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"Just let me know."
Profile: LEMMiNO
Style: Top 10 Lists & Documentaries
Date Joined: February 15, 2012
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No. of videos: 156+
Schedule: Inconsistent
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 3M+

David Wångstedt (born: April 25, 1993 [age 27]), better known as LEMMiNO, formerly Top10Memes, is a Swedish YouTuber, animator, and musician. He is currently the largest Swedish YouTuber to be living in Sweden and the 3rd largest Swedish YouTuber overall. However, all his content is aimed at an English speaking audience.

While he has covered a lot of topics before, he had also covered some iconic video games, hence the reason for his inclusion in this wiki.

Games that LEMMiNO has covered so far

  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty (the franchise in general)
  • League of Legends
  • Grand Theft Auto (the franchise in general)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Five Nights At Freddy's
  • Assassin's Creed (the franchise in general)
  • Portal & Portal 2 (in one video)
  • Halo (the franchise in general)
  • The Legend of Zelda (the franchise in general)
  • Half-Life (the series in general)
  • Counter-Strike & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (in one video)
  • Fallout (the franchise in general)
  • The Elder Scrolls (the franchise in general)
  • The Witcher (the series in general)
  • Undertale
  • Metal Gear (the franchise in general)
  • Dark Souls (the series in general)
  • Battlefield (the franchise in general)
  • Overwatch

Why He Rocks

  1. He edits and narrates every single video all by himself.
  2. All the background songs used in his videos are all entirely composed by himself. He even has his own music channel where you can freely download the songs for yourself to listen to.
  3. In a YouTube AMA video that he did, LEMMiNO reveals that the footages used in his gaming Top 10 videos are all recorded by him and not taken from other YouTubers. This makes the gameplay feel genuine and not forced.
  4. He always spends one to two months on average planning out the script for his videos, researching the topics that he wants to do for his videos, narrates them, composes the music for them and edits them meticulously before proofreading them and publishing. And this is all done by himself!
    • This shows how dedicated he is to his career as a YouTuber.
  5. He is one of the few YouTubers who care more about quality than quantity and hence have long upload schedules. The other 2 YouTubers who also follow this are SovietWomble and FunWithGuru.

Some of LEMMiNO's videos

For the videos regarding video games, you can view them all in this playlist here.

LEMMiNO's first video games-themed video
The very first video uploaded on his channel
The most viewed video on his channel



Swaggy Shooter

16 months ago
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He's barely a gaming yter.


15 months ago
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Welp, like what this article mentioned in the beginning, he had done gaming Top 10 videos before, so he is counted.

Anonymous user #1

16 months ago
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Anonymous user #1

14 months ago
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He is the second Pewdiepie(maybe)

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