Lollipop Chainsaw

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Lollipop Chainsaw
“Hey perv! Don’t be looking up my skirt!”- Juliet Starling
Protagonist: Juliet Starling
Genre: Comedy
Hack 'n' slash
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release Date: NA: June 12, 2012
AU: June 13, 2012
JP: June 14, 2012
EU: June 15, 2012
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WW)
Kadokawa Games (JP)

Lollipop Chainsaw is an comedy horror action hack-and-slash game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Why It Rocks

  1. A unique kind of zombie story, where you play as a cheerleader called Juliet Starling who hunts zombies with a chainsaw. Voiced by none other than Tara Strong. And written by film director James Gunn.
  2. A great gameplay that's easy to learn, but not too simple.
  3. Lots of unlockables.
  4. Awesome costumes, some of them are even based on famous anime, like Deadman Wonderland.
  5. Hilarious dialogue between characters.
  6. Slice zombies with chainsaws is quite enjoyable, and you can earn rewards when you slice apart multiple zombies at once.
  7. Despite the cover, it's not a game that depends on fanservice much.
  8. Hilarious and unique gameplay, like playing basketball or baseball with zombies.
  9. Use the head of Juliet's boyfriend Nick, to fight zombies by using his head as a weapon or to control zombies for a limited time.
  10. 2 endings to chose from, and it isn't hard to get either.
  11. Your chainsaw can become a gun as well, that you can use to shoot zombies anytime
  12. Once you finish the story once, 3 new modes unlock, one is time attack, the other is for the scores, and another is for the amount of medals.

Bad Qualities

  1. Story mode is short, it'll take about 6-7 hours to finish it the first time (though the online leaderboards and the amount of content can make it longer).
  2. All the difficulties are the exact same, with the only difference is the amount of lollipops (they're in game collectibles that give you health) that you can carry, and they're not really hard to get.
  3. Some of the DLCs are stores exclusives, fortunately they were all just customs and didn't change the gameplay.





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