Knuckles' Chaotix

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Knuckles' Chaotix
Genre: Platform
Platforms: Sega 32X
Release Date: April 20, 1995
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Franchise: Sonic The Hedgehog

Knuckles' Chaotix is a 1995 side-scrolling platform video game developed and published by Sega for the 32X. A spin-off to the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the game features Knuckles the Echidna and a collective of characters known as the Chaotix. The story follows the team in their efforts to prevent series antagonist Dr. Robotnik and his henchman Metal Sonic from obtaining the six Chaos Rings. The gameplay is similar to previous series installments; however, Knuckles' Chaotix introduces a partner system in which the player's character is tethered to another via a ring force bond with "rubber band" physics. The gameplay is based on using this mechanic to maneuver the characters through a series of levels.

Good Qualities

  1. Colorful graphics that look impressive for 1995.
  2. Introduced the Chaotix (Vector, Espio and Charmy), who would later go on to appear in other games in the franchise. It also introduced two helper robots, Heavy and Bomb, who would fall into obscurity.
  3. Mighty The Armadillo, a character from SegaSonic the Hedgehog, is playable.
  4. A unique concept of having the characters tethered with a ring force bond, allowing for some more speed and fun physics to mess around with.
  5. Amazing soundtrack.
  6. The special stages show what the 32X can do, and they are pretty fun.
  7. Some of the boss fights have unique concepts.
  8. Each boss fight opens with a cutscene, and each of these introduction cutscenes are nice to look at.
  9. Sonic and Tails make a cameo during the good ending.
  10. Each character has their own abilities, and some character combos actually enhance the game.
  11. Special moves can be performed with the ring bond.
  12. Interesting power-ups, such as a power-up that makes the player smaller or larger.
  13. This game uses some 3D (such as in the Special Stages and the Final Battle), which is pretty incredible for the 32X.

Bad Qualities

Despite being a decent game, it has enough bad qualities to be on Crappy Games Wiki. For More info, go here




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