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Mattel Electronics presents...
Developer: Mattel
Release Date: WW: 1979
JP: 1982 (Bandai)
Successor: HyperScan
Competitors: Atari 2600
Generation: Second Generation

The Intellivision is a second-generation console made by Mattel that competed with the likes of the Atari 2600. It was released in 1979 and discontinued in 1990. It amassed a respectable library of games.

It was also distributed in Japan by Bandai in 1982.

Why It Rocks

  1. It was the first true 16-bit system (yes, really) but its processor ran at a low 894 Khz.
  2. Overlays for the controllers allowed you to see what each button did for each game, think about it, the NES was powerful enough to have menus in-game, but the Intellivision gave you them right on the controller.
  3. Hardware allowed for some scaling and extremely smooth animation.
  4. Very durable, not prone to breakage.
  5. Cheap to buy nowadays.
  6. Abundance of very good sports games.
  7. Analogue directional disk allows for 16-directions, and smooth movement.
  8. Games more focused on getting high scores, adding tons or replay value and a competitive aspect.
  9. The IntelliVoice voice synthesis module added voices to compatible games, making it the very first console to do so.
  10. To this very day, there is still an active homebrew market for the Intellivison. If you want to buy homebrews or find out how to make your own, go here: Link

Bad Qualities

  1. The controller is mediocre, since it's quite hard to get used to, and its shape feels awkward.
  2. On the original revision of the Intellivision, the controllers are connected directly to the motherboard, and the controller's cable is rather short; to replace the controller, one has to disassemble the console. Later revisions of the console used conventional detachable controllers.



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