!
  5. Legend of the Street mode where every Initial D character challenges you to race them to see if you are the fastest one.
  6. Lots of Techniques to learn.
  7. The Bunta Challenge mode where Bunta Fujiwara who is Takumi's dad gives you a list of challenges after you beat Legend of the Street mode.

Bad Qualities

  1. The US version suffers from bad localization. For instance, "Takumi" is renamed "Tak". These names were carried over from the Tokyopop dub of the anime until Initial D Stage 3.
  2. Version 4 removed many cars, such as the Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205), Nissan Silvia K's Aero (S14 Kouki), and both of the CP9A generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.
    • However, instead of removing them entirely certain cars such as the Bugeye Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GDB-A) and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII (CT9A) were instead updated to their 2005-07 facelifted variations.
  3. Version 5 onwards never received an English release, mostly in part due to the series' declining appeal in the west.