Mario Party 3

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Mario Party 3
Yahoo! Mario is the winner! - Mario
Protagonist: Depends on which character the player selected in Story Mode
Genre: Party
Platforms: Nintendo 64
Release Date: JP: December 7, 2000
NA: May 7, 2001
AU: September 3, 2001
EU: November 16, 2001
KOR: January 11, 2002
CHN: May 17, 2002
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Franchise: Mario Party
Previous Game: Mario Party 2
Next Game: Mario Party 4

Mario Party 3 is the third installment of the Mario Party series for the Nintendo 64. It was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo on December 7, 2000 in Japan, May 7, 2001 in the United States, September 3, 2001 in Australia, and on November 16, 2001 in Europe. It was also the third and final Mario Party game for the N64.

Why It Rocks

  1. Duel Mode was interesting, and was a fun new mode to add.
  2. The game has 12 boards, 6 from Battle Royal, and 6 from Duel Mode, and it beats out Mario Party 1's number of boards: 8, as each of these new boards have their own new functions, which were really fun, including Waluigi's Island, our first character themed board since Mario Party 1.
  3. There are 71 minigames in the game, which is a slight improvement compared to Mario Party 2's 65 minigames.
  4. Introduced some fun new mini games, like Storm Chasers, Eatsa Pizza, Vine with Me, and Toadstool Titan (later renamed to Mush Pit in Mario Party: The Top 100).
  5. The first Mario Party game to expand the roster, as Daisy and Waluigi make their playable debut.
  6. Like Mario Party 2, good graphics by 2000 standards.
  7. The soundtrack was good, especially during the mini games. Some memorable songs are Genie’s Theme, Chilly Waters, Stardust Battle, Spiny Desert, and Panic!.
  8. Gave us our first boss fight mini game, being vs the Millennial Star, Stardust Battle, which was awesome.
  9. Introduced Story Mode, which was great.
  10. While Tumble was basically a Toad knock-off, he was still a favorite cute character as he was the first of the unique Mario Party hosts of each game, especially when he's revealed to have the true Millennium Star, who is super adorable, at the end of Story Mode.
  11. In Battle Royal, you can now carry 3 items, compared to just 1 in Mario Party 2.
  12. There are item minigames, as well as item questions for item spaces, making this more interesting, and you can get a rare item from the question if you pick the most honest answer, but only if you are answering Toad's question.
  13. There's an item bag in the item shops, which gives you 3 items, you can also get a rare item from Toad's item bag only.
  14. All items from Mario Party 2 return (except for the Bowser Bomb):
    • Mushroom: You can roll the dice twice.
    • Skeleton Key: You can open a door on the board and pass. You can also now just throw the key away before you hit the dice block.
    • Plunder Chest: You can now pick an opponent you want to steal from, but the item you steal from them is still random.
    • Dueling Glove: You can face an opponent in a duel minigame betting coins, whoever wins takes all the coins.
    • Warp Block: You can change the position between you and a random opponent on the board.
    • Golden Mushroom: You can roll the dice three times.
    • Bowser Suit: You can dress up as Bowser and any opponent you come across gives you twenty coins.
    • Boo Bell: You can use this to call Boo to steal coins or a star from an opponent.
    • Magic Lamp: You can use this to call the Mushroom Genie to take you straight to the Star.
  15. Added new items to the game as well, bringing the total number of items to 19, which is an improvement from Mario Party 2's 10 items:
    • Boo Repellent: You can use this when Boo comes to steal your coins or a star and spray him out of there. You can also throw this away like the Skeleton Key...
    • Bowser Phone: You can use this to call Bowser on an opponent. You can also call this on yourself if you don’t have any coins, then Bowser will give you coins.
    • Cellular Shopper: You can use this to call Toad’s shop or Baby Bowser’s shop to buy an item.
    • Lucky Lamp: You can use this to move the Star.
    • Poison Mushroom: You can use this on an opponent or yourself and causes any player effected to roll 1-3.
    • Reverse Mushroom: You can use this on an opponent or yourself and causes any player effected to move backwards. You can also pick which way to go when you face a fork in the road.
    • This game also had rare items obtained only in Toad's Item Shop’s Item Bags, as well as the best answer to Toad’s Item’s Questions on Item Spaces, as well as being obtainable via Hidden Blocks:
      • Barter Box: Choose an opponent and switch items with them.
      • Koopa Kard: Pass by the bank, and you can use it to get the coins stored in there and not have to pay the bank. If you land on the bank, you can say no to keep your Koopa Kard, and save it for later, since landing on the bank gives you the coins stored anyways.
      • Lucky Charm: Use this to call Game Guy on an opponent or yourself to play a Game Guy minigame.
      • Wacky Watch: Use this to make it the last 5 turns, to either shorten or extend the game. For example, the shortest game is 7 turns, but one of the longest games is 55 turns.

Bad Qualities

  1. Game Guy was not a fun mode, as these mini games are hard and would result in coins being lost if you end up losing in these mini games. Thankfully, this was the only Mario Party game to have this.
  2. Besides the Game Guy minigames, there are some other minigames that weren't that good, such as:
    • Cheep Cheep Chase;
    • Bounce n' Trounce;
    • Bowser Toss;
    • Stacked Deck.
  3. The Lucky Lamp is way too cheap to buy, it costs 20 coins to get. In the previous game and next game, it was 30 coins. The lowered price makes it very easy for players to get stars with ease.


Mario Party 3 on Metacritic received mixed to positive reception from critics, and positive reception from gamers. It has a score of 74/100 from critics, and 8.1/10 from gamers.


  • This is the final Mario game that was released on the Nintendo 64.


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