Lost Odyssey

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Lost Odyssey
The weight of a thousand years can indeed be painful ~ Ming Numara
Protagonist: Kaim Argonar
Genre: Role-Playing
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: JP: December 6, 2007
AU: February 8, 2008
NA: February 12, 2008
EU: February 29, 2008
Developer: Feelplus
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Made in: Japan

Lost Odyssey is a 2007 Japanese role-playing video game developed by Mistwalker and Feelplus and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released exclusively for the Xbox 360.


The story focuses on a group of Immortals, led by Kaim who have all lost a thousand years of their memories. During an investigation of Grand Staff, an adventure allowing them to regain their memories, and the cause of their amnesia begins.

Why It Rocks

  1. The main antagonist is a truly despicable monster making you look forward to beating him. Unlike the others, he relishes his immortality and hopes to rule the world forever and is responsible for all the tragedies the other four have suffered.
  2. Great story that doesn't sugarcoat how painful immortality can be with Kaim seeing people he sees and care for leave him over the course of his thousand years.
  3. The Ring system allows the use of many abilities in combat provided you land an good rating upon the attack. A perfect grants max potential a ring ability has.
  4. Effects of ring abilities include elemental damage, siphoning HP or MP, damaging certain enemies and improving attack.
  5. Two types of playable characters, the Immortals, who have the ability to revive if fallen in battle, and can learn abilities from equipment and Mortals. Mortals, while requiring recovery magic if fallen in battle, have a set of abilities that can be used and allow Immortals to learn them.
  6. The ability for Immortals to learn abilities from equipment and Mortals was inspired by Final Fantasy IX.
  7. Likable characters with Jansen considered the most popular due to heavy character development.
  8. New game plus.
  9. Formation system allows characters in the front to combine their HP into a shield wall that reduces damage for characters in the back. However the wall weakens when front characters get damaged and healing items won't fix it, though certain abilities and items can.
  10. Each zone has a level cap that reduces the need for heavy grinding. All characters require 100 XP to level up but each zone can grant almost instant level ups until a certain point, at which point, you gain normal exp. However, combat is still useful to get SP to help Immortals learn skills.
  11. Lots of side-quests.
  12. One set of side-quests are the 1000 years of dreams, a bunch of short stories you collect chronicling the past of Kaim. The stories themselves were written by Japanese novelist, Kiyoshi Shigematsu.
  13. Amazing soundtrack courtesy of the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu who did several Final Fantasy entries.
  14. The ability to learn almost any skill in the game lets you customize your Immortals any way you want.... provided you understand their stats.

Bad Qualities

  1. Frequent load times. Thankfully this was fixed in future generations, with the Xbox Series X having practically no loading times.
  2. The gameplay is very traditional and not very innovative.
  3. A lot of random encounters; there is no gameplay option or any in-game accessory to turn them off if players wish to explore the world.
  4. Framerate issues; in some battles and boss fights, the fps will drop below 30. This was improved through backward compatibility - particularly, starting with the Xbox One X version and beyond, the game is able to maintain a solid 30fps with no framerate drops.
  5. It remains the only Xbox 360 game to release in Four Discs due to the creator not wanting to cut out any content. As such, if gamers wish to play the physical version on their Xbox 360, they must be careful that none of the discs get damaged or go missing because if one of the discs becomes missing/too damaged, the game will become practically unplayable with the player being unable to advance any further due to the game requiring whatever said disc it needs.


The game was number 8 in Projared's Top 10 JRPGs (Not from Square). It's also the 41st highest ranked RPG on the Xbox 360 based off user ratings on GameFAQs